2014-06-11 shahoianPossibility to not write syswatch info to file (default)
2014-06-11 zconesaFix coverity defects 24111 and 23963
2014-06-11 zconesaFix coverity defects 22748 and 23964
2014-06-11 zconesaremove some warnings and refinement on output histogram...
2014-06-11 morschdo not set fRotating to kFALSE in Init
2014-06-11 prsnkoUpdate from Daniil
2014-06-11 prsnkoMacros for pi0 flow calculation
2014-06-10 gconesabcoverity fix 22887, check if the correct variable is...
2014-06-10 gconesabfix coverity 23059, fix indentation
2014-06-10 gconesabcoverity 23301, not real bug but avoid future complains
2014-06-10 gconesabtry coverity fix 23965, condition checked twice
2014-06-10 gconesabtry coverity fix, 23972, 23971, delete array properly
2014-06-10 gconesabtry to fix coverity 24003, check cast to pointers not...
2014-06-10 gconesabtry to fix coverity 24179, 24178, 24125, 24124, check...
2014-06-10 prsnkoclassification of lost clusters detailed
2014-06-10 mkrzewicsome afterfixes
2014-06-10 zconesamissing initialization
2014-06-10 zconesaUpdates: adding histograms and changing the PID options...
2014-06-10 dgangadhInclude G dependent weights, remove stat err of weights...
2014-06-10 lgraczykModification of AliFemto code so that KinematicsChain...
2014-06-10 jmazerUpdated code to work within newer Jet Framework and...
2014-06-10 mkrzewicfix the anchor year guessing
2014-06-10 fkrizekNew rho estimators added; Reading of HIJING enabled
2014-06-10 hristovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-10 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-06-10 gconesabMove AliInfo to AliDebug
2014-06-10 rbertens add interface method for creating cut object which...
2014-06-10 rbertens fix for automatic tpc acceptance cuts based on runnumb...
2014-06-10 rbertens added temporary task which is developed to replace...
2014-06-10 rbertens fix for strange bug in prototyped function (no idea...
2014-06-10 cnattrassetting defaults back to 2010 geometry
2014-06-10 majanikModified AliFemtoESDTrackCut.cxx --> Electron rejection...
2014-06-10 majanikCorrections for the Train.
2014-06-10 majanikCorrections to AliAnalysisTaskParticleEfficiency (it...
2014-06-09 jmazerfixed jet acceptance cuts
2014-06-09 mverweijadd Andy's JetHF task to cmake files
2014-06-09 ancastroThis is Andy Castro, submitting the first instance...
2014-06-09 mkrzewicprotect against non existent files
2014-06-09 mkrzewicone more mac fix
2014-06-09 prsnkoBadMap test moved after misalignment
2014-06-09 pgonzaleV0 Multiplicity histo and new cuts for kAny, kFirst...
2014-06-09 majanikALso the "Add" marco, for this QA/Eff task, for the...
2014-06-09 mkrzewicmake it work on a mac
2014-06-09 dgangadhmacro update (Ashutosh)
2014-06-09 majanikAdditional task for QA, Efficiency and Contamination...
2014-06-09 morschInitialisation fixed
2014-06-09 sjenaUpdate from Prabhat
2014-06-09 cnattrasmemory fix for PHOS
2014-06-08 saiolachange error to info as in AddTaskEmcalEsdTrackFilter.C
2014-06-08 saiolax section from pyxsec.root for productions that dont...
2014-06-08 spyropoMSS, kaon-kinks, Pb-Pb data
2014-06-08 fbock- changed trigger handling for conversion task
2014-06-08 shahoianMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-08 shahoianstore also difference in local Y
2014-06-08 fbelliniUpdated macros from Massimo
2014-06-08 lcunqueibinning and pthard info
2014-06-08 maseraFast SDD cluster finder
2014-06-07 gconesabAddTask to execute Gamma-Jet correlation analysis in...
2014-06-07 spyropoEChei pion kinks
2014-06-06 ddobrigkAddition of flag for tests
2014-06-06 shahoiantracklets accessible from ESD and AOD events via virtua...
2014-06-06 lramonaAdd a task for some studies on nuclei
2014-06-06 rgrossoImplement copy to cvmfs for OCDB uploads.
2014-06-06 rbertens retrieve EMCAL information
2014-06-06 cnattrasadding histogram to keep track of the number of cluster...
2014-06-06 cnattrasfixes to minor memory issues
2014-06-06 quarkAdded the client side code AliEve
2014-06-06 ddobrigkBug fix in strangeness vs multiplicity code. Quite...
2014-06-06 mflorisFixed size of array (M Tangaro)
2014-06-06 mflorisModified DCA getter (M Tangaro)
2014-06-06 fnoferinAdded TPCTOF Nsigma cut in flow package
2014-06-06 mflorisAdded DCA to the THn (M Tangaro)
2014-06-06 cnattrasfixing streamer fix
2014-06-05 cbianchiadd axis emc acc, improve AddTask
2014-06-05 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-05 cholmIn generated DownloadAOD.C do not download files we...
2014-06-05 cholmFixes for change in base class
2014-06-05 cholmFixed memory leak
2014-06-05 cholmUnload configuration file after it has been processed...
2014-06-05 cholmAdded script to copy secondary correction
2014-06-05 cholmdN/deta task now configurable through external script.
2014-06-05 cholmMoved other dN/deta data into a ROOT file (was hard...
2014-06-05 rbailhacMoving the signal function (synchronizing GSI svn and...
2014-06-05 rbailhacMerge branch 'master' of git.cern.ch/pub/AliRoot
2014-06-05 rbailhacUpdate HFE code
2014-06-05 pcrochetPWG/muon/AliAnalysisMuonUtility.cxx (Diego)
2014-06-05 zconesaremove leftover printouts in the TMVA task (C.Zampolli)
2014-06-05 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-05 spyropokinks, new, for pionsEChMC
2014-06-05 morschprotection added
2014-06-05 spyropokinks, new, for pionsECh
2014-06-05 mverweijprotect against zero pointer
2014-06-05 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-05 morschAdded a new function to the AliDecayerExdous class...
2014-06-05 mkrzewicraise an error if the anchor year for a production...
2014-06-05 prsnkoWeights improved
2014-06-05 dgangadhinclude stat errors of full weight calc
2014-06-05 shahoianSensorThickness was defined twice. Set inner chip thick...
2014-06-05 spyropomods in kinks rapRange MC
2014-06-05 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot