2008-05-19 hristovCreate the magnetic field map in the reconstruction...
2008-05-19 hristovIgnore temporary files
2008-05-19 kharlovSample amplitude rounding is corrected. Draw() is improved.
2008-05-19 hdalsgaaNew version to make use of automatic IDs from AliFMDPre...
2008-05-19 aszostakMinor change: returning false from DDL raw data process...
2008-05-19 kharlovCorrection for hidden function MakeHits
2008-05-19 ivanaA special LUT where the "low cut" is in fact
2008-05-19 prsnkoShadowed variables fixed
2008-05-19 fcaRemoving shadowed variables
2008-05-19 aszostakFixing some documentation and comments.
2008-05-19 aszostakFixing debug compilation and error code being returned...
2008-05-19 ivanaUpdated serial numbers for station 345
2008-05-19 morschChange of signature of AddAODBranch.
2008-05-19 morschAddAODBranch void* instead of TObject*.
2008-05-19 ivanaMoving the previously hard-wired parameters for matchin...
2008-05-19 cvetanIntroduction of the Tapan's 3D vertexer. Initial versio...
2008-05-19 fcaRemoving variable shadowing
2008-05-19 jgrosseotake into account changing LHC periods between runs
2008-05-19 gconesabCorrected compilation warnings
2008-05-19 rvernetUpdated for new QA scheme
2008-05-19 jgrosseoupdating list of to receive dcs points
2008-05-19 jgrosseosending dcs problem mails also to subdetector experts
2008-05-19 jgrosseopar file creation in ALICE_ROOT if rights permit
2008-05-19 rvernetMinor change: printf -> AliDebug
2008-05-19 hristovNew PWG4 library
2008-05-19 hristovAdditiona methods (Gustavo)
2008-05-19 hristovRestored compilation of PWGs
2008-05-19 hristovIgnoring temporary files
2008-05-19 basantabug fixed, new constants to convert ADC to MeV
2008-05-19 hristovAliTPCtrackerRow::Find cannot be inline if it is in...
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 aszostakRefactoring code to extract common data block checking...
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 maseraCorrect injector positions for the 2 detector sides...
2008-05-19 pchristChanges needed for the analysis train (Mihaela).
2008-05-19 gconesabremove analysis classes new implemention
2008-05-19 gconesabremove analysis classes new implemention
2008-05-19 gconesabremove library new implemention
2008-05-19 jgrosseoupdated ldif files for test setup
2008-05-18 hristovGetCalibPed() implemented
2008-05-18 rvernetCompliance with AliAnalysisTaskSE ; upgraded support...
2008-05-18 rvernetSome cleaning and simplification in container-related...
2008-05-18 rvernetNew support for QA histos
2008-05-18 marianHidden symbols removed (Marian)
2008-05-18 basantaPedestal subtraction is implemented
2008-05-18 fcaRemoving shadowed variables
2008-05-18 marianFirst implemnetation of the inteface to the GOOFIE
2008-05-18 marianSplitting the AliTPCtrackerMI to the two files
2008-05-18 kharlovEcoreRadius is relocated from AliPHOSEmcRecPoint to...
2008-05-18 maseraUpdate documentation (SPD, SSD, multiplicity)
2008-05-17 kharlovHistogram type for Etot is changed from TH1I to TH1F
2008-05-17 kharlovRadius for core energy is set via AliPHOSRecoParam.
2008-05-17 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-16 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-16 cvetan1. Correction for the previous commit - in order to...
2008-05-16 kharlovData member initialization is added for copy constructor
2008-05-16 kharlovCreation of TClonesArray in constructor only, instead...
2008-05-16 maseraBug fix (T. Virgili, D. Elia)
2008-05-16 maseraStatic TClonesarray cleared at each cycle (Panos)
2008-05-16 marianRemove nested class from AliTPCtrackerMI (Marian)
2008-05-16 belikovAdd virtual 'void FillClusterArray(TObjArray* array...
2008-05-16 cvetantpc_clusters.C - added missing AliRunLoader::UnloadRecP...
2008-05-16 belikovAdd status bits for cluster usage and sharing.
2008-05-16 maseraOverlap fixed (M. Sitta)
2008-05-16 maseraRemoved overlaps between SDD and SSD cables (M. Sitta)
2008-05-16 jgrosseoadding trigger configuration
2008-05-16 cvetanITS raw-data and clusters macro fixed in order to be...
2008-05-16 jgrosseoprinting trigger and detector used for the analysis...
2008-05-16 cvetanRemove print (A.Rossi)
2008-05-16 decaroIncluded files: updated EVE repository
2008-05-16 zampolliNew Configuration Parameter to set Alien Path for CDB...
2008-05-16 aszostakFixing memory handling of AliHLTMUONHitReconstructorCom...
2008-05-16 cvetanFirst version of the online reco + AliEVE attached...
2008-05-16 polichehWrite histograms instead of TObjArray
2008-05-16 aszostakFixing documentation typo.
2008-05-16 richtermupdated SampleLib and tutorial, sample macros added
2008-05-16 richterm- added default CDB initialization to AliHLTComponent...
2008-05-16 cblumeUpdate of the old TRD tracker for the new raw PID repre...
2008-05-16 dibariOptimization of TClonesArray (FCA)
2008-05-16 richtermimplemented selection by detector string (argument...
2008-05-16 ivanaCorrected comment line only
2008-05-16 dibariNew histos for AMORE
2008-05-16 pavlinovThis class is obsolete
2008-05-16 ivanaMaking the high performence raw data decoders default.
2008-05-16 marianUpdated documentation (Marian)
2008-05-16 gconesabremove classes alredy moved to EMCALcalib library
2008-05-16 jklayadding EMCAL QA classes
2008-05-15 cholmFixed up overlap check script
2008-05-15 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-15 marianChanges in order to correct fot edge effects changes...
2008-05-15 pavlinovMove pio calibration staff to directiry Calib;
2008-05-15 fcaChanging fabs into TMath::Abs
2008-05-15 aszostakAdding a command line utility to convert dHLT raw inter...
2008-05-15 aszostakUpdating documentation.
2008-05-15 aszostakRemoving obsolete files and updating some documentation.
2008-05-15 rgrossomaking macro compilable and doing some clean-up
2008-05-15 morschUpdate on limit. (C. Oppedisano)
2008-05-15 morschRedundant file closing removed.
2008-05-15 hristovNew line at the end of the file