2009-05-06 schutzcorrect a typo
2009-05-06 kaamodtFixed shadowing variables warnings
2009-05-06 snellingerror propagation
2009-05-06 marianForgotten commit
2009-05-06 snellingadded weight option to onTheFly
2009-05-06 cblumeRemove CreateGraphs() and AliTRDpidRefMaker(const Char_...
2009-05-06 snellingbetter pt dependence simulation
2009-05-06 akisielAdd default most basic femto analysis macro
2009-05-06 marianAdding Extraction of OCDB entries - spline fits by...
2009-05-06 richtermcorrecting compilation errors in test macro
2009-05-06 morschReference to tracks forming the jet added.
2009-05-06 richtermapply temporary fix for circular dependencies in libSTE...
2009-05-06 jgrosseochanged histogram limits in multiplicity analysis
2009-05-05 rvernetcorrection for slices in AliCFContainer ; simplificatio...
2009-05-05 cblumeMove old trigger code to attic
2009-05-05 cblumeMove old trigger code to attic
2009-05-05 cblumeMove old trigger code to attic
2009-05-05 snellingextra plot
2009-05-05 shahoianImproved segmentation for field parameterization patche...
2009-05-05 shahoianChanged tables of AliCheb3DCalc from Int to UShort.
2009-05-05 morschGenerator updates for 09 production. (Nicole Bastid)
2009-05-05 mtadelFrom Ivana: generalize geom_gentle_muon.C macro thus...
2009-05-05 morschUpdates needed for production (Nicole Bastid)
2009-05-05 morschNew files for fast production of correlated muons from...
2009-05-05 morschCall to StoreAlmonds in Init removed.
2009-05-05 maseraMinor modification to method PrintParameters (D. Elia)
2009-05-05 morschFor quenching option 4 obtain jet production point...
2009-05-05 abercuciD macros/TrackletsinTRD.h
2009-05-05 mtadelFrom Bogdan: New macro for stand-alone visualization...
2009-05-05 snellingrenamed a method to load libs so that it does not clash...
2009-05-05 bhippolyAdding Kink directory and tasks from Evi (pganoti@phys...
2009-05-05 marianUpdates (Jacek)
2009-05-05 morschProduction point stored in AliFastGlauber.
2009-05-05 morschStore the last production point.
2009-05-05 gconesabPut names in canvases and figure files depending on...
2009-05-05 agheataNew version of the train with several corrections....
2009-05-05 gconesabTask and container name change depending on the calorimeter
2009-05-04 daineseReplaced object by pointer array, added data member...
2009-05-04 snellingfew extra options for momentum dependence v_n
2009-05-04 cblumeChange uint16_t to UShort_t
2009-05-04 akisielMake the macros run for PROOF and PROOFLite
2009-05-04 daineseFixes for PROOF-compliance
2009-05-04 daineseFixes for PROOF-compliance
2009-05-04 daineseRemoved compilation warning; Added saving container...
2009-05-04 kaamodtmore codin violation fixes
2009-05-04 kaamodtAdded functionality to reconstruct Chi_c (Pedro)
2009-05-04 kaamodtAdded functionality to check the efficiency of the...
2009-05-04 agheataAnalysis type can be retrieved as a string. Fixed creat...
2009-05-04 kaamodtFixed most coding violations.
2009-05-04 morschUpdated with SIScone
2009-05-04 hristovUpdated list of classes
2009-05-04 hristovIncluding cmake to declare fabs
2009-05-04 rpreghenfixed unused variables issue
2009-05-04 sgorbunocleanup
2009-05-04 daineseadded load libraries (Chiara B)
2009-05-04 kharlovCompilation warnings fixed. Functionality updated.
2009-05-04 morschStore jet production point in header.
2009-05-04 sgorbunochange of files in tracking-ca/ directory
2009-05-04 sgorbunoupdate
2009-05-04 sgorbunostyle changes
2009-05-04 sgorbunoclean up
2009-05-04 mtadelFix coding convention violations.
2009-05-03 maseraRemoving compilation warnings
2009-05-01 snellingfix random distribution
2009-05-01 schutzcorreg savannah bug 48629
2009-04-30 dsilvermincreasing the number of TRU channels in the maps
2009-04-30 snellingfor mLocalSource use new class
2009-04-30 snellingsetter for nonflow
2009-04-30 bhippolyValidated macros for the global analysis train...
2009-04-30 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2009-04-30 ivanaAdding new README file for Event display
2009-04-30 morschPrivate path removed.
2009-04-30 rvernetsimplified efficiency projection
2009-04-30 daineseTell AliAnalysisManager to register the extra file...
2009-04-30 agheataSome printf's removed
2009-04-30 agheataAdded support for retrieving and merging dAOD's. The...
2009-04-30 abercuciimprove method SetRPhiMethod()
2009-04-30 abercuciupdate for changes in the TRD performance train
2009-04-30 morschInterface to FASTJETs SISCone jetfinder added.
2009-04-30 abercuciupdate train to use TPC performance task
2009-04-30 abercuciuse THnSparse for the dependence dy=f(yc|x,ly)
2009-04-30 abercucicomplete list of resolution histograms
2009-04-30 daineseAdded CF task
2009-04-30 decaroCome back to the previous revision for tracker
2009-04-30 daineseRenaming some variables
2009-04-30 daineseNew class for corrections in steps (Chiara Z)
2009-04-30 daineseNew class for corrections in steps and macro to plot...
2009-04-30 gconesab1) Reference arrays with tracks and clusters before...
2009-04-30 daineseClean up obsolte methods
2009-04-30 akisielAdd macros for Train2, using the latest Analysis Framework
2009-04-30 akisielAddTask macro for Femto code
2009-04-30 akisielMonitor chi2/Ncls
2009-04-30 akisielUse status information for primary vertex
2009-04-30 akisielProtect against tracks with no TPC clusters
2009-04-30 akisielAdapt task to newest Analysis Framework
2009-04-30 akisielAdd pair grouping to CF
2009-04-30 akisielCorrect linker commands
2009-04-30 agheataDefault output AOD container created as "special" by...
2009-04-30 agheataSyntax error corrected
2009-04-30 jklayupdated track matching parameters