2012-10-03 shahoianModifications for upgraded pipi, S.Rossegger, Chinorar...
2012-10-03 zconesaInclude the EMCal EJE8 and GA8 triggers selection,...
2012-10-03 gconesabcomment protection against pure MC data, some histogram...
2012-10-03 gconesabAdd some protections
2012-10-03 gconesab Init v0 histogram array to 0 in ctor
2012-10-03 morschStore number of diffractive collisions in header.
2012-10-02 prsnkoBug in primary definition corrected
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms to TOF analysis
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms (A. Knospe)
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded ITS,TPC nclusters and chi2 variables to daughter...
2012-10-02 prinoPID response properly set for both D meson and associat...
2012-10-01 loizidesfix
2012-10-01 loizidesupdate
2012-10-01 hristov#97858 minor change in AliPIDResponse.cxx (and porting)
2012-10-01 hristovIncremented ClassDef
2012-10-01 hristov#97827 AliGenPythia : Trigger on Pythia particles for...
2012-10-01 hristovI implemented the method Copy(...) which was missing...
2012-10-01 ddobrigkBug fix in AddTask macro.
2012-10-01 cvetanAdding a setter for delta_y which can be used to boost...
2012-10-01 dsilvermfrom M Weber: L1Gamma sigma check value relaxed
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAddTask modification for trigger mask selection.
2012-10-01 mflorisAvoid nan when computing relative errors
2012-10-01 hqvigstamacro for merging run files to fill files
2012-10-01 hqvigstaUpdate to QA macros
2012-10-01 jbook-updates
2012-10-01 allacout removed
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAdded daughter eta pre-selection for filling tree to...
2012-10-01 allaDQM configure file
2012-10-01 allaDQM shifter histos based only on physics data
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAdded trigger mask selection for options other than...
2012-10-01 gconesabcorrect include to PWG/EMCAL base library
2012-10-01 gconesabadd include to PWG/EMCAL base library
2012-09-30 prinoCheck that the PID response is properly set (Rossella)
2012-09-30 aurasMethods added to distinguish muons from charm and beauty
2012-09-30 loizidesup from salvatore
2012-09-30 loizidesupdate from salvatore to include its refit tracks with...
2012-09-30 loizidesdata/mc labels
2012-09-30 loizidesup from salvatore
2012-09-30 ddobrigkModifications to allow for multiplicity-dependent trans...
2012-09-29 mvlForgotten headerfile
2012-09-29 mvlChanges from Sidharth for underlying event
2012-09-29 morschCounters for diffractive collisions
2012-09-29 morschCounters for diffractive collisions
2012-09-28 prinoFix: event selection should be called for all cut objec...
2012-09-28 prinoupdate for Lc->pK0s (Annalisa)
2012-09-28 morschroll back
2012-09-28 morschroll back
2012-09-28 morschCount number of diffractive collisions
2012-09-28 hristovBug in AliCFParticleGenCuts::SelectionBitMap(AliAODMCPa...
2012-09-28 hristov#33083: Re-creation of the LHC11h AODs
2012-09-28 prinoCode for computing MC efficiency for Lc->K0s+proton...
2012-09-28 prinoLc->K0sp cut object updates
2012-09-28 prinoUpdated AddTask for Lc->pKpi (Rossella)
2012-09-28 prinoUpdates in Lc->K0sproton data analysis task (Annalisa)
2012-09-28 morschUpdates
2012-09-27 prinoModified histo limits + addition of 3-d histos (Sadhana)
2012-09-27 prinoMethods to get the signal yield integrated over full...
2012-09-27 morschUpdate
2012-09-27 morschUpdate Jens
2012-09-27 morschnew class Salvatore
2012-09-27 cholmMore fixes for compatibility with CAF.
2012-09-27 zconesaUpdate (Rossella)
2012-09-27 zconesaUpdate (Rossella)
2012-09-27 prsnkoBug in poisition corrected
2012-09-27 morschUpdate
2012-09-27 morschUpdates
2012-09-27 hqvigstaUpdate to QA macros
2012-09-27 jbook- update user task
2012-09-27 wiechulao use AliPIDResponse (Markus Fasel)
2012-09-26 prsnkoParameterization for LHC11h corrected
2012-09-26 rbailhacSmall typo
2012-09-26 miweberadding option to correct only for acceptance (to retrie...
2012-09-26 zampolliUpdating: Mean Vertex status return (D. Caffarri).
2012-09-26 jbook- add new TRD pid
2012-09-26 jklein- propagate track in-time flag to AliESDTrdTrack
2012-09-26 cholmVarious fixes to not free output memory
2012-09-25 hristov#97725: change in AliPIDResponse.cxx
2012-09-25 hristovTypo (Jochen)
2012-09-25 jgrosseofixing bug selecting charge
2012-09-25 hristovAdditional information whether a track was found in...
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 antoniolremoved startTime selection
2012-09-25 morschUpdate
2012-09-25 rbailhacUpdate
2012-09-25 morschprintf removed
2012-09-25 morsch1) Centrality dependent thresholds parameters
2012-09-25 miwebercorrect also single distributions N+ and N-
2012-09-25 cholmSmall fix
2012-09-25 cholmfixes for running jobs on CAF, and possibility to have...
2012-09-25 cholmRemove extra V0 check in pA
2012-09-25 cholmFixes for running this code in PROOF - all output objec...
2012-09-25 cholmAdded debug option
2012-09-25 cholmFix up a warning about casts
2012-09-25 cholmMinor fix
2012-09-25 cholmMinor things for testing
2012-09-25 cholmScript to download data from the grid