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2009-10-17 kreadMinor modification to comments in macro.
2009-10-17 kreadMacros to facilitate merging by PYTHIA pt hard bin.
2009-10-17 cvetanFollowing the ROOT example on how to deal with large...
2009-10-17 odjuvsla- checking if NextDDL() returns true in the raw analyzer
2009-10-17 hristovTechnical fix: fopen64 is system dependent
2009-10-17 morschScalers moved to ESDZDC (Chiara Oppedisano)
2009-10-17 gconesabnew task for direct photon identification tagging photo...
2009-10-17 cvetanUsing large-file extension version of fopen.
2009-10-17 fcaClearing instead of Deleting TClone
2009-10-17 fcasaving syswatch.log s
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic
2009-10-16 cvetanIncrease classdef by 1
2009-10-16 mtadel* EVE/macros/alieve_online.C
2009-10-16 marianDump OCDB variables - drift velocity
2009-10-16 marianTypo fix
2009-10-16 jotwinowcode violations fixed
2009-10-16 marianMissing protection - check the presence of array
2009-10-16 maseraFixing compilation warnings
2009-10-16 snellingdefault correction for acceptance and preliminary fix...
2009-10-16 abercucimore coding convention fixes
2009-10-16 decaroCompilation warning suppression
2009-10-16 decaroBug fixing
2009-10-16 snellingcleanup
2009-10-16 abercuciinsert the correct argument for V0 PID
2009-10-16 richtermPart one of the handling of the streamer info for TObje...
2009-10-16 ivanaUpdate for changes in Root TExMap, TExMapIter in trunk
2009-10-16 hdalsgaaFixes of coding violations
2009-10-16 daineseBug fix
2009-10-16 daineseIncrease version number
2009-10-16 agheataIn test mode, if the file wn.xml existed, it was not...
2009-10-16 agheataAdded method SetExecutableCommand(const char *command...
2009-10-16 cblumeFix coding violations
2009-10-16 agheataRemoved obsolete (and dangerous now) line defining...
2009-10-16 zampolliUpdating DP list for simulation.
2009-10-16 sgorbunocosmetic changes
2009-10-16 marianStronger cuts before filling histogram
2009-10-16 marianWarnig removal
2009-10-16 sgorbunoquality check updated in order to correctly process...
2009-10-16 sgorbunomake recalculation of the cluster errors during refit
2009-10-16 sgorbunoWhen Pt is bad defined (ex. no field), the multiple...
2009-10-16 sgorbunocheck for small curvature is corrected
2009-10-15 fcaA better way to do this
2009-10-15 mtadelPrintout CDB URI if opening fails.
2009-10-15 richtermcompilation warnings corrected (Theodor)
2009-10-15 richtermadding helper function to extract an object from a...
2009-10-15 fcaAvoiding warnings
2009-10-15 fcaR.Shahoyan's mods
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-10-15 daineseAdded possibility to run with plugin using libPWG1...
2009-10-15 daineseAdded event counter
2009-10-15 daineseCoding conventions
2009-10-15 prsnkoUse genuine GetB() from AliTracker rather than copy...
2009-10-15 fcaCorrection for coding conventions
2009-10-15 jklayadded a few more histos for ele pid, leading jet
2009-10-15 dainesemacro that adds the HFE task to the official analysis...
2009-10-15 daineseCorrected compil warning
2009-10-15 pulvirAdded two new axes (mt and y) for pairs and the possibi...
2009-10-15 kleinbfixes for coding conventions
2009-10-15 abercucicomment out documentation lines
2009-10-15 abercucirestore include headers
2009-10-15 ikrausaod protection added, bug fix in 2d dca cut
2009-10-15 abercucifix coding convention errors
2009-10-15 gconesabwarnings and few violations corrected
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- Adding macros for testing the geom trigger
2009-10-15 odjuvslaModifications to the geometry trigger classes. The...
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- Reverting bad changes
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- small fix
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- adding AliHLTTriggerDecisionParameters to configure...
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- adding functionality for loading detector geometries...
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- addign classes to the build system
2009-10-15 odjuvsla- Adding the new track multiplicity trigger cutting...
2009-10-15 odjuvslastarting changes to move to common CALO library for...
2009-10-15 morschType change.
2009-10-15 morschWarnings corrected.
2009-10-15 belikovFixing a compilation warning.
2009-10-15 ikrausunused variable removed
2009-10-15 morschWarnings corrected.
2009-10-15 abercucimake run.C compilable
2009-10-15 abercucifix include statements
2009-10-15 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2009-10-15 kkanaki- fixed compilation warnings
2009-10-15 akisielFix warnings
2009-10-15 akisielFix warnings
2009-10-15 abercucishow Track/Tracklet propagation status in the performan...
2009-10-15 haavardUpdates to keep temperature/pressure maps in CE entry...
2009-10-15 morschBetter cuts for V0 (Ana Marin)
2009-10-15 kleinbfixed warnings
2009-10-15 kleinbadditional reset for average trials
2009-10-15 morschUnused methods removed.
2009-10-15 basantaWarning fTime initialization fixed
2009-10-15 dsilvermcorrecting reported warnings and coding violations
2009-10-15 zampolliIntroducing new DP CavernAtmosPressure2.
2009-10-14 zampolliUpdating dummy entry in OCDB.
2009-10-14 kharlovCompilation warnings fixed.
2009-10-14 bhippolyRemoving warnings
2009-10-14 ivanaIn AliMUONContourHandler:
2009-10-14 cvetanCompilation warnings fixed (Matevz)
2009-10-14 mtadelFix compilation warnings and a memory leak.