2014-12-08 hristovInitialize magnetic field in RunLego as it is done...
2014-12-08 hristovIn addition to producing 3 2D histograms of the _summed...
2014-12-08 hristovUse "AddFast" rather than "Add" when adding files to...
2014-12-08 lmilanoFillQAHistod option in GetParticle Species
2014-12-08 lcunqueiadding protection multiple high pT triggers
2014-12-08 zconesaRemove the possibility (flag) to recompute the PV as...
2014-12-08 mkrzewicexecute commands in modified environment
2014-12-08 mkrzewicsmarter regex
2014-12-08 mkrzewicbetter documentation
2014-12-08 zconesaChange info logs
2014-12-08 agheataFrom Laurent Aphecetche: Change of parameters for muons
2014-12-08 mkrzewicmore functionality + fix get_realpath()
2014-12-08 cblumeAdd TRD-PID code (Yvonne)
2014-12-08 jniedziesetupStorageDatabase template created.
2014-12-08 allamonitoring with new TRM and QTC modules
2014-12-08 mkrzewicmake guessRunNumber robuster by using guessRunData
2014-12-08 jniedzieList events panel in ED looks better now + preparation...
2014-12-07 spyropoKinks data, rad float
2014-12-07 spyropokinks, Rad-YK minnor changes
2014-12-07 mkrzewicexport the runNumber into the env
2014-12-07 mvlAdd Offline/FEE ADC info to each patch and highest...
2014-12-07 sjenaNew task DpxDpy DpyDpy DpzDpz: prabhat
2014-12-07 sjenaupdate dpxdpx task: prabhat
2014-12-06 mkrzewicmake paranoidCp robust
2014-12-06 mkrzewicbugfix: do nothing if destination==source in copy
2014-12-06 mfaselFix for broken compilation
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-98 more verbose output for benchmark
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-98 Example config file to run /u/miranov/AliRoot...
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-98 - Temporary Bug fix: Use proper radius range...
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-96 - function to make a diff file between *.C...
2014-12-05 fprinoMethods to check D+ and Ds decays with K0s
2014-12-05 jmazerAdded better efficiency parameters, changed some sparse...
2014-12-05 arossiAdding checks of branching ratio of D mesons in AliAnal...
2014-12-05 ddobrigkDifferential-in-eta reference multiplicity
2014-12-05 pluettigmoved to correction to pt,eta,phi, using THn, integrati...
2014-12-05 ddobrigkA few size tuning modifications geared towards h-V0...
2014-12-05 lmilanop_{T,assoc} < p{T,1/2}
2014-12-05 rbertens add some more static variables
2014-12-05 zampolliUpdating HLT responsibles for Shuttle
2014-12-05 mbrozMore histograms for Raws
2014-12-05 miweberChange in drawing macro:
2014-12-05 lleardintrainconfig 133 in PbPb added for phi cut
2014-12-05 fbockset cuts for conversion + calo to be restricted to...
2014-12-05 rbertens increase ease-of-use of jet v2 unfolding framework
2014-12-05 lleardinmodified photon cut strings in AddTasks for phi cut
2014-12-05 fbockmodified Addtasks to comply with new format of Conversi...
2014-12-05 fbockadded QA histograms in order to see phi distribution...
2014-12-05 fbockmodified ranges for Phi exclusion cuts in order to...
2014-12-05 fbockadded 3 new cutnumbers to be able to restrict the TPC...
2014-12-05 fbock properly initialized new histogram
2014-12-05 maszymannew macros for Kch femto in pPb
2014-12-05 fbockchanges by Andrea for flow part of GammaConv
2014-12-05 fbockminor indentation change
2014-12-05 fbockmodified MC routine to be faster
2014-12-05 fbockchanged addtask for ConvCalo
2014-12-05 miweberRemoving centrality check from default:
2014-12-05 mkrzewicbetter warning when no input available
2014-12-05 mkrzewicunique processID for parallel processing of QA
2014-12-05 maszymanupdate for Pion Source Imaging
2014-12-05 lmilanonvartrk=7 in ESE task
2014-12-05 mgermainZDC automatic scripts updates (Marco Leoncino) + update...
2014-12-04 ddobrigkprimary particle criteria correction (ESD)
2014-12-04 zconesafix rejection bits for not re-reconstructed primary...
2014-12-04 miweberchanges in BF drawing macros:
2014-12-04 miweberAdding HF daughter tracks to filter bit QA task:
2014-12-04 saiolaImplement option to copy MC label from clusters to...
2014-12-04 fbelliniAdded plots fpr PID qa from PIDqa task + addedd mean...
2014-12-04 fkrizekNew histograms for 2particle correl added
2014-12-04 mverweijbug fix
2014-12-04 fbelliniModified histogram with event counters + updated macros...
2014-12-04 mkrzewicbug fixes
2014-12-04 mgermainadding det responsible mail adresses in case of failure...
2014-12-04 mgermainMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-04 mgermainadding det responsible mail adresses in case of failure...
2014-12-04 belikovA few fixes in the OB materials and volumes in accordan...
2014-12-04 mkrzewicoptionally mail the full prod summary log
2014-12-04 mkrzewicfix: parse the delimiter correctly
2014-12-04 mkrzewicbeautify the debugging output
2014-12-04 cbianchiUse the subwagon string
2014-12-04 rbailhacUpdate Andrea
2014-12-04 cblumeAdd switch for tail cancelation
2014-12-04 rbertens fix stupid streamer mistake
2014-12-04 maszymanupdates in PID selection
2014-12-04 cbianchiAdd string in input for subwagons
2014-12-04 rbertens fix minor issue in assignment
2014-12-04 cbianchiMethod 3 fix: Recalculate jet pt and direction
2014-12-04 rbertens changed default filterbit
2014-12-04 lcunqueifill the tree only with central events
2014-12-04 maszymanupdate in Kaon Femto train
2014-12-04 mkrzewicprovide better debug information and use the lib
2014-12-04 mkrzewicupdates. add basic stack trace plot func
2014-12-04 rbertens calibrate the vzero signal that goes into the total...
2014-12-04 rbertens fix warning: unused variables
2014-12-04 rbertens fix missing initialisation in named constructor
2014-12-04 rbertens remove temporary task that was used to troubleshoot...
2014-12-04 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-04 cholm* Config.C: use proper setting for EMCAL based on run...
2014-12-04 lramonaadded methods to define the set of cuts used in the...
2014-12-04 lmilanoextend lhc11h run number and add MC efficiency label
2014-12-04 miweberCoverity fix (Alis Rodriguez Manso):