2012-11-26 fprinoSupport for HFE analysis added (Matthias)
2012-11-26 ddobrigkReal data task modifications for c*tau problem investig...
2012-11-26 spyropo AddTask mods
2012-11-26 cblumeMove to 22 time bins as default for simulation
2012-11-26 spyropo new AddTask
2012-11-26 spyropoAddTask and minor changes
2012-11-26 agheataFrom Mihaela: New version of QAtrain_duo.C that connect...
2012-11-25 shahoianreco update
2012-11-25 shahoianProcessing of MC labels is added (like in current SPD)
2012-11-23 jgrosseoupdate
2012-11-23 aurasAnalysis code updated
2012-11-23 fprinoUpdated treatment of TOF PID in QA task (Francesco...
2012-11-23 spyropoAnalysis files for kaon spectra analysis from kinks...
2012-11-23 gvolpeUpdating angular resolution calculation and correction...
2012-11-23 gconesabfix track time cut decission
2012-11-23 quarkSome bug fixes when not data is available for QA histos
2012-11-23 quarkMake macro compilable
2012-11-23 ihrivnac- Fix problem with EventSpecie when running online...
2012-11-23 gconesabForgot initialization of new histograms
2012-11-23 gconesabcomment out code retrieving vertex BC since not filled...
2012-11-23 gconesabAdd possibility to cut tracks on DCA
2012-11-23 coppedisReading QA thresholds from external file II
2012-11-23 coppedisSetting thresholds for QA from external config file
2012-11-23 fprinoMinor changes in macros to check SDD calibration
2012-11-23 pcrochetdeleted files 'AliAnalysisMuMu.cxx AliAnalysisMuMu...
2012-11-23 cholmChanged scripts for new TrainSetup
2012-11-23 cholmChanged scripts for new TrainSetup
2012-11-23 cholmAdded a README file
2012-11-23 cholmRemoved old runTrain and replaced it with what used...
2012-11-23 cholmMoved Forward specific trains to PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis...
2012-11-23 cholmMoved Forward specific trains to PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis...
2012-11-23 cholmRemoved obsolete TrainSetup stuff
2012-11-23 cholmVarious minor fixes
2012-11-23 cholmVarious minor fixes
2012-11-22 mivanovprotection in case of invalid or empty selection (Marian)
2012-11-22 shahoianAdded Set/GetBC as a virtual method of AliVVertex.
2012-11-22 svnbits#97485: cmake fails for DAs in trunk + some cleanup
2012-11-22 dgangadhr3 projection change
2012-11-22 gconesabforgot init new data member histogram in ctor
2012-11-22 rgrossoremove remnant printout
2012-11-22 gconesabChargedParticles: Add histograms for DCA and TOF
2012-11-22 gconesabadd switch for timing cuts, apply BC=0 cut on tracks...
2012-11-22 shahoianFixes for reco
2012-11-22 morscho bug fixes for 11h gain scenarios (Mikolaj)
2012-11-22 rgrossoAdding an additional loop wrapping the opening the...
2012-11-22 miweberadding some drawing macros for balance functions
2012-11-22 miweberadding charge independent correlation output (for compa...
2012-11-22 xsanchezAdding QA histograms
2012-11-22 wiechulao updates TOF PID (Pietro)
2012-11-22 cholmUpdates
2012-11-22 fbelliniFix for MC in AddTask for Sigma* pp analysis (M.Venaruzzo)
2012-11-22 wiechulao small fix
2012-11-22 miweberadding possibility for per trigger normalization (Jan...
2012-11-22 miweberadding possibility for per trigger normalization (Jan...
2012-11-22 cbaumanncurrent AOD macros
2012-11-22 ssakaiupdated
2012-11-22 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego train (mavala)
2012-11-22 wiechulao remove obsolete lines
2012-11-22 fprinoUpper cut in track p for PID in D* cut class (Alessandro)
2012-11-21 fprinoFix in the projection of histograms in 2 deltaphi bins
2012-11-21 loizidescosmetics from Rosi
2012-11-21 sgorbunoBugfix for https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?97755
2012-11-21 mivanovAdding the statistical information for the number of...
2012-11-21 snellingadded higher harmonics
2012-11-21 mcosentiincluding input file tag to get the correct normalizati...
2012-11-21 jgrosseoupdate from Constantin
2012-11-21 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-11-21 prsnkoFormula for flattening corrected
2012-11-20 shahoianreconstruction updates
2012-11-20 jgrosseoweighting of trigger particle
2012-11-20 shahoianTemporarily change the number of charge injection points to
2012-11-20 cvetanAdding NPart distribution for DPMJET (Chiara)
2012-11-20 prsnkoCut on minimal distance to bad channel added
2012-11-20 prsnkoCore Dispersion calculation added (instead of Disp2)
2012-11-20 fbelliniBug fix
2012-11-19 jgrosseoupdate from Constantin
2012-11-19 cnattrasFixing some memory issues
2012-11-19 zconesaPossibility to use Raa-beauty as energy loss hypothesis
2012-11-19 zconesaAdd centrality classes
2012-11-19 belikovPossibility to vary the boundaries of the fiducial...
2012-11-19 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-11-19 mcosentismall change in event selection, enabling MC events
2012-11-19 jbook-update
2012-11-19 gconesabfix compilation warning
2012-11-19 shahoianUpdates for tracker
2012-11-19 akisielNext version of train config
2012-11-19 jgrosseoper event weighting
2012-11-19 pluettigChanged task to update Trigger settings
2012-11-19 gconesabAdd TOF-track related histograms
2012-11-19 gconesabAdd histogram counting events with tracks or EMCal...
2012-11-19 pcrochetRedo the tracker/trigger matching like in the reconstru...
2012-11-19 fbelliniMinor fixes for style (mvala)
2012-11-19 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego_train (mvala)
2012-11-19 fbelliniFix - disabled event plane information in pp analysis
2012-11-19 fprinoModifications in Lc->V0+P analysis (Levente):
2012-11-19 gconesabAdd histogram with fraction of energy in cluster with...
2012-11-19 gconesabremove AOD time array trick for old AODs, apply time...
2012-11-19 gconesabmove time cut from calibration method to the place...
2012-11-19 snellingante updates
2012-11-19 rgrossoupdated AMANDA simulation time: missing timestamps