2010-10-04 loizidesAdd noti
2010-10-04 loizidesbeautifying
2010-10-04 loizidesAdded Utils
2010-10-04 loizidesAdd maps
2010-10-04 amarindefining new cuts on the config, putting alpha cut...
2010-10-04 prinoNew macro to plot SDD offline calibration quantities
2010-10-04 pdebskiadded missing arguments for multiview
2010-10-04 loizidesglauber fit as a start for alberica.
2010-10-04 loizidesAdd mid rap plot
2010-10-04 loizidesAdded glauber ntuple
2010-10-04 pdebskiAdded optional 3rd side view in AliEveMultiViwe (with...
2010-10-04 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2010-10-04 dainesePrintout commented
2010-10-04 daineseBug fix for poly fit (ChiaraB)
2010-10-04 agheataForgot to increase class version
2010-10-04 agheataAdded new static method AliAnalysisManager::GetRunFromA...
2010-10-04 agheataNew working version of CDBconnect task. Has to be run...
2010-10-04 pulvirAdded another monitor task to check the pairs instead...
2010-10-04 pdebskiMacros with display settings for PbPb data
2010-10-04 morschGetters and Setters for the mixing handler in the base...
2010-10-03 sgorbunobug fix: Digits were not sorted in NextBunch()
2010-10-03 pchristAdding the vertex requirement
2010-10-03 basantadefects fixed
2010-10-03 kkanaki- corrected small typo that prevented the AliHLTPluginB...
2010-10-03 pchristIncluding the AliESDtrackCuts and the plugin
2010-10-03 basantadefects fixed
2010-10-02 bhippolySUMMARY : Commit of the 900 GeV strangeness paper
2010-10-02 pchristIncluding the physics selection and moving to AliAnalys...
2010-10-02 daineseMinimum number of ITS points from 4 to 2
2010-10-02 amarinIncluding rapidity cut for the meson
2010-10-02 amarinIncluding rapidity cut for the meson
2010-10-02 daineseUpdate (AOD006 for LHC10b,c data)
2010-10-02 mariandeleted duplicated macro
2010-10-02 marianRegister - precalculate base corrections for fits
2010-10-02 kaamodtAdded histograms for decay particles (Martin)
2010-10-02 daineseAdded protection to reject events with B=0
2010-10-01 daineseFixed list of good runs for LHC10c
2010-10-01 daineseUpdate
2010-10-01 daineseFix (Davide)
2010-10-01 daineseUpdate of Ds analysis (Sadhana, Francesco)
2010-10-01 rgrossoFixing return value of OpenFile and replacing sscanf...
2010-10-01 daineseChanges to compute efficiencies for particle or antipar...
2010-10-01 cnattrasFixing some minor coding violations
2010-10-01 daineseClean up
2010-10-01 daineseClean up
2010-10-01 pulvir(AliRsnMonitorTask) Bugfixes -- (AliRsnCutESD2010)...
2010-10-01 daineseLooser cuts cuts D+,Ds,Lc (Francesco, Rossella)
2010-10-01 daineseUpdate (ChiaraB)
2010-10-01 gconesabIn case the input is MC Kinematics, need some patches...
2010-10-01 pchristRefinement of the steering and the addtask macros
2010-10-01 gconesabCoverity corrections
2010-10-01 dainese3sigma default mass range for printing S and B in figur...
2010-10-01 daineseAvoid comparing floats with != (ChiaraZ)
2010-10-01 daineseModifed the AddGoodRuns
2010-10-01 pchristMaking the BF work again
2010-10-01 pchristMaking the BF work again
2010-10-01 cblumeCorrect assignment operator (Uwe)
2010-10-01 gconesabCoverity corrections
2010-10-01 hdalsgaaAdding correction for FMD dead channels
2010-10-01 gconesabCoverity corrections, mainly FORWARD_NULL
2010-10-01 agheataAdded task for CDB connection, loading magnetic field...
2010-10-01 pchristAdding the charged hadron spectra task for the ITS...
2010-10-01 gconesabProtection agains negative or no MC label available...
2010-10-01 mflorisFixing destructor for CAF usage
2010-10-01 cnattrasFixing a bug in histograms comparing sim to reco Et...
2010-09-30 martinezMake it working with the new trigger classes. Include...
2010-09-30 loizides64 bit
2010-09-30 daineseReduced verbosity
2010-09-30 jotwinowmacro to init geom and B field from GRP
2010-09-30 jotwinowmacro to configure TPC QA and TPC dEdx info
2010-09-30 gconesabAliAnaShowerParameters: Put a protection in case of...
2010-09-30 pulvirBugfixes on ESD 2010 cuts and Monitor track
2010-09-30 daineseAdded histos to count D+ and D- separately (Francesco)
2010-09-30 daineseUpdate
2010-09-30 maseraNew constructor needed by the ITS-upgrade simulation...
2010-09-30 gconesabNew analysis devoted to shower shape studies
2010-09-30 maseraCode cleanup and optimization (F. Prino)
2010-09-30 kleinbadding histogram, some cosmetic changes
2010-09-30 kleinbBug fix, size of array
2010-09-30 agheataNew version of the QA train macro.
2010-09-30 agheataNew filtering macro. Will serve as analysis macro in...
2010-09-30 hdalsgaaChanging a default argument
2010-09-30 hdalsgaaobjects for running PWG2 FORWARD analysis
2010-09-30 loizidesfirst set of macros
2010-09-30 loizidesAdded a place for centrality macros
2010-09-30 kleinbTake also negative labels
2010-09-30 agheataFixed overwriting of an AOD extension if a task wants...
2010-09-30 gconesabapply a cut on cell energy when counting the cells...
2010-09-30 richtermeliminate improper usage of internal data of returned...
2010-09-30 richtermbugfix: specifying number of bins in TTree::Project...
2010-09-30 abercucichange systematic and resolution plots
2010-09-30 abercucicache diffusion coefficients from AliTRDCommonParam
2010-09-30 snellingPropagated setter for harmonic to MCEP task.
2010-09-30 kaamodtFixed bug in background probability calculation when...
2010-09-30 agheataAdded V0 supply in the AddTaskTender.C macro
2010-09-30 amarinprob-bg off is the default case
2010-09-30 daineseAdded functionality (FRancesco)
2010-09-30 agheataCorrected output container number
2010-09-30 smaBlanks removed
2010-09-30 cnattrasAdding histograms to look at simulated et vs reconstruc...