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2004-03-04 cheynisVersion 4 added
2004-03-04 cheynisMacro to launch digitization
2004-03-04 cheynisModified for digitization
2004-03-04 cheynisProvides digitization
2004-03-04 cheynisNew geometry
2004-03-04 cussonnoAdd local container. Read trigger information from...
2004-03-04 cussonnoAdd track matching between trigger and tracker informat...
2004-03-04 skowronChange of sign of curvature
2004-03-04 skowrontrack counter implemented in ESD reader
2004-03-03 kirtoo many changes to list it here, while not very important
2004-03-03 kirfull chain AliSim-AliRec is now active
2004-03-03 kiricc support added
2004-03-03 kirTOF can't be created without FRAME error corrected
2004-03-03 skowronChanged to read contrained track parameters
2004-03-03 skowronInfo guarded by debug flag
2004-03-03 morschRemoved data members put back.
2004-03-02 martinezDefining properly momentum components in AliMUONHit...
2004-03-02 martinezUpdating README
2004-03-02 martinezNew Hit2SDigit and SDigit2Digit (JP)
2004-03-02 morschTwo new classes added.
2004-03-02 morschSome clean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-03-01 pcrochetbug fixed in MakeTriggerTracks (thanks to Jean-Pierre)
2004-03-01 skowronBug corrections
2004-03-01 bnandiCoordinates are transformed to a Rhombus
2004-03-01 morschOption to read gas pressure tables from LHC PR 674.
2004-02-29 skowronAliHBTOutSideLongFctn correl function added
2004-02-29 skowronComment added
2004-02-27 martinezProblem with AliMUNDisplay. Removing gAlice->GetMCApp...
2004-02-27 mhornerNew geometry
2004-02-27 morschGas pressure tables for LSS IP2: see LHC Project Report...
2004-02-27 morschDefault arguments removed from method definitions.
2004-02-27 morschTest routines and example for use of AliFastGlauber...
2004-02-27 morschQuenching weight tables (Urs Wiedemann, C. Salgado).
2004-02-27 cblumeFix definition of rotation matrices
2004-02-27 morschAliQuenchingWeight first commit (K. Loizides, A. Dainese)
2004-02-27 martinezRemoving EXIT in MINUIT (Ch. Finck)
2004-02-27 hristovUsing small security distance to avoid FPE (A.Morsch)
2004-02-27 hristovNew macro to store in a tree sets of ESD objects saved...
2004-02-27 martinezAdding local data container for clusterisation and...
2004-02-26 nilsenA test macro for AliITSspdTestBeam TTask. This macro...
2004-02-26 nilsenA TTask and corresponding macro to convert SPD TestBeam...
2004-02-26 martinezRemoving EXIT in MINUIT. Adding temporary rawcluster...
2004-02-26 martinezAdding new class AliMUONClusterReconstructor (Christian...
2004-02-26 martinezAdding local data container for clusterisation and...
2004-02-26 martinezTest for clusterisation, tracker and ESD filling of...
2004-02-26 hristovAdditional protection
2004-02-26 hristovBug fix (Yu.Belikov)
2004-02-25 nilsenAdded patch to allow the use of this ITS SPD test beam...
2004-02-25 nilsenProtection involving the existance of gMC added. Useful...
2004-02-25 loizidesAdded support for static libraries,
2004-02-24 skowronExternal instead of internal covariance matrix used
2004-02-23 mhornerchanged geometry call
2004-02-23 nilsenminor Update of SPD test beam simulation.
2004-02-23 hristovstdlib.h needed to delare exit on HP
2004-02-23 morschCerenkov production switched off.
2004-02-23 morschFixed IsNewTrack()
2004-02-23 morschSome bug fixes (A. Gheata)
2004-02-23 pcrochetadd global trigger info in FillESD, correct filling...
2004-02-22 hristovAdding protection in case of missing TPC seed (M.Ivanov)
2004-02-21 skowronOut-Side CylSurf added
2004-02-21 skowronClass with fitting routines added
2004-02-20 hristovSubstracting the x-projection of impact parameter
2004-02-20 hristovAdditional protection, to be investigated
2004-02-20 cussonnoGetPadC adapted to the AliMUONSt1GeometryBuilderV2...
2004-02-20 hristovAdditional protection
2004-02-20 hristovTemporary fix - replacing Fatal by Error, to be investi...
2004-02-20 hristovEnlarging digits array
2004-02-20 hristovTaking into account the new AliESDVertex interface...
2004-02-20 skowronBug Corrections
2004-02-20 pcrochetAdd global trigger in RecTriggerTrack (Christian)
2004-02-19 hristovCoding conventions
2004-02-19 hristovAuto-defining the number of signal events merged with...
2004-02-19 skowronProtections agains Arithmetic Exc. added
2004-02-19 hristovAdditional protection
2004-02-19 hristovUsing default vertex in case it was not reconstructed
2004-02-19 hristovIncluding TObjArray.h
2004-02-19 hristovIncluding HLT files (T.Kuhr)
2004-02-19 skowronName method added
2004-02-19 skowronMore debug info
2004-02-19 skowronall histograms SetDirectory(NULL)
2004-02-19 hristovPrimary vertex reconstruction and standalone ITS tracki...
2004-02-19 hristovPossibility to run without compilation (T.Kuhr)
2004-02-19 hristovFixing memory leaks (T.Kuhr)
2004-02-19 hristovNew tunning for the tracking V2. Keep set of best candi...
2004-02-19 hristovAccess to the number of associated clusters (M.Ivanov)
2004-02-19 skowronmemory leaks removed;
2004-02-19 schutzUpdating
2004-02-19 schutzAdded cleanup in Loader dtor and Getter Reset()
2004-02-18 hristovOne class per file. Coding conventions. Removing warnin...
2004-02-18 hristovMinor fix (Yu.Belikov)
2004-02-18 hristovMoving the momentum cut from the TOF PID to the ESD...
2004-02-18 skowronmemory leaks removed;
2004-02-18 skowronmemory leaks removed;
2004-02-18 hristovAdding preliminary PID in TPC (Yu.Belikov)
2004-02-18 hristovMinor fix (Yu.Belikov)
2004-02-18 skowronInit for Monitor functions
2004-02-18 hristovCorrected charm and Beauty production (A.Dainese)
2004-02-18 skowronmemory leaks removed; new base class for CFs introduced
2004-02-17 hristovAdditional protection
2004-02-17 hristovMoving AliITSVertex to AliESDVertex