2009-03-18 cvetanAdded AddTrackParams() method for convenience + some...
2009-03-18 fcaFix warnings
2009-03-18 snellingextra options
2009-03-18 cvetanNew version of the TPC-ITS alignment code (Mikolaj)
2009-03-18 vulpescuMain changes:
2009-03-18 vulpescuMain changes:
2009-03-18 vulpescuUpdate of the content
2009-03-18 belikovCalculating fAlpha as atan2(y,x) only for the tracks...
2009-03-18 belikovChecking the kITSrefit bit at the proper place (A....
2009-03-18 ivanaIn MUONmappingLinkDef.h:
2009-03-18 ivanaIn Mapping/macros:
2009-03-18 morschNew setting of the cross-section (Bogdan)
2009-03-17 daineseRemoved memory leaks
2009-03-17 ivanaIn Mapping/macros:
2009-03-17 ivanaIn mapping/macros:
2009-03-17 jthaeder- Add ITS clusterfinder for SPD and SSD (Gaute)
2009-03-17 jthaederadd light version of JET to cmake compile, to add:...
2009-03-17 jthaederupdate of jet macros
2009-03-17 jthaederfix warnings
2009-03-17 maseraChanges to obey to the coding conventions (M. Lunardon)
2009-03-17 maseraBug fix. This eliminates a compilation warning. (R...
2009-03-17 snellingremoved hardwired disabling of branches
2009-03-17 cblumeFix compiler warnings (Theodor)
2009-03-17 snellingget reaction plane angle for gevsim events
2009-03-17 masera1) Updated default numbers for the reports
2009-03-17 akisielFixing more warnings
2009-03-17 maseraFixing ompilation warnings
2009-03-17 marianDouble definded copy constructor (Marian)
2009-03-17 marianWarnings removal.
2009-03-17 fcaFix warnings from Cerello
2009-03-17 marianAliGenInfoTask.h - Forgoten to commit - Debug infor...
2009-03-17 abercucifix warning (thanks Federico)
2009-03-17 marianWarning removal (Marian)
2009-03-17 marianWarning removal (Marian)
2009-03-17 fcaFix effc++ warning
2009-03-17 kleinbLimit Printout via fDebug
2009-03-17 hristovAdding EPOS and TUHKMgen
2009-03-17 hristovFixing some warnings
2009-03-17 schutzchange option of merger to avoid local copy
2009-03-17 laphecetAdding AliMUONVDigitStore::HasMCInformation in order...
2009-03-17 schutzcorrect the making of the GridCollection and simplified...
2009-03-17 morschq-pythia enabled version (Leticia Cunqueiro)
2009-03-17 morschQPythiaWrapper for collision geometry added.
2009-03-17 morschq-pythia for jet quenching simulations added. (Leticia...
2009-03-17 pulvirfixed warnings
2009-03-17 morschMethod hiding fixed.
2009-03-17 shahoianSuppressed "shadowed locals" warning
2009-03-17 shahoianAdded few getters/setters
2009-03-17 gconesabfix warnings
2009-03-17 shahoianIntroduced finer division for mag.field parameterizatio...
2009-03-17 hristovRenaming EPOS/TEposLinkDef.h to EPOS/EPOSLinkDef...
2009-03-17 kleinbAdded eta and phi correlation to TaskJetSpectrum, also...
2009-03-17 hristovRemoving extra symbols
2009-03-16 hristovRestored compilation with CMake. The administrators...
2009-03-16 hristovRevert change 31524: libRAliEn is not linked and TAlien...
2009-03-16 hristovMakeAlObjsArray is not const in the base class
2009-03-16 schutzremove unecessary (for the time being) code
2009-03-16 coppedisWarnings removed
2009-03-16 abercucifix warnings (thanks to Federico)
2009-03-16 aszostakBug fix. Incorrectly calculating strip position.
2009-03-16 rvernetextended by cuts on min / max absolute and relative...
2009-03-16 rgrossoPossibility to retrieve the member array of alignment...
2009-03-16 rgrossoAllow methods called inside MakeAlObjsArray to modify...
2009-03-16 laphecetUpdate of GMS subprocessor to take into account increme...
2009-03-16 schutzadded method to merge files listed in a xml collection
2009-03-16 snellingextra old if statement removed
2009-03-16 morschCorrections in the destructors (J. Thaeder)
2009-03-16 laphecetAdding the -z option to reconstruct from simulated...
2009-03-16 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2009-03-16 morschfRun initialized.
2009-03-16 akisielFixing warnings
2009-03-16 morschMember initialisation list corrected.
2009-03-16 kharlovInitialization of fAmpThreshold is added to ctors.
2009-03-16 cheynisUnused variable removed
2009-03-16 jthaederfix of warnings
2009-03-16 jgrosseofixing warning about suggested parantheses
2009-03-16 laphecetFix for a hanging ReadPedestals - due to a probable...
2009-03-16 schutzremoved compilation warning
2009-03-16 morschfNEvents initialized in the member initialization list
2009-03-16 hristovPropagation of MC lables from hits up to AOD.(Philippe P.)
2009-03-16 morschStreamable, needed by HLT.
2009-03-16 hristovNew generator: EPOS
2009-03-15 mrodriguFirst version of ACORDE QA reference data. Up tp now...
2009-03-15 mrodriguFirst version of ACORDE QA reference data. Up tp now...
2009-03-15 mrodriguFirst version of ACORDE QA reference data. Up tp now...
2009-03-15 mrodriguFirst version of reference data for ACORDE. We put...
2009-03-15 mrodriguAdding macros to store into the OCDB and QAref/ACORDE...
2009-03-15 hristovNew generator: TUHKMgen
2009-03-15 mrodriguFirst Implementation of the RecoParams for ACORDE
2009-03-15 mrodriguUpdate of AliACORDEQAChecker and AliACORDEQADataMakerSi...
2009-03-15 odjuvslafixing coding violations
2009-03-15 rvernetadded function AliCFContainer::MakeSlice reading user...
2009-03-15 kleinbTake the correct weight for different pT hard bins...
2009-03-15 kleinbNew structure with AddTaskJets (D. Perrino)
2009-03-14 marianUpdated gain map from Krypton calibration
2009-03-14 marian1. AliTPCkalmandEdx -
2009-03-14 marianBasic calibration and QA class for the PID of the TPC...
2009-03-14 snellingnaming
2009-03-14 snellingnames and protect against zero
2009-03-14 fcamacosx is already taken care by root