2012-05-16 kleinbfixed typo
2012-05-16 prinoProtections on divisions
2012-05-16 wiechulao fix for coverity 20084
2012-05-16 akisielAdd TPC entrance separation to V0 cuts
2012-05-16 akisielUse DCA from global tracks for TPC-only
2012-05-16 aurasUpdate in AliMuonForwardTrackPair class
2012-05-16 mcosentiincluding energy cell distribution
2012-05-16 hristovAdditional protection
2012-05-16 akisielUpdates for the V0 analysis
2012-05-16 akisielMacro for the kaon train
2012-05-16 guernaneCorrect TRU online mapping for the 2 1/3 SM
2012-05-16 prinoUpdated treatment of D0/D0bar mass assumption (Carlos)
2012-05-16 kleinbmissing initialisation
2012-05-16 aurasMinor updates
2012-05-16 kleinbadding acceptance bins, removing function declarations
2012-05-16 marianWarning removal.
2012-05-15 shahoianAux.getter for weights
2012-05-15 morschSavannah request #94499
2012-05-15 morschUpdate the function
2012-05-15 pcrochetadding T0 to muon AODs (Laurent)
2012-05-15 lmilanoupdate to the runGrid Macro
2012-05-15 lmilanobug fix in eta cut
2012-05-15 marianProtection against empty histogram.
2012-05-15 laphecetCorrecting previous commit log : should have been ...
2012-05-15 laphecetUpdate for 2012
2012-05-15 laphecetUpdate for 2012
2012-05-15 miweberCoverity Fixes for AliAnalysisTaskTriggeredBF
2012-05-15 jgrosseoPWGCFCorrelationsBase,PWGCFCorrelationsDPhi: proof...
2012-05-15 snellingAMPT header included
2012-05-15 gconesabcoverity
2012-05-15 lmilanoeta cut on generated charged hadron added
2012-05-14 lmilano- processed events + QA plots on vtx and dndeta added...
2012-05-14 loizidesunified macro
2012-05-14 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2012-05-14 simonesadd AliAnalysisTaskV0ForRAA to cmakelib and linkdef
2012-05-14 wiechulao fixes (Christoph Baumann)
2012-05-14 simonesadded option of etacut to parameters instead of hard...
2012-05-14 simoneschanged order of included headers
2012-05-14 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-14 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-14 loizidesimprovements to filter-out eta/phi for emcal
2012-05-14 cbaumannUpdate Cuts
2012-05-14 cblumeAdd a protection againts runs with missing DCS informat...
2012-05-14 gconesabbackward compatibility fix
2012-05-14 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-14 ssakaifix the coverity and update
2012-05-14 miweberEvent Mixing for Triggered BF analysis
2012-05-14 ssakaimodified for AOD
2012-05-14 jgrosseousage of fEventCuts in AOD handler (Constantin)
2012-05-14 gconesabremove some histograms, change order of histograms...
2012-05-14 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-05-14 abercucifinal fix by Ben
2012-05-14 cholmFixes for auto-PAR generation
2012-05-14 kleinbthe radius via RParam (M. Verweij)
2012-05-13 wiechulao small fix in mixing handler (bin finding)
2012-05-13 miweberIncluded Event Pool for Event Mixing for triggered...
2012-05-13 miweberIntroduced HBT and conversion cuts for standard BF...
2012-05-13 cblumeChange THnSparseS to THnSparseF (Xianguo)
2012-05-13 cblumeDelete obsolete class
2012-05-13 morschUpdate needed for chain of AliESDs_nob.root files
2012-05-13 marianRemoving the TRD switch, because TRD changed interface.
2012-05-12 kleinbUpdates for event selection (D. Sakata)
2012-05-12 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-05-12 maseraProber track label handling for embedding (E.Bruna)
2012-05-12 marianChanges (Marian and Mikolaj):
2012-05-11 marianNew jdl for merging per component
2012-05-11 marianChange to increase the statistic in the TRD=TPC at...
2012-05-11 prinokAll instead of kCandidate selection in D vs. multiplic...
2012-05-11 marianAliTPCPreprocessorOffline.h AliTPCPreprocessorOffline...
2012-05-11 jklein- still coverity
2012-05-11 marianAliTPCRecoParam.cxx - Removing old comment
2012-05-11 marianAdding first version of class for the TPC correction...
2012-05-11 ivanaIn AliMUONRecoCheck:
2012-05-11 gconesabadd minor fixes to calibration task, add time cut,...
2012-05-11 jgrosseosmall optimization
2012-05-11 lmilanosmall fix, update of the postprocessing macro
2012-05-11 zampolliUpdating T0 make OCDB part (Alla): always update PMT...
2012-05-11 prinoadding steering macros for correlationHF (Matthias)
2012-05-11 coppedisAdding histos to model fragment prod. from data
2012-05-11 rpreghensimple analysis task for MC efficiency calculations...
2012-05-11 rpreghenTPC rdEdx analysis code, macros and more (P.Christiansen)
2012-05-11 gvolpeObsolte files removed
2012-05-11 jthaederfix of divison by 0 (Jens)
2012-05-11 hristovAdditional changes for #94138: Port update in Ali*CaloC...
2012-05-11 cblumeSplit dEdxUtils into dEdxBaseUtils, dEdxCalibUtils...
2012-05-11 loizidessync with emcaltrain version
2012-05-10 morschNew class added.
2012-05-10 coppedisHistos for ZN vs. ZP correlations
2012-05-10 gvolpeChamber occupancy threshold to applay weight in Cherenk...
2012-05-10 hristovChanges for #94366: Fix in copy constructor of AliEvent...
2012-05-10 prinoSwap D0/Dobar hypothesis for reflections (Carlos)
2012-05-10 jgrosseoput vtx to 0 in case only MC is processed
2012-05-10 prinoUpdated PID information in D+ ntuple (Giacomo)
2012-05-10 cbaumannUpdate Macros for next tag
2012-05-10 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-10 mcosentiincluding changes from user rjreed
2012-05-10 morschLambdaBLambda force decay option added.
2012-05-10 antoniolstartTime no longer subtracted to TOF signal in AOD
2012-05-10 mcosentiadding files that were forgotten in the previous commit
2012-05-10 simonessmall bug fix