2006-03-01 bnandiesd variables modified
2006-03-01 bnandione more method to get sigmay added
2006-03-01 bnandibase class for discrimination
2006-03-01 bnandibase class for clustering
2006-03-01 bnandicellx and celly methods added
2006-03-01 bnandione more branch added to TreeR
2006-03-01 bnandidiscrimination based on PRE-CPV matching
2006-03-01 bnandiclustering version one
2006-03-01 bnandistores hit info of a cluster
2006-03-01 coppedisDIgits for 2nd ZDC set included
2006-03-01 cvetanMinor correction
2006-03-01 cvetanProtection against memory leaks
2006-03-01 cvetanSeveral modifications to the alignment object classes
2006-03-01 morschSome protections against 0-pointers returned for media...
2006-03-01 schutzCalibration macros directory
2006-03-01 schutzTest Trigger macro
2006-03-01 schutzTest Digit macro
2006-03-01 morschUpdated recess dimensions.
2006-03-01 morschNew recess dimensions and use of assemblies to avoid...
2006-03-01 schutzCorrect loading of geometry in Digitize method and...
2006-03-01 schutzCorrect loading of geometry in Digitize method and...
2006-03-01 schutzCorrect number of rows in smaller modules
2006-02-28 jklayadd package files for jetfinder code
2006-02-28 jklayremove obsolete test script
2006-02-28 jklayremoving obsolete macros. new ones should go in the...
2006-02-28 jklayreconstructioner write commented out
2006-02-28 jklaymoving jetfinder code to subdirectory
2006-02-28 jklayadd histogram utilities class, correct package definitions
2006-02-28 jklayremoving jetfinder classes from main body of EMCAL...
2006-02-28 jklayremoving unused classes to the attic
2006-02-28 cblumeMove the tail cancellation from the digitizer to the...
2006-02-28 hristovUpdate the TPC quality info after the propagation back...
2006-02-28 hristovRemoving obsolete mass hypothesis (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 hristovUpdated PID in TPC needed by the ITS tracker (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 hristovDo not modify the PID weights (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 hristovAdditional protection (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 kirObsolete TPC options removed, new magnetic field chooser
2006-02-28 hristovRemoving obsolete data memeber
2006-02-28 hristovRemoving useless const
2006-02-28 nick28-feb-2006 NvE Memberfunction AddInputFile introduced...
2006-02-28 hristovQuality information. Removing of double tracks after...
2006-02-28 hristovAdditional initialization (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 hristovAdditional data for track quality control (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 nick28-feb-2006 NvE Memberfunction ProcessObject() introduc...
2006-02-28 decaroAliTOFGeometry::fAngles, AliTOFGeometry::fHeights,...
2006-02-28 schutzSize of data member arrays corrected
2006-02-28 schutzNew Alignment class and methods to Loader
2006-02-28 schutzChange place of CalibData class from sim to base and...
2006-02-28 ivanaUpdated for modifs in AliMpFiles
2006-02-28 ivana- Updated for modifs in AliMpFiles
2006-02-28 ivanaBug fix in First() function
2006-02-27 decaroRemove in StepManager the dependence of hit indexes...
2006-02-27 schutzNew comments added to clarify the code
2006-02-27 schutzNew Calibration and Trigger classes included
2006-02-27 schutzNew Calibration Data class and methods
2006-02-27 schutzNew Trigger class, TRU mapping method included in Geometry
2006-02-27 ivanaMove to new mapping
2006-02-27 coppedisChanges needed for ZDC trigger class
2006-02-27 coppedisTrigger class for ZDC
2006-02-24 hristovProtection against resetting the field map (Yu.Belikov)
2006-02-24 cvetanMethod to extract the TPC space-points added
2006-02-24 cvetanMethod to extract the TPC spce-points added. Reset...
2006-02-24 cvetanSetNumberOfClusters method moved to public
2006-02-24 hristovNo pedantic-error option in case of gcc 4.0.X
2006-02-24 cvetanProtection
2006-02-24 cvetanNo default selection on the ESD tracks
2006-02-24 arcelliRemove in StepManager the dependence of hit indexes...
2006-02-24 hristovRemoving debug printout (Solaris)
2006-02-24 hristovIncluding assert.h (Solaris)
2006-02-23 maseraCode clean up (debug messages)
2006-02-23 hristovUpdated comparison (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-23 hristovRemoving obsolete data members and function. Code clean...
2006-02-23 hristovCorrected forward declaration
2006-02-23 hristovInitialization of data members (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-23 hristovCorrect response function in the clusterization (M...
2006-02-23 hristovRemoving obsolete function
2006-02-23 pcrochetAdd ntuple for local trigger output and memory leak...
2006-02-23 nick23-feb-2006 NvE Support for automatic subtask(s) execut...
2006-02-23 pcrochetScaling parameter as in AliMUONConstants.cxx
2006-02-23 pcrochetTrigger chamber size independent of its Z position
2006-02-23 cvetanAdded method to initialize the alignment object startin...
2006-02-23 kharlovFirst upload of alignment classes
2006-02-23 hristovConsistent usage of the magnetic field interface (Yu...
2006-02-23 hristovPossibility for mis-alignment (L.Gaudichet)
2006-02-23 morsch- AliStack::FinishEvent() not called for lego run
2006-02-22 jklayupdates to read raw data format and convert to digits
2006-02-22 hristovUsing correct path to access the geometry
2006-02-22 hristovBug fix. DOS to Unix (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-22 cvetanNew version of alignment framework.
2006-02-21 morschDecay time in [s].
2006-02-21 maseraA mechanism to have different PID systems in ITS has...
2006-02-21 maseraVersion number ++
2006-02-21 maseraTObjArray replaced with TClonesArray in AliITSpList...
2006-02-20 cblumeUpdate to geo manager
2006-02-20 morschZ production and possibility for cuts on secondaries...
2006-02-20 morschkZDiMuon added. (Zaida Conesa)
2006-02-20 morschProtection against assemblies having material number...
2006-02-17 hristovWrong cast removed
2006-02-16 cvetanNew version of the CDB classes. Run number added (A...
2006-02-15 maseraObsolete class for SPD 2002 beam test