2011-11-26 morschCoverity warning corrected.
2011-11-26 morschCoverity warning corrected.
2011-11-26 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-11-26 maseraPossibility of switching on/off tracklets to tracks...
2011-11-26 mflorisAdded CCENT_R2-B-NOPF-ALLNOTRD and CSEMI_R1-B-NOPF...
2011-11-25 morschUpdate for 11d
2011-11-25 daineseFix
2011-11-25 gconesabremove unnecessary commented line
2011-11-25 maseraBug fix
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 martinezAdd central and semi-central triggers and correct for...
2011-11-25 kleinbchanged cut calue
2011-11-25 martinezAdding the VZERO information to the muon AODs (Laurent)
2011-11-25 kharlovCoverity fix
2011-11-25 kleinbnew standard cuts
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 kharlovCoverity fix: assignment operator
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 kleinbmissing assignment
2011-11-25 kleinbupdated jet name
2011-11-25 daineseWarnings
2011-11-25 richtermenable usage of HWCF merger in the decoder of compresse...
2011-11-25 richtermimplementing the HWCF merger into decoder of compressed...
2011-11-25 richtermimplementing framework class for HWCF cluster merging...
2011-11-25 gconesabana.C: Get run number in local mode automatically,...
2011-11-25 snellingpatch for V0
2011-11-25 richtermminor coverity defects: prohibiting copy constructors...
2011-11-25 ivanaIn AliMpPad:
2011-11-25 richtermadding dereference operator for iterator class
2011-11-25 richtermadding contructors and assignment operator for better...
2011-11-25 fronchetchanged definition of AliHLTCaloClusterDataStruct from...
2011-11-25 abercucirecalculate eta/phi based on geometry
2011-11-25 coppedisCorrecting problem in TDC flow decoding
2011-11-25 abercuciadd chamber map/status maker
2011-11-24 loizidesdo not delete digits as clusterizer owns them
2011-11-24 laphecetCoverity fix
2011-11-24 morschUpdates
2011-11-24 zampolliChanging the option to draw the histogram.
2011-11-24 maseraMacro for ITS QA trending
2011-11-24 maseraImproved histogram presentation
2011-11-24 morschUpdates
2011-11-24 coppedisFixes
2011-11-24 ivanaIn AliMUONSt1SpecialMotif:
2011-11-24 ivanaIn AliMUONPairLight, AliMUONTrackLight:
2011-11-24 ivanaIn AliMUONPairLight, AliMUONTrackLight:
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 cvetanLatest version of the trigger QA task used to monitor...
2011-11-24 abercuciadd missing include
2011-11-24 abercuciadd detector map for eta/phi plots
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 ivanaIn AliMUONCheck:
2011-11-24 fbelliniMove folder for rsn lego train macros to Rsn folder
2011-11-24 fbelliniMove folder for rsn lego train macros to Rsn folder
2011-11-24 marianModified calculation of number of electrons
2011-11-24 fbelliniAdded folder for rsn lego train macros
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 smaFix warnings
2011-11-24 abercucimake results scripts compilable for usage in the perfor...
2011-11-24 richtermremoving deprecated components from registration
2011-11-24 fbelliniFix MC info for pairs + added monitoring values to...
2011-11-24 fbelliniFix MC info for pairs (M.Vala)
2011-11-24 fbelliniFix MC info for pairs + printing of mixing in mini...
2011-11-23 allawarning fixed
2011-11-23 hristovChanges for #88417: Request to commit/port fixes to...
2011-11-23 cvetanAdding histos for CVLN/CVHN in MB (Alberica)
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 zampolliDisplaying binomial errors in efficiencies.
2011-11-23 maseraUpdated limits and binning of the XY histogram for...
2011-11-23 zampolliUpdating the macro for T0-TOF efficiency.
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 prsnkoPolishing
2011-11-23 vulpescuCoverity fixes
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity - bug fix
2011-11-23 richtermminor code cleanup to avoid compilation warnings
2011-11-23 richtermadding configuration for automatic generation of missin...
2011-11-23 hristovPossibility for decreasing size ordering of events
2011-11-23 richtermreverting 53103, need to clean all dependencies first
2011-11-23 hristovCorrected propagation of Root libraries to AliRoot
2011-11-23 morschassignment operator completed
2011-11-23 richtermremoving deprecated classes from build
2011-11-23 richtermminor cleanup to avoid compilation warning
2011-11-23 richtermminor compilation warnings: forward declaration of...
2011-11-23 hdalsgaaFixed a warning from FC
2011-11-23 hdalsgaaFixed a warning from FC
2011-11-23 morschincomplete assignment operator corrected.
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 maseraCoverity
2011-11-23 morschObsolete code removed.
2011-11-23 fcaFixing warning
2011-11-23 fcaFixing comp warnings
2011-11-23 morschFixes.
2011-11-22 morschWarning corrected.
2011-11-22 coppedisMacro to check TDC histos
2011-11-22 coppedisUpdated macro
2011-11-22 martinezFix problem when running on AODs (Diego)
2011-11-22 zampolliUpdates.
2011-11-22 rpreghenTRD update
2011-11-22 slindalfixing warning