2009-12-14 richtermbugfix: corrected stimated size for emulated tracks...
2009-12-14 maseraFix for report 60592
2009-12-14 richtermrearranging data type ids for HLT TRD data transport...
2009-12-14 jotwinowtrigger classes selection added
2009-12-14 morschPossibility to analyse selected events only. Selection...
2009-12-14 daineseCut on dca of TPC inner param
2009-12-14 daineseBug fix and added histos for tracks with at least one SPD
2009-12-14 jotwinowmag. field and geometry initialised from GRP
2009-12-14 jotwinowupdates by Simone Schuchmann
2009-12-14 richtermupdate of data structures for internal data transport...
2009-12-14 jotwinowtrigger class selection added
2009-12-14 kaamodtAdded functionality to read trigger selection (Ana)
2009-12-14 agheataProgress bar in analysis manager.
2009-12-14 dsilvermdsilverm and gconesab: clean-up/simplification of AliEM...
2009-12-14 daineseAdded vertex distribution histos
2009-12-13 morschUpdates.(D. Perrino)
2009-12-13 morschESD tags for muons modified, since they revealed to be
2009-12-13 kleinbupdated for mini train, AddTask for new boo keeping...
2009-12-13 kleinbNew book-keeping class
2009-12-13 kleinb updated trigger selection
2009-12-13 maseraThe number of clusters per layer is stored in the RP...
2009-12-13 jotwinowbug fix
2009-12-12 daineseAdded protections for volId==0 in TrackPoint
2009-12-12 pchristMods in the drawProtonResult
2009-12-12 jthaederactivation howto for the MC publisher
2009-12-12 jotwinowtriger class selsction added
2009-12-12 marianAdding the vdrift entry plots
2009-12-11 marianSwitch in CalibTimeGain - - Non cosmic data by default
2009-12-11 jgrosseoadditional printouts and instructions how to use the...
2009-12-11 hdalsgaabug fix - the diagnostics should be off by default
2009-12-11 jgrosseofirst draft of physics event selection class
2009-12-11 pchristAdding the aleph parametrization for real data
2009-12-11 allamore protection for small number of entries
2009-12-11 hristovTechical fix for report #60453: Request to port into...
2009-12-11 prsnkoGlobalPos2RelId fixed, abort in case of no matrixes...
2009-12-11 hristovCorrected cast
2009-12-11 akisielFemto config file for real data
2009-12-11 rpreghenreset DDL data buffers in case of decoding errors detec...
2009-12-11 jotwinowtrigger class selection and more histograms added
2009-12-11 mtadelFix the way how dependence on esd_tracks.C is handled.
2009-12-11 rgrossogeometry updated to include in particular the changes...
2009-12-11 pulvirNew config for train
2009-12-11 kleinbAdded protection (Ernesto)
2009-12-11 pulvirfix after consistency comparison of the two task's...
2009-12-11 pulvirnew version of analysis train macroes
2009-12-11 pulvirfix number of bins mismatch
2009-12-11 abercuciThe EOR object is in the array slot 1 (Frederik)
2009-12-11 pulvir- Added a cut class for selecting the trigger mask...
2009-12-11 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-12-11 abercucinew PID 2DLQ performance
2009-12-11 abercucinew DB for PID 2DLQ
2009-12-11 abercucinew PID 2dLQ implementation to fix bug 54540
2009-12-11 gconesabFix filling of single module invariant mass histograms
2009-12-11 prinoAdd newline at end of file
2009-12-11 abercucimodified the calib DB in the way Frederick proposed...
2009-12-11 kleinbFixing trigger selection include CSMBB/Postdata before...
2009-12-10 daineseUse Can define number of pt bins and their size; LS...
2009-12-10 gconesabInit calorimeter geometry when the calorimeter is in use
2009-12-10 maseraImplicit supermodules added to hierarchy, delta's evalu...
2009-12-10 maseraShifting the n-side chips by one module (Panos)
2009-12-10 maseraNew method to set the minimum number of contributors...
2009-12-10 daineseBug fix in D* mass cuts (Yifei)
2009-12-10 alla walk corrections and amplitude calibration physics...
2009-12-10 allatime delay for equalizing channels for calibration...
2009-12-10 pchristAdding the event stats control plot
2009-12-10 pulvirnew macroee for train
2009-12-10 cblumeNew TRD calibration task by Raphaelle
2009-12-10 kleinbSwitch on/set trigger decision
2009-12-10 kleinbadded trigger decisions in spectrum task and Marta...
2009-12-10 mtadelAdd protection when kinematics can not be loaded.
2009-12-10 kkanaki-- added EsdCollector and change AliReconstruction...
2009-12-10 abercucimaking the reference plot including
2009-12-10 abercucichanged the histogram type of the histogram for number...
2009-12-09 gvolpeFit in preprocessor removed
2009-12-09 kleinbtrigger selection hleper works on ESD and AOD now
2009-12-09 kleinbupdated for mini train analysis
2009-12-09 kleinbupdated for mini train analysis
2009-12-09 kreadSome automatic adjustment of switches for real data
2009-12-09 kreadMore facilitating of EMCALUtils and PHOSUtils
2009-12-09 pchristTrigger class for real data analysis
2009-12-09 laphecetFinally got the ResetDetector correct.
2009-12-09 gconesabAdd selection of event depending on the trigger that...
2009-12-09 pchristChanges needed to run the correction tasks
2009-12-09 hristovTechnical fix: protection in case of missing modules...
2009-12-09 marianfix division by 0 in graph creation
2009-12-09 cblumememset only the necessary part of the sorted array
2009-12-09 pchristModifications in the control plots
2009-12-09 kkanaki- increased output buffer size
2009-12-09 gvolpeAdded protection to avoid crash in case of time stamp...
2009-12-09 kaamodtBugfix, setOwner was missing for all histogram lists
2009-12-09 abercuciTrying to improve the offline task (Raphaelle)
2009-12-09 cblumea/ AliTRDCalibraFillHisto.cxx .h:
2009-12-09 masera- Added Method for the consistency of the chip numberin...
2009-12-09 jgrosseoadding trigger class analysis
2009-12-09 ivanaFurther fix to make the alignment task work on grid
2009-12-09 kaamodtBugfix, mc check not present
2009-12-09 kaamodtBugfix, some mc histograms where filled outside mc...
2009-12-09 jgrosseoadding missing const
2009-12-09 morschVZEROQA added
2009-12-09 morschFix for bug #60350: AliESDRun::InitMagneticField create...