2012-06-18 loizidescleanup
2012-06-18 loizidesfix get branch
2012-06-17 kleinbfixed usage of hybrid tracks
2012-06-17 ssakaimodified MC particle selection
2012-06-17 maseraModifications to the plane efficiency algos: more flexi...
2012-06-16 prinoUse centrality classes of 2011 PbPb data (Davide)
2012-06-16 prinoFix
2012-06-16 prinoaccount for arc/segment difference in AddTimeStep in...
2012-06-16 gconesabadd few more histograms for exotics checks
2012-06-15 morschMissing change in header.
2012-06-15 morschAdd known and unknown Hyper-Nuclei states to AliRoot...
2012-06-15 lmilano- Several setters added in prder to run on LEGO train
2012-06-15 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-15 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-15 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-15 lmilanoexternal file HistogramNames.h added, it is created...
2012-06-15 prsnkoCoverity fix
2012-06-15 prsnkoCoverity fix
2012-06-15 sgorbunocoverity fix
2012-06-15 hristovChanges for #95308: request to commit to OADB and port...
2012-06-15 prinoUpdates (ChiaraB) + Fix of compilation probelm in clang...
2012-06-15 ssakaimodified compilation warning
2012-06-15 gconesabcomment print
2012-06-15 gconesab fill exotic time with time of cluster and not of cell...
2012-06-15 gconesabminor coverity fix
2012-06-14 odjuvsla- adding new cut selection class for the calorimeter...
2012-06-14 odjuvsla- restructuring the cuts in the PHOS E_T code.
2012-06-14 loizidescleanup
2012-06-14 loizidescleanup
2012-06-14 loizidesadd general getarray function
2012-06-14 shahoianAddTimeStamp was always increasing track length but...
2012-06-14 wiechulao catch null pointer
2012-06-14 mcosentichanges submitted by user saiola
2012-06-14 prinoBig fix + possibility to set the centrality bin
2012-06-14 hristovFix for #95085 DAs don't compile with 5.33.02b
2012-06-14 jbook-updates marcel and julian
2012-06-14 sgorbunounused member removed
2012-06-14 miweberBalanceFunction analysis in 1D: Update of conversion...
2012-06-14 cbaumannactivate wider tpc cut
2012-06-14 cbaumannadjust cuts
2012-06-14 kleinbhelper task to build jet response (M. Verweij)
2012-06-14 simonesadd all histos
2012-06-14 gconesabupdate the macro to create OADB for bad channels to...
2012-06-14 gconesabupdate on bad channels of LHC12ab period by Marcel
2012-06-14 kleinbadapted structure of response matrices, added bin for...
2012-06-13 ssakaiadded some MC info
2012-06-13 hansenabug fix for fmd eventplane
2012-06-13 pcrochetFix problem in terminate. Add possibility to select...
2012-06-13 hristovReverting previous commit
2012-06-13 hristovRemoving not needed option -Wl
2012-06-13 hristovCommenting out non-implemented method
2012-06-13 kleinbadding input file for HBOM, multiple application of...
2012-06-13 lmilano- Qvector distribution added - runGridModified - Asymme...
2012-06-13 prinoFix problem with K0 selection + new variable, deltaEta...
2012-06-13 loizidesused computed res if available.
2012-06-13 loizidesadd cent and semi cent to histogram
2012-06-13 loizidescompare offline bits, load branches
2012-06-13 loizidescleanup&move init to base class
2012-06-13 loizidessort functions alphabetically
2012-06-13 loizidesadded init here
2012-06-13 loizidesCosmetics
2012-06-12 loizidescleanup
2012-06-12 loizidescosmetics and getname
2012-06-12 loizidescosmetics
2012-06-12 loizidesgetname
2012-06-12 snellingbugfix
2012-06-12 cnattrasUpdated version of unfolding macro
2012-06-12 loizidescleanup
2012-06-12 kleinbadding HBOM task for back extrapolation of deltapt...
2012-06-12 hristovFixed compilation on Debian
2012-06-12 hanrattyMade AliAnalysisTaskLukeAOD LEGO friendly, with cuts...
2012-06-12 morschUpdate for jet analysis
2012-06-12 pcrochet1 validate the official physics selection, centrality...
2012-06-12 kleinbCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-06-12 kleinbcorrect setting of leading track pT
2012-06-12 prinoPossibility to select the Lc resonant channel in the...
2012-06-12 prinoFix typo
2012-06-12 hansenaUpdates to flow code. Bug fixes to trains, you can...
2012-06-12 fcaCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-06-12 rgrossoupdated timestamps following the timestamps of the...
2012-06-12 loizidesmy god another bug fix, what did I think last night.
2012-06-12 loizidesfix to get emcalok working
2012-06-12 loizidesChanges from Megan
2012-06-12 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-06-12 loizidescleaned indents
2012-06-12 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-06-12 loizidesemcal part
2012-06-12 loizidesfix
2012-06-11 cbaumannenable switch for MC
2012-06-11 loizidesimplemented zvertex and centrality selection
2012-06-11 loizidesnew default names
2012-06-11 loizidesrenamed
2012-06-11 loizidesremove one constructor
2012-06-11 loizidescosmetics
2012-06-11 loizidesupdates salvatore
2012-06-11 loizidesincrease classdef
2012-06-11 loizidesorder of rhos in arguments follow rho1==ch+em, rho2...
2012-06-11 loizidesfurther checks
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude