2013-08-30 mvlMove JETANdev to JETAN (step 1)
2013-08-30 dgangadhAddTask fix
2013-08-29 jgrosseochange in binning (Emilia)
2013-08-29 loizidesUse of AliEmcalParticle with new dev classes
2013-08-29 dgangadhCompile modification for Three Pion Radii Analysis
2013-08-29 dgangadhCompile modification for Three Pion Radii Analysis
2013-08-29 dgangadhCode for Three Pion Radii Analysis
2013-08-29 dgangadhAddTask for Three Pion Radii Analysis
2013-08-29 mkrzewicupdates
2013-08-29 pluettigmodified AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPbAOD.cxx
2013-08-29 mbombaraDisabling 7D histograms to obtained reasonable big...
2013-08-29 mkrzewicmerged with TPCdev branch
2013-08-29 dgangadhError message fix
2013-08-29 jbook-updates (ShinIchi)
2013-08-29 agheataActivated the possibility to do prefetching. Tested...
2013-08-29 ssakaiupdated
2013-08-29 quarkAdded forward declaration of TGCheckButton
2013-08-29 agheataFrom Mihaela: Added possibility to have more than one...
2013-08-28 hristov##102371 Port updated in TPHIC to trunk and release
2013-08-28 fbockfixed minor inconsistencies in AliConversionCuts.cxx
2013-08-28 jbook- coverity and rare case MC fix
2013-08-28 morschUpdates
2013-08-28 morschSome minor change to make the generator more flexible...
2013-08-28 mvlBugfix for track QA on AOD (from Marta)
2013-08-27 cnattrasfixing code so it works on LHC11h
2013-08-27 dsilvermfixes for possible issues reported by coverity
2013-08-27 fprinoUpdate array of Lc->V0 cuts in the Config for Pb-Pb...
2013-08-27 akalweitAdding tree dump
2013-08-27 agheataNew versions for the production macros (Mihaela)
2013-08-27 zampolliRemoving requirement on ITS refit for 2011 processing...
2013-08-27 zampolliChanging verbosity of decoding classes.
2013-08-27 cholmadded proof analysis script
2013-08-27 cholm- For energy loss fits, add option to store residuals
2013-08-27 mvlmatching constituents within matched jets (from Redmer)
2013-08-27 miweberUpdates in Balance Function Tasks:
2013-08-27 ssakaifixed coverity errors
2013-08-27 morschAdd a method to manage centrality at analysis level...
2013-08-27 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-26 ssakaiupdated histogrmas
2013-08-26 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-08-26 mkrzewicsetting of downscaling factors in the filetered trees...
2013-08-26 mkrzewicadd the possibility of changing the downscaling factors...
2013-08-26 mkrzewicchange default downscaling to 1e5 for tracks and 2e3...
2013-08-26 mvlUpdate of AddTask macro for trackQA; flasg for differen...
2013-08-26 fbockremoved outdated macros & added macros for running...
2013-08-26 fbockfixed bugs while streaming histos for weighting, added...
2013-08-26 fbockfixed bugs while streaming histos for weighting, added...
2013-08-26 jbook-iarsene: FMD includes commented out
2013-08-26 jbook-remove dependence on LF
2013-08-26 pluettigModified dNdPt/AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPbAOD.{cxx,h} inlcudin...
2013-08-26 ssakaiupdates
2013-08-26 mcolocciUpdate for He analysis
2013-08-26 mvlGetter for AOD file name
2013-08-26 ssakaiupdated
2013-08-26 cnattrasAdding fix for PHOS clusters and adding a couple diagno...
2013-08-25 nmartinbug fix for systematics
2013-08-24 loizidesinclude all 2013 periods
2013-08-23 spyropokinks updates by Martha
2013-08-23 zampolliEnabling reconstruction of HLT back (for 2011 reprocess...
2013-08-23 arossiProper way of opening files (Fabio)
2013-08-23 mvlForgot linkdef+cmakelist in prev commit
2013-08-23 fbockfixed bugs while streaming histos for weighting
2013-08-23 mvlAdd matching task for embedded jets (from Redmer)
2013-08-23 morschInclude Lambda(1520) decay
2013-08-23 zampolliDisabling trees for alignment for LHC11 reprocessing...
2013-08-23 spyropoData kinks update by Martha
2013-08-23 spyropoData kinks update
2013-08-23 raverbecupdate of hfe package
2013-08-23 spyropokinks updates 23Aug13
2013-08-23 spyropokinks updates
2013-08-23 fbockweigthing for new production enabled
2013-08-22 morschCorrection
2013-08-22 maszymanupdated config macros for proton femto train - new...
2013-08-22 morschNew generator to perform a dedicated simulation
2013-08-22 morschI discovered a nasty bug in CORRFW/AliCFGridSparse...
2013-08-22 fbockweigthing for new production enabled
2013-08-22 zampolliUpdate, according to macros on alien from latest runnin...
2013-08-22 nmartinopne chi2 cut for systematics
2013-08-22 mvlAdd leading fragment histos (Oliver)
2013-08-22 loizidesintegration of local rho into framework. From Rosi...
2013-08-21 fprinoFix for memory leak (Ruben)
2013-08-21 morschCorrection in TRD PID
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding 2D histo for trigger vs mult studies. (A. Veen...
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding QA of the new centrality estimators for pPb...
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding centrality estimators for pPb studies (A. Zaboro...
2013-08-21 raverbecupdate of TRD stuff
2013-08-21 ssakaiadded centrality flattening routine
2013-08-21 raverbecupdated task
2013-08-20 mkrzewicmacro for processing the output of the jet flow analysis
2013-08-20 miweberchange ZYAM averaging from 8 to 2 bins (MW)
2013-08-20 akalweitbug fix
2013-08-20 jklein- bug fixes for MCM simulation
2013-08-20 mchojnacAdding QA histos and a new way of TPCTOF pid cut (cut...
2013-08-20 akalweitbug fix
2013-08-20 mvlChange meaning of fRequireITSRefit (default is no requi...
2013-08-20 jbook-fix for Ionuts ttree stuff (thanks to markus)
2013-08-20 akalweitSome updates for the 2010 data...
2013-08-20 cbaumanncleanup of Christoph's tasks
2013-08-20 shahoianFix for TRD memory leak (J.Klein)
2013-08-19 hristovPossibility to modify the tree buffer size (Marco)