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2004-10-12 cvetanMinor fix in order to reflect the changes in hlt.conf
2004-10-11 schutzNew PID based on bayesian, updated, more complete PID
2004-10-11 cussonnoUpdate Regional card structure (Ch. Finck)
2004-10-09 loizidesChanges to integrate the MLUC libs from
2004-10-08 hristovUsing const pointer to AliKalmanTrack (Yu.Belikov)
2004-10-08 hristovTRD track crossing the material: storing the parameters...
2004-10-08 morschMaxStep() based on STEPSZ common implemented.
2004-10-08 cvetanFix in raw data headers processing in AliMDC. Removing...
2004-10-08 morschSetMaxStep implemented via FSTEPSZ common.
2004-10-07 morschCorrect icode and edep sequence.
2004-10-07 cussonnoImplemented more realistic geometry of slats (Ch. Finck...
2004-10-07 cvetanRemoving not needed monitor and shift libs from binalim...
2004-10-07 hristovUsing const pointer to AliKalmanTrack to avoid incorrec...
2004-10-07 hristovAdditional protection in case of zero magnetic field...
2004-10-07 cussonnoImprovement of muon reconstruction by extrapolating...
2004-10-07 morschStep size region by region.
2004-10-07 martinezBug in AliMUONHit constructor for fPz and fPx calculati...
2004-10-06 schutzPrint removed
2004-10-06 morschParticleMass(..), ParticleName(..), ParticleCharge...
2004-10-06 morschClass for storage of user scoring options.
2004-10-06 morschgauss replaced by pygauss
2004-10-06 schutzHits primary definition changes so that exclude primari...
2004-10-06 nick06-oct-2004 NvE Full support for data access via slotna...
2004-10-06 martinezRemoving warnings and running w and w/o compilation...
2004-10-06 hristovBug fix (C.Cheshkov)
2004-10-06 hristovChanges to run HLT in alimdc. Reset method in AliESD...
2004-10-06 hristovFix in case DATE is not present
2004-10-06 cvetanIntroduction of the alimdc executable as a module insid...
2004-10-06 cvetanIntroduction of the online monitoring code into the...
2004-10-06 morschAlice dependencies removed.
2004-10-06 hristovReverting TOF index initialization to 0
2004-10-06 morschReplacing corealice.inp
2004-10-06 morschChanged to coreFlukaVmc.inp
2004-10-06 hristovTOF index initialized with -1 (S.Kiselev)
2004-10-05 skowronmissing entry added
2004-10-05 skowronBug correction
2004-10-05 skowronDistance between creation points CFs
2004-10-05 skowronDistance between creation points calculation
2004-10-05 alibraryChanges for MacOSX
2004-10-04 loizidesAdded more plotting options.
2004-10-04 loizidesAdded NHard function.
2004-10-04 loizidesAdded file check.
2004-10-02 loizidesBugfix.
2004-10-01 morschCorrect inialisation of fReadFromFile.
2004-10-01 morschThis version foresees the option to treat vacuum parton...
2004-10-01 schutzPrints removed
2004-10-01 schutzInitialization of fCalibrDB added
2004-09-29 hristovQuotes to avoid problems on Itanium
2004-09-29 hristovIncluding libThread.so
2004-09-29 cvetanTime performance improvements in HLT hough transform...
2004-09-29 schutzMacro for conversion ASCII file with calibration parame...
2004-09-29 schutzheaders to compile without ALI_DAT
2004-09-29 schutzClass for reading raw data
2004-09-29 schutzClass for online monitoring of BeamTests
2004-09-29 schutzA simple substitute of AliPHOSGetter for OnFlight mode
2004-09-29 schutzInterface simplified
2004-09-29 schutzValidityRange removed, possibility to read from ASCII...
2004-09-29 schutzTest on PHOSloader existence added to destr.
2004-09-29 schutzA cut on minimal digit energy added; OnFlight mode...
2004-09-29 schutzdelete[] ->delete in destructor
2004-09-29 schutzGetNumberLocMax() comparison with same digit removed...
2004-09-29 schutzMethods made virtual to allow On-Flight reconstruction...
2004-09-29 schutzTest on PHOSloader existence added to destr.
2004-09-29 schutzClasses for online analysis added
2004-09-29 schutzVersion for beam test analysis
2004-09-29 schutzPossibility of On-Flight reconstruction added
2004-09-28 hristovChanges needed on Alpha
2004-09-28 morschMissing ! added.
2004-09-27 hristovIncluding TPolyLine.h (Root v4-01-02)
2004-09-27 kirUneeded methodes removed
2004-09-25 kirNew Geom, support for ESD- major change
2004-09-24 hristovAdditional protection
2004-09-23 cussonnoNew methods to display tracking informations have been...
2004-09-23 allareconstruction from RAWData added
2004-09-23 hristovAllocation of big array in the heap using static declar...
2004-09-22 hristovAllocation of big array in the heap
2004-09-22 hristovTypos
2004-09-22 hristovIncrementing class definition
2004-09-22 hristovIncrementing class definitions
2004-09-22 cussonnoCalculation of pyz corrected
2004-09-22 cussonnoBug fixed in method AliMUONTrack::MatchTriggerTrack
2004-09-21 hristovChanges needed on Opteron (x86_64)
2004-09-20 hristovRemoving obsolete part of the code, left by mistake...
2004-09-19 alibraryModifications for the xlc compiler
2004-09-19 hristovFaster versions of GetXYZ and GetPxPyPz. Adding covaria...
2004-09-19 hristovTypo
2004-09-19 hristovSumm of G10 components normalized to one
2004-09-19 hristovIncluding TVector.h (needed by icc with Root v4-01-01)
2004-09-18 hristovInitialization of pointers, exclamation mark for non...
2004-09-17 loizidesLittle changes to run for pdc04
2004-09-17 morschUpdate.
2004-09-17 morschDefault values for fInputFileName and fCoreInputFileName
2004-09-17 morschObsolete file removed.
2004-09-17 morschObsolete files removed.
2004-09-16 cussonnoSmall corrections on slat segmentation and MUONdisplay
2004-09-16 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-09-16 morschWarning message for DCAY=1 corrected.
2004-09-15 cussonnoUpdate geometry for station 3,4,5 (Ch. Finck)
2004-09-15 hristovAdditional MUON library
2004-09-15 martinezNew parametrization of the geometry and new geometry...