2010-11-09 marianReverting back changes for the Cavern Pressure sensor 2
2010-11-09 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2010-11-09 snellingquick acces to QA histograms
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA class
2010-11-08 snellingadded QA for cuts
2010-11-08 marian2 more places with Cavern atmosferic pressure changed...
2010-11-08 snellingadded new triggers
2010-11-08 cblumeAdd tracklet tasks (Jochen)
2010-11-08 marianUsing send pressure sensor by default
2010-11-08 ivanaIn AliMUONResponseV0::DisIntegrate():
2010-11-08 jjoseUpdated RuleChecker to V-2,0 and update CMake pkgs...
2010-11-08 cblumeRemove obsolete class
2010-11-08 cblumeRemove obsolete class
2010-11-08 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-11-08 ivanaFixing UNUSED_VALUE Coverity defect
2010-11-08 martinezClass for counting events and for pile-up correction...
2010-11-08 cblumeBug fix for Savannah entry 74517 (Jochen)
2010-11-08 cblumeFix Coverity defects (Jochen)
2010-11-08 laphecetCoverity RESOURCE_LEAK fixes
2010-11-08 laphecetCoverity FORWARD_NULL fixes
2010-11-08 slindalUpdated tpc track to 5cm from 0, 0, z
2010-11-08 jjoseServeral Corrections for PAR files
2010-11-08 jgrosseomore syst unc
2010-11-08 coppedisUpdated DA for CALIBRATION_MB runs
2010-11-08 jgrosseoimproved systematic uncertainty plotting
2010-11-08 pulvirbugfix in AliRsnValue and some macros for running multi...
2010-11-08 jjoseCMake pkg files updated
2010-11-08 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-11-08 ivanaFixing CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT Coverity defect
2010-11-08 jjoseAdded par targets
2010-11-08 ivanaIn AliMUONLocalTriggerBoard:
2010-11-08 pulvirAdded cut for checking multiplicity and done some adapt...
2010-11-08 morschReverting an unintented commit.
2010-11-08 slindalchanged histo binning
2010-11-08 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy:
2010-11-08 slindalAdded color bins to tracks
2010-11-08 abercuciremove dependency on AliTRDrawFastStream
2010-11-08 snellingupdated macros with some current settings
2010-11-08 cvetanAddition to the revision 45154. The calibrated TDC...
2010-11-08 slindalUpdated track histograms
2010-11-08 pulvirBugfix: clean allocated temporary memory in CreateHisto...
2010-11-08 dsilvermadd missing class
2010-11-08 morschCall to pyinre commented out.
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding the use of the histogram merger
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding histogram merger to build system
2010-11-08 odjuvsla- adding class for merging histograms from different...
2010-11-08 daineseFixes (Giacomo)
2010-11-07 maseraNo PileUp check for HighFlux settings
2010-11-07 dsilvermdeleting unused class AliEMCALCalibHistoProducer and...
2010-11-07 snellingtypo O instead of 0
2010-11-07 jgrosseofixing calculation of delta phi distribution
2010-11-07 snellingadded VO_ALICE for caf
2010-11-07 gconesabget the v0 signal and multiplicity, accessible for...
2010-11-07 slindalAdded QA histo prod
2010-11-07 jotwinowadd new histos and bug fixes
2010-11-07 sgorbunocleanup of the code
2010-11-07 slindalUse TList::Delete, change some output
2010-11-07 slindalUse TList::Delete instead of TList::Clear()
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd time delay to Info
2010-11-07 jthaederenable and disable detectors
2010-11-07 kkanaki- activated the DCAr, DCAz as calculated during the...
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd ITS inner clusters
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd HLTInfo for multiplicty
2010-11-07 jgrosseoplotting macros for systematic uncertainties
2010-11-07 pdebskiChanges in order to modify also ITSonly tracks
2010-11-07 ivanaFixing BUFFER_SIZE_WARNING defect (generated by previou...
2010-11-07 ivanaFixing once more FORWARD_NULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-07 ivanaFixing one more REVERSE_INULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-07 snellingadded trigger settings Michele Floris
2010-11-07 sgorbunoextention of the functionality: TLists can be merged now
2010-11-07 mflorisAdded physics selection with custom triggers to the...
2010-11-07 snellingupdated the macros to run on the first heavy-ion data
2010-11-07 prinoUpdates in AliITStrackerSA::SearchClusters
2010-11-07 slindalSet run number correctly
2010-11-07 slindalDraw spd mult histogram in viewer
2010-11-06 slindalmake buffer loop start automatically
2010-11-06 richtermadjusting output size estimator: input multiplier set...
2010-11-06 cvetanCalibrated TDC thresholds extracted from the HV-scan...
2010-11-06 hristovFix for bug #74663: Please Apply attached patch ESDChec...
2010-11-06 pulvirGeneralized the MC reference object in order to cope...
2010-11-06 slindalImplementing multCorr processor
2010-11-06 jthaederAdd output of VZERO reco directly to multCorr
2010-11-06 schutzadded a protection before writing out the corr NTuple
2010-11-06 slindaladding Multcorr processors
2010-11-06 slindalAddeing MultCorr processors
2010-11-06 pulvirAdded the 'const' keyword to the pointer-returning...
2010-11-06 slindalHave run in beginning of name
2010-11-06 pulvirFirst version of macros for current phi 7 TeV analysis...
2010-11-06 slindalUse local geom from emcal
2010-11-06 slindalupdate classdef value
2010-11-06 laphecetCoverity inspired fixes
2010-11-06 laphecetCoverity inspired fix
2010-11-06 slindalfrom Sergey: update track drawing, reset canvas counter
2010-11-06 slindalMake viewers saved in HR
2010-11-06 cvetanAllowing another syntax of the stable beams lhc state...
2010-11-06 gconesabAdd protection against null vertex in ME analysis
2010-11-06 slindalUdated global hist canvas
2010-11-06 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy:
2010-11-06 slindalmade homer block desc pointers non-transient
2010-11-06 agheataFinal fix for opening statistics file