2014-09-29 morschUpdated beampipe from Mario Sitta
2014-09-29 shahoianConstructor of AliReconstruction must destroy eventuall...
2014-09-29 shahoianmethod Destroy added to AliGeomManager for clean remova...
2014-09-29 agrigoraTesting configuration
2014-09-29 zampolliUpdate responsibles for MCH, MTR, HMP
2014-09-29 hristovAvoid names that only differ in use of capital/small...
2014-09-29 aohlsonremove vz binning from femtoESE task (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-29 jniedzieadded missing files
2014-09-29 hristovALIROOT-5576 Can never use OCDB for trigger configurati...
2014-09-29 mcosentifixing hardcoded histogram axis limits and bins with...
2014-09-29 mcosentiincluding QA histogram (E/p vs. E) to survey material...
2014-09-29 zampolliUpdated ldif configuration for test SHUTTLE (TPC +...
2014-09-29 mcosentimodif from Alexis: including parameter for time cut
2014-09-29 gconesabadd option to set minimum number of cells for overlappi...
2014-09-29 jniedzieEvent Server can now run without GUI.
2014-09-29 hristovAdiing using std::
2014-09-29 cholmUse configuration script
2014-09-29 cholmBetter scheme setup
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small improvements
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small improvements
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small improvements
2014-09-29 cholmSpelling
2014-09-29 cholmAdd period stuff
2014-09-29 cholmWhitepace
2014-09-29 cholmSpelling
2014-09-29 cholmUse AliErrorF instead of AliError(Form(...))
2014-09-29 cholmFill status histogram
2014-09-29 cholmTask and sub-task status histogram
2014-09-29 cholmOnly add to diagnostics if passing filter
2014-09-29 cholmMake clones of cut histos, and flag as scaled
2014-09-29 cholmOnly add to diagnostics if passing filter
2014-09-29 cholmAdd extra empty event class, better handling of >0...
2014-09-29 cholmConfiguration script
2014-09-29 cholmPrint regularization cut
2014-09-29 cholmPrinting fix
2014-09-29 cholmSpelling
2014-09-29 cholmMinor things
2014-09-29 cholmHandling of configuration scripts
2014-09-29 cholmHandling of configuration scripts
2014-09-29 cholmBetter trigger names and some documentation
2014-09-29 cholmUse configuration script rather than hard-coded settings
2014-09-29 shahoianGet QA object only upon successful opening of the QA...
2014-09-29 mfaselAdd classimp
2014-09-29 mfaselUse aod track selection wrapper inside the task, when...
2014-09-29 mfaselAdd aod track selection wrapper in order to run the...
2014-09-29 rgrossoUpdate recipients as shuttle admins.
2014-09-29 ekryshenFix in physics selection OADB
2014-09-29 prsnkoSetters/getters updated, code polished
2014-09-29 gconesabadd histogram to select primary pi0 decays that do...
2014-09-29 cholmRevert "MAke sure to install _all_ data"
2014-09-29 mverweijbug fix
2014-09-29 fbelliniUpdated macros for D0 analysis (Massimo)
2014-09-29 rbertens add randomization of input data to unfolding class...
2014-09-29 ssakaisome updates for e v2 by TPC+EMCal EP
2014-09-29 cholmMAke sure to install _all_ data
2014-09-29 cholmSmall things
2014-09-29 cholmSmall fixes
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small things
2014-09-29 cholmChanges for new automatized QA framework
2014-09-29 cholmConfiguration script for energy loss fitter task
2014-09-29 cholmNewer empirical correction
2014-09-29 cholmAdded more runs etc.
2014-09-26 sgwebernot setting primary vertex from ESD, if status==0
2014-09-26 sgweberfixed inconsistent usage of AliFlatESDEvent::fPrimaryVe...
2014-09-25 sgweberfixed pointer arithmetic related bug in AliFlatESDV0...
2014-09-25 sgweberchanges in benchmarks and Read macro
2014-09-25 sgweberfix in AliFlatESDTrigger:SetTriggerClass
2014-09-25 sgwebercomponent to compare flat ESDs
2014-09-25 sgweberflatESD compare component
2014-09-25 sgweberchanges to compare macro
2014-09-23 shahoianfinal integration of ITS SAP tracker + filling of ITSOu...
2014-09-23 shahoianMake SetChi2 method public
2014-09-23 mkrzewicmake it compile
2014-09-23 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/flatdev' into...
2014-09-23 mfaselPrepare task to evaluate the trigger efficiency in...
2014-09-23 mverweijadd m/pt histos
2014-09-23 pcrochetretrieve run number when no run list is specified ...
2014-09-23 shahoianImplemented output for the vertexTracks
2014-09-23 shahoianuncommented stuff commented by mistake (Sergey)
2014-09-23 rbailhacFix printf
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to Balance function code (Michael Weber)
2014-09-22 sgorbunoMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to ESE femto code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to ESE femto code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 sgorbunoflat friend update
2014-09-22 mfaselApply pt- and eta-cut to MC particles
2014-09-22 shahoianintegration of ITS SAP tracker to HLT chain
2014-09-22 shahoianfixes in standalone tracker code
2014-09-22 dgangadhInclude Reading of EAs
2014-09-22 dgangadhModify Reading of EAs
2014-09-22 rgrossoUpdate mailing list of HMP responsibles.
2014-09-22 ebrunaupdates in the code (hisots+MC part, Sandro)
2014-09-22 maszymanupdated macros for Kaon Femto train
2014-09-22 ssakaiupdated HFE v2 EP task
2014-09-22 zampolliAdding macro to run the test pt task also on offline...
2014-09-22 zampolliAdding protection for null clusters in assignment operator
2014-09-22 prsnkoWeight function updated
2014-09-22 zampolliActually this IS needed to work offline (with Offline...
2014-09-22 rbailhacTPC PID 2011
2014-09-22 rbailhacTPC PID 2011 Pb-Pb