2011-01-21 morschCoverity correction.
2011-01-21 kleinbFixing some coverty reports
2011-01-21 kleinbInit the TList with refence objects when using the...
2011-01-21 kleinbfix for par file compilation (B. Bathen)
2011-01-21 kleinbsome changes for grid running
2011-01-21 kleinbSeveral updates for grid running (B. Bathen and J....
2011-01-21 snellingdisable francesco's cut by default
2011-01-21 decaroReduced histo binning; added decoding errors plot,...
2011-01-21 cterrevoCorrecting Beryllium parameters in AliMedium
2011-01-21 pulvirUpdate macros
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fixes 14823 to 14837
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fix 10664
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fix 10579
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fix 10282
2011-01-21 mflorisFixed typo in postdata
2011-01-21 mflorisfixed memory leak
2011-01-21 amastrosFixes for a compilation warning and defects.
2011-01-21 jgrosseoreverting previous commit
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 15465
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 15464
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coveriry 15461
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 15460
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 15466-8
2011-01-21 morschNew method UserExecMixed
2011-01-21 jgrosseochanging duplicated filename (EventStat --> Centrality)
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 15459
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 15457,15458,15462,15463
2011-01-21 mflorisCoverity fix 14082
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 14081
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 14080
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 14078
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity 14077
2011-01-21 kleinbFixing Coverty reports
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity issue 10057-58
2011-01-21 akisielFix Coverity reports 1053-6
2011-01-21 amastrosBug fix in assignign clusters to the track
2011-01-21 rgrossofollowing coverity, fix for case of invalid DET string...
2011-01-21 mflorisInitial commit
2011-01-21 richtermadding separate primary vertex and V0 finder components...
2011-01-21 richtermadding data types for primary vertex and V0
2011-01-21 rvernetAdded correlated error calculation (instead of gaussian...
2011-01-21 amastrosfixing Coverity defects
2011-01-21 amastrosAdded in ITS upgrade -
2011-01-21 jgrosseochanging cout to fatal
2011-01-21 agheataa warning is posted if the output directory in alien...
2011-01-20 coppedisFixes for coverity
2011-01-20 morschModification to AliAODpidUTIL.h, to make
2011-01-20 morschModification of the ESDfiltering to set from the Analys...
2011-01-20 prinoUpdated class for fit to ITSsa dE/dx distributions...
2011-01-20 cblumeCoverity defect (Julian)
2011-01-20 akisielRP mixing fixes from Johanna
2011-01-20 akisielFix GRID tag creation from xml
2011-01-20 rgrossoadded line (constructor calls base class constructor)
2011-01-20 rgrossoadded line in copy constructor for coverity's sake
2011-01-20 haavardCoverity fixes
2011-01-20 prinoRemoved eta cut on MC particles
2011-01-20 hristovRevert previous change
2011-01-20 daineseBug fix (Renu)AddTaskDplus.C
2011-01-20 daineseAdded method to reject particles above kaon band (proto...
2011-01-20 snellingove all PID related things to AliFlowTrackCuts, make...
2011-01-20 daineseRun list updated (two runs of LHC10d added) - thanks...
2011-01-20 kkanaki- make the macro compilable
2011-01-20 pchristUpdated code by Satya on the charge and multiplicity...
2011-01-20 amastrostrack labels added
2011-01-20 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2011-01-19 cholmAddition of missing script
2011-01-19 slindalFixing bug preventing pi0s to be added to tclonesarray...
2011-01-19 hristovFix for bug #77162: Consider installing OADB files
2011-01-19 cblumeFix coverity defects
2011-01-19 hristovMissing macro commented out
2011-01-19 zampolliChanges to speed up the OCDB query following Pablo...
2011-01-19 cholmFixes, renames, etc.
2011-01-19 jgrosseofixing previous commit which inverted some functionality
2011-01-19 hristovCorrections for bug #77126: PWG4 par file (PWGJetTasks...
2011-01-19 hristovFixed striong (Svein)
2011-01-19 cblumeImplementation of SetFirstRunGain, SetFirstRunGainLoca...
2011-01-19 wiechulaUpdate of TPC and TOF tender supplies
2011-01-19 cholmRenamed AliFMDCorrDeadChannels to AliFMDCorrAcceptance
2011-01-19 kkanaki-added option for running the central barrel task on...
2011-01-19 snellingi) Revision of the AddTaskFlow.C and the runTaskFlow...
2011-01-19 hdalsgaaAdded dead-channel (acceptance) stuff
2011-01-19 hdalsgaaUpdates and fixes
2011-01-19 agheatachanged default value for run prefix to %d
2011-01-19 kleinbprotection agains missing aod vertex added
2011-01-18 hristovPossibility to use git-svn in the creation of ARVersion...
2011-01-18 hristovUsing quotes in the string operations
2011-01-18 kleinbenable SetAODFill also for AOD->AOD
2011-01-18 kleinbMagalis and Alexandres new background estimates
2011-01-18 gconesabMove the rejection of events with large z vertex from...
2011-01-18 mvalaFixed fMCEventHandler when AliMultiInputEventHandler...
2011-01-18 loizidesStd settings
2011-01-18 pulvirUpdate to macros for wider multiplicity axis and fixed...
2011-01-18 amastrosAliDebug removal
2011-01-18 amarinadding pt histos for contamination in gammas, adding...
2011-01-18 gconesabRemove unnecessary print from QA class
2011-01-18 amastrosfix for memory leak and mods according to ITStrackerV2
2011-01-18 mflorisAliTriggerAnalisys:
2011-01-18 morschConsistency of Filter and Tender restored (D. Caffarri)
2011-01-18 hristovFixed compilation
2011-01-18 hristovFixed creation of par files (:aurent)