2011-05-19 hristovReverting change 49889
2011-05-19 guernaneTemporary fix to avoid crashing reconstruction
2011-05-19 belikovCoverity fix
2011-05-19 belikovAdding a missing class
2011-05-19 sgorbunodata structures for MC labels of TPC clusters are moved...
2011-05-18 sgorbunoremove obsolette code
2011-05-18 kleinbAddTrial method added, changed trials to unsigned int
2011-05-18 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings (M. van Leeuwen)
2011-05-18 kleinbadding infroamtion on the number of trials and on the...
2011-05-18 basantacoding violation warnings are removed
2011-05-18 kleinbupdates to QA task, varibale pt binning, catch the...
2011-05-18 maseraBug fix - Coverity warnings 16767 and 16768
2011-05-18 maseraFixes for Coverity warnings (G. Bruno)
2011-05-18 kkanaki- fixed the bug that prevented the HLT overlaid histogr...
2011-05-18 morschIntermediate fix for 11a 2.76 TeV MC data.
2011-05-18 phillecoverity
2011-05-18 akisielRemoving obsolete histograms. Fix Coverity reports
2011-05-18 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-18 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-18 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-18 akisielFix Coverity reports, new phistar calculation
2011-05-18 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-18 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-18 loizidesCoverty fixes
2011-05-18 hristovChange for #77589: Setting optimisation with cmake
2011-05-18 hristovClean-up of include files
2011-05-17 kkanaki- fixed a bug that didn't allow the overlaid histograms...
2011-05-17 marianForgotten commit of (Juri)
2011-05-17 kkanaki- implemented the logic that allows the macro to connec...
2011-05-17 fcaCorrect return value
2011-05-17 fcaMaking sure objects are deleted
2011-05-17 andronicfix for coverity defects (Jens)
2011-05-17 hristovFix for #81396: MakeImage do not show all histograms
2011-05-17 zampolliUpdates from Bartolomeu.
2011-05-17 kkanaki- improved documentation in the help printout function
2011-05-17 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-17 akisielFix Coverity issues
2011-05-17 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-05-17 kkanaki- obsolete tasks with unknown state of implementation...
2011-05-17 kkanaki- added some more documentation about which macro is...
2011-05-17 kkanaki- modified the initialization of the cuts structure...
2011-05-17 cblumeFix coverity defects
2011-05-17 akisielFix Coverity issues
2011-05-17 cvetanReducing the time window used to sum the the ADC sample...
2011-05-17 philleCoverity
2011-05-16 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerGUIbdmap:
2011-05-16 cvetanReducing the search window used to find the max in...
2011-05-16 cvetanUpdate of the DA in order to cope with the dense fillin...
2011-05-16 cterrevocoverity fix
2011-05-16 morschUpdates on AOD merging.
2011-05-16 daineseUpdate: added D+ errors PbPb
2011-05-16 hristovAdding OADB to EINCLUDE
2011-05-15 jotwinowprotection agains wrong labels
2011-05-15 sgorbunocoverity warning 15746 fixed
2011-05-14 gconesabComment debugging lines
2011-05-14 gconesabCorrectly initialize the array with second lable per...
2011-05-13 lietavaAliTriggerBCMask: geter for number of active bunches...
2011-05-13 lietavaAliTriggerConfiguration: geters for AliTriggerClass...
2011-05-13 morschEMCAL Tender Supply added.
2011-05-13 cholmAliFMDEventInspector, AliFMDDensityCalculator, AliFMDSh...
2011-05-13 cholm2.76TeV pp MC energy loss fits from run 146859
2011-05-13 cholmNew scripts, and script updates
2011-05-13 gconesabAdd switch to track matching as requested by Alexei...
2011-05-13 belikovA task for checking c*tau of K0s and Lambda
2011-05-13 martinezNew histograms to study the correlated loss of efficien...
2011-05-12 amastrosBug in number of layers.
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 15850
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16144
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 15168
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16153
2011-05-12 lietavaAliESDHeader: AliTriggerConfiguration and more trigger...
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 10698
2011-05-12 pchristCoverity
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16613
2011-05-12 mflorisBug fix
2011-05-12 hristovfake return to solve coverity 16614
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 10113
2011-05-12 maseraUpgrades to allow the study of the SPD Fast OR efficien...
2011-05-12 abercuciinitialize x,y,z such to avoid unconditional jump ...
2011-05-11 cholmAdded corrections for pp @ 2.76TeV.
2011-05-11 cholmMior fixes
2011-05-11 cholmMior fixes
2011-05-11 cholmDoc updates
2011-05-11 smaOne unused variable
2011-05-11 gconesabinitialize any of the non linearity corrections with...
2011-05-11 zampolliUpdating LHC data file test files: replacing LHC_Active...
2011-05-11 jotwinowmodification added
2011-05-11 hristovCoverity
2011-05-11 cholmMinor fixes
2011-05-11 mflorisBug fix (event stat merging)
2011-05-11 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-05-11 pchristFirst version of the mean opt fluctuations code (Stefan...
2011-05-10 daineseUpdate for Ds
2011-05-10 daineseUpdated D0 and D+ syst errors for PbPb
2011-05-10 loizidesfirst useful version linking clusters to mc info
2011-05-10 loizidesFirst MC version
2011-05-10 jotwinowupdates in dNdPt analysis classes
2011-05-10 prinoAdd the cluster map info in pid container class
2011-05-10 prinoAdd possibilty to selct reco pass (Elena Botta)
2011-05-10 kleinbchanged plotting style