2011-08-08 ivanaIn Trigger QA:
2011-08-08 jotwinowTHnSpase merging switch added in AliPerformanceObject...
2011-08-08 morschUpdates for TRD PID
2011-08-08 cblumeSmall update for the status code (Raphaelle)
2011-08-08 hristovAdditional getters (Jens)
2011-08-08 gconesabMove histogram setting ranges from analysis modules...
2011-08-08 kleinb new output (especially jet selection and mismatched...
2011-08-08 wiechulaUpdates (Pietro):
2011-08-08 fronchetchanged include to work with new wrapper folder HLT...
2011-08-08 fronchetFastJet wrapper and CMakefile
2011-08-08 fronchetremoved FJ wrapper from EMCAL directory
2011-08-08 fronchetchecks cell has not already been assigned to cluster...
2011-08-08 fronchetadded OCDB access for trigger param
2011-08-08 richtermbugfix: Qmax in the HW ClusterFinder has 12 bits after...
2011-08-08 aszostakTemporary fix for coverty warning 17496.
2011-08-08 jgrosseomixed event for two-track efficiency
2011-08-08 hristovCoverity 17475
2011-08-08 hristovCoverity 17476
2011-08-08 shahoianWhen extracting a full array of histos corresponding...
2011-08-08 hristovCoverity fixes (Alex)
2011-08-08 mariancaching the information is trigger L0
2011-08-08 hristovCoverity (F.Ronchetti)
2011-08-08 marianReplacing printf with the XXXInfoXXX
2011-08-08 alla memory leak fixed
2011-08-08 zampolliSkipping QAThreshold and TriggerClassesAndHistosToClone...
2011-08-08 richtermbugfix: suppress points without associated track point...
2011-08-08 richtermhelper method to fill tree structure
2011-08-08 richtermextended HWCF emulation to include Qmax in the output
2011-08-08 richtermuse HWCF decoder class, supporting both output formats...
2011-08-08 richtermadding new classes to build
2011-08-08 richtermadded handling class for raw space points
2011-08-08 richtermdecoder class for hardware clusterfinder output format...
2011-08-08 richtermfixed data member types
2011-08-08 richtermadded treatment of raw coordinates
2011-08-08 richtermadded setters and getters for data members
2011-08-07 pkalinakNew PID method implemented
2011-08-07 pchristCoverity fix
2011-08-07 gconesabDo not set the matrices load status at the InitParameters
2011-08-06 pchristCoverity fix
2011-08-06 cblumeFix coverity defects
2011-08-06 gconesabcoverity
2011-08-06 gconesabincrease size of calo cluster array
2011-08-05 loizidesProtection against run==0 runnumbers
2011-08-05 cblumeAliTRDCalibTask.cxx .h (running on a test task over...
2011-08-05 snellingupdated Bayesian PID
2011-08-05 gconesabSelection of absolute leading for triggering, MC histog...
2011-08-05 wiechulao add histograms for TPC + TOF
2011-08-05 cblumeAdd online gain tables (Annika)
2011-08-05 jotwinowcoverity fix
2011-08-05 lietavaFix bug in mu calculation (Plamen)
2011-08-05 jotwinowesdFriend selection modified by Markus Koeler
2011-08-05 gconesabRemove print
2011-08-05 kleinbadding TPC cosntrained tracks back in for comparison
2011-08-05 kleinbadded new cuts (Iter1>70
2011-08-05 gconesabClusters removed during transformation of recpoints...
2011-08-05 gconesabIsolate only leading particles, and some cosmetics
2011-08-05 schutzAdded theDeleteImage method allowing destruction of...
2011-08-05 lietavaPropagating scalers to ESD. (Plamen)
2011-08-05 lietavaAdded methods for mu calculation (Plamen)
2011-08-05 kleinbchanged methods of AOD track
2011-08-04 snellingfix for NUA
2011-08-04 gconesabPossilibity to change the binning and range of time...
2011-08-04 gconesabChange default name of geometry to Complete, add debugg...
2011-08-04 kleinbextra bit for TPC and Global constrained flagging
2011-08-04 akisielDo not use fESDpid if it does not exist
2011-08-04 cvetanFix for memory leak.
2011-08-04 gvolpeHMPID performance task and centrality task added to...
2011-08-04 jgrosseob field dependence
2011-08-04 gvolpeTask AliHMPIDPerformanceTask (L. Molnar) for basic...
2011-08-04 jgrosseochange in dphi distance formula
2011-08-04 sgorbunomistyping fixed
2011-08-04 pchristAdditions in the balance function code, including shuffling
2011-08-03 prinoFix in PID application for LambdaC (Rossella)
2011-08-03 aszostakFixing broken code with temporary fix.
2011-08-03 jotwinow-- changes by Weilin
2011-08-03 jotwinowClone finctionality removed
2011-08-03 prinoupdated systematics for D* analysis in pp @ 2.76TeV...
2011-08-03 lmilanoMain updates: PID and centrality
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-08-03 lmilanoSelection on weak processes for secondary particles...
2011-08-02 pulvirAdded a value for computin absolute resolution instead...
2011-08-02 jotwinow-- new trigger mask implemented
2011-08-02 rvernetindented function MakeAnalysisFillHistograms
2011-08-02 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2011-08-02 hristovFix for #68917: Improper usage of TClonesArrays in...
2011-08-02 jotwinow-- new class to store track tree
2011-08-02 akisielFix Coverity report
2011-08-01 gconesabcast histogram content to int to avoid compilation...
2011-08-01 gconesabAllow to do cluster-track matching with TPC only tracks...
2011-08-01 amastrosCoverity fixes. (Mario Sitta)
2011-08-01 lietavaFixed a memory leak in AliCTPTimeParams
2011-08-01 gconesabAdd getter for the channel status in map
2011-08-01 gconesabadd protections against null cluter pointers
2011-08-01 cnattrasDriver macro for calculating Et em corrections
2011-08-01 cnattrasHelper classes for Et em corrections from Marcelo
2011-08-01 cnattrasTask from Marcelo for calculating Et em corrections
2011-08-01 maseraDefinition of labels for SDigits from Raw Data. They...
2011-08-01 wiechulao updates (Pietro)