2014-07-21 rbertens add option to run jet v2 task on LHC10h data
2014-07-21 lramonaAdded m2 selection with TOF
2014-07-21 pluettigeventplane determination changed, subtract the current...
2014-07-21 gconesabcheck the leading particle in the cone, apply the isola...
2014-07-21 hristovALIROOT-5420 New function GetClassMaskNext50 (Roman)
2014-07-21 dstoccoALIROOT-5486 Add protections
2014-07-21 dstoccoALIROOT-5486 Add method to get trigger deviation sign
2014-07-21 dstoccoALIROOT-5486 Propagate MUON trigger deviation sign...
2014-07-21 xsancheztrack splitting studies with injected particles in MC
2014-07-21 kleinbfixed compilation warnings
2014-07-21 cyaldo072114 cyaldo Changes to AliAnalysisTaskpAJets
2014-07-21 rbertens class namechange
2014-07-21 dgangadhmove arguments
2014-07-20 hristovAdding missing argument
2014-07-20 akalweitPatch for Lego trains. Merge branch 'master' of https...
2014-07-20 akalweitpatch for LEGO train test environment
2014-07-20 majanikUntirggered DEtaDPhi: modifications to the ExclusivePID...
2014-07-19 shahoianfix in building of T2L matrices to account for inverted...
2014-07-19 cnattrasimplementing option for 2.5% wide centrality bins
2014-07-19 dgangadhinclude kT interp exception for narrower pT intervals
2014-07-19 lmilanoupdate from marco
2014-07-19 majanikConfig for the train (one more).
2014-07-19 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: New Configs for the train
2014-07-19 lcunqueiadd option not to exclude 2 leading jets from the median
2014-07-19 mvlFix for using E_scheme
2014-07-19 wiechulaATO-87 Start with cleanup and documentation of the...
2014-07-19 wiechulaATO-86 and ATO-82 Add fix for channel masking in HLT...
2014-07-19 lmilanoupdate for the NUA
2014-07-18 lmilanoupdate from Marco
2014-07-18 hristovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-07-18 hristovRestore the processing statistics per event
2014-07-18 bdoeniguMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-07-18 bdoeniguCommit for Nicole - Added sigma(q/pt) in tree
2014-07-18 rbailhacFix
2014-07-18 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: new PID methods for analysis...
2014-07-18 lcunqueirho invariance tests
2014-07-18 ssakaiseveral updates for HFEv2 by TPC-EMCal EP
2014-07-18 mchojnacchange of histograms layout
2014-07-18 zconesaAdd possiblity to use track rotation for background...
2014-07-18 zconesacorrection required after coverity warning fix (M.Figue...
2014-07-18 ssakaiadding some cuts for systematic study
2014-07-18 agrigoraFixing new line ending
2014-07-18 kowalGeometry modified - added makrolon clams holding rods...
2014-07-17 mcosenticoverity fix
2014-07-17 xsanchezMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-07-17 xsanchezadding code for delta(phi)star and delta(eta)star calcu...
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd plotting macros
2014-07-17 jbookadd defaults to histo functions
2014-07-17 fbellini- Added method for centrality flattening in 2011 PbPb...
2014-07-17 fbelliniModified new TOF QA task and macro to include various...
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd min/max pT opions, mixed-charge TTC option, KT...
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd min/max pT opions, mixed-charge TTC option, KT...
2014-07-17 allaset RefPMT=2 for LHC10b re-rconstruction
2014-07-17 allaset RefPMT=2 for LHC10b re-rconstruction
2014-07-17 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: possibility to use pT (not p...
2014-07-17 rbertens add rapidity cut (y) for phi meson candidates
2014-07-17 rbertens roll back to a phi flow task identical to the one...
2014-07-17 coppedisUpdating
2014-07-17 ekryshenBug fix. Detection of pass name moved to
2014-07-17 azimmermadded normalisation histos RC,MCC,OC,NJ, removed unused...
2014-07-17 cyaldo071714 Changes to libraries in runEMCalJetAnalysis.C
2014-07-17 lmilanosmall fix
2014-07-17 lmilanocoverity fix + NUA
2014-07-16 saiolaParticle min pt cut = 0 at generator level (don't affec...
2014-07-16 prsnkoCalibrations for LHC12xxx updated (Satohi)
2014-07-16 zampolliCoverity fix (unused variable)
2014-07-16 zampolliFix for coverity (unused variable)
2014-07-16 rbertens addtask update from naghmeh
2014-07-16 saiolaFix bug introduced with commit c04400125176f83a8af92dff...
2014-07-16 saiolaCoverity fix: CID 22038
2014-07-16 saiolaCoverity fixes: CID 21952, 21953
2014-07-16 saiolaFix warning about dtata type
2014-07-16 laphecetALIROOT-5507 Adding root files to the OADB.par
2014-07-16 rbailhacTPC pid 2011
2014-07-16 agheataAdded getters for most data members of AliAnalysisalien
2014-07-16 rbertens AddTask update from Naghmeh
2014-07-16 fprinoFix compilation warnings in Dstar task (A. Grelli)
2014-07-15 fprinoUpdate track cuts and PID fit in HF QA (Chiara Bianchin)
2014-07-15 fprinoUse FilterBit 4/AliAODTrack::kTrkGlobalNoDCA to select...
2014-07-15 zconesafix coverity warnings on unused variables
2014-07-15 bhess- Proper handling of additional output containers for...
2014-07-15 rbailhacUpdate TPC pid 2011
2014-07-15 gconesabfix coverity #23091 #23092, remove very old code
2014-07-15 gconesabsetable input parameters minJetPt, jet/gamma pt ratio...
2014-07-15 gconesabjet pt cut before bkg subtraction
2014-07-15 gconesabput in histo titles the proper isolation parameters...
2014-07-15 tschustesorting out the trigger classes
2014-07-15 tschustewhere does the good go ...
2014-07-15 tschustefix the trigger class selection
2014-07-15 tschusteallowing for multiple trigger classes in the cut, separ...
2014-07-15 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Small fix
2014-07-15 saiolaUse variable bin sizes
2014-07-15 saiolaMove GenerateFixedBinArray to AliAnalysisTaskEmcal...
2014-07-15 mbrozQA for simulation in AD
2014-07-15 zampolliFix for coverity (Annalisa De Caro).
2014-07-15 zampolliFix for coverity (AdC)
2014-07-15 belikovA coarse implementation of the support cylinders (Mario)
2014-07-15 prsnkologic update and bug fix
2014-07-15 prsnkologic update and bug fix
2014-07-15 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: corrections to macros for the...