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2003-02-12 hristovNew classes and macros for raw data compression and...
2003-02-12 hristovUpdated AliTrackReference class (S.Radomski)
2003-02-12 morschSame for phi of gamma.
2003-02-12 morschDefault phi range for jets set to 0.-360.
2003-02-12 morschPylist removed.
2003-02-11 hristovUpdated class version
2003-02-11 hristovUpdated AliTrackReference class (S.Radomski)
2003-02-11 hristovMacro to rewrite Track References ordered (S.Radomski)
2003-02-11 cblumeRemove debugging functions
2003-02-11 hristovAdding CovMatrixDB_pp_B0.4T.root to the HEAD
2003-02-10 nilsenNew version and structure of ITS V11 geometry. Work...
2003-02-10 cblumeAdd tracking without tilted pads as option
2003-02-10 cblumeFurther modifications in OpenOutput and WriteCluster
2003-02-10 hristovAvoiding warnings
2003-02-10 hristovInitialization of data members in the default ctor...
2003-02-10 morschConstructor needed by AliMUONv3 added. (G. Martinez)
2003-02-09 nick08-feb-2003 NvE Class AliSignal modified such that...
2003-02-07 morschNew class for testing new Stepmanager added. (G. Martinez)
2003-02-07 cblumeModification in OpenOutput() for many events in single...
2003-02-06 kowal2Next gereration macro for comparison (J.Chudoba)
2003-02-06 kowal2Added a few get methods by Jiri Chudoba
2003-02-05 morschModifiactions by M. Horner.
2003-02-05 hristovAdd some user-friendly methods (J.Chudoba)
2003-02-04 cblumeInclude a reset of the digits arrays in order to proces...
2003-02-04 hristovCorrections to avoid segmentation violation in the...
2003-02-03 morschProtection against floating point exception in cosh.
2003-02-03 nick01-feb-2003 NvE Memberfunction Info() renamed to Data...
2003-02-01 nilsenWork continues.
2003-01-31 morschUse TPDCCode.h instead of AliPDG.
2003-01-31 hristovInit() should not be const
2003-01-31 morschSwitch to pythia6203.
2003-01-31 morschForcing of decay channels independent of order in decay...
2003-01-31 morschCalls to FinishPrimary, PostTrack and PreTrack added.
2003-01-31 morschMajor update on
2003-01-31 morschMethods needed for TFluka added.
2003-01-31 morschCorrected indices. (E. Futo)
2003-01-31 cblumeFix bug in StepManager in treating geometry with holes
2003-01-30 hristovNo default arguments in the implementation file
2003-01-30 cblumeAdd to repository
2003-01-30 cblumeChange in cluster array
2003-01-30 cblumeNew set of parameters
2003-01-29 hristovDefinition of PDG codes
2003-01-29 nilsenUpdate today's work.
2003-01-29 morschCorrected path to mapping libraries.
2003-01-29 pavlinovfixed bug in FillFromHits
2003-01-28 nilsenWork continuing.
2003-01-28 morschUpdated for a new name of MUON St1 response class
2003-01-28 morschPath to configuration data files defined in the data...
2003-01-28 morschFlag for random background added.
2003-01-28 hristovAdditional protection: to be discussed with the Root...
2003-01-28 hristovBug fix in Transform0to1 (M.Ivanov)
2003-01-28 morschParticle loading according to generator type.
2003-01-28 morschSpelling in name corrected.
2003-01-28 cblumeAdd track length to track references
2003-01-28 morschFirst commit of data and init files needed for station...
2003-01-28 morschSet print level to 10.
2003-01-28 morschStation 1 configuration.
2003-01-28 morschNew classes added.
2003-01-28 morschImproved response simulation for station 1.
2003-01-27 cblumeUpdate of tracking by Sergei and Chuncheng
2003-01-27 hristovEnlarged number of clusters (Yu.Belikov)
2003-01-27 hristovReplacing Gsposp by Gspos (R.Brun)
2003-01-26 nilsenSome more geometry interface functions added and a...
2003-01-23 hristovTypo corrected
2003-01-23 nilsenFix in EMCAL constructor call to be consistant with...
2003-01-23 morschFilter back to default thickness.
2003-01-23 morschMake macro work with head.
2003-01-23 morsch- option for adding energy of all particles (ich == 2)
2003-01-23 morschRecord charged and neutral energy component separately.
2003-01-23 cheynisUpdated V0R geometry and vertex added in Hits
2003-01-22 vestboCommented class which is defined in Makefile
2003-01-22 vestboCheck whether USEFFLOAT variable is set, because if not
2003-01-22 vestboBugfix after last checkin
2003-01-22 nilsenSmall patch to allow new Dubna modle to reproduce BS...
2003-01-22 nilsenAdded function CellBoundries to return the cell boundries.
2003-01-22 nilsenAdded function GetCell.
2003-01-21 vestboUpdated function EvaluatePoints.
2003-01-21 vestboAdded misc to the include list. This should in principle
2003-01-21 vestboRemoved obsolute lines
2003-01-21 morschCorrected path for vettotpara.root
2003-01-21 morschFirst commit.
2003-01-20 nilsenNew ITS geometry. Only a Skeleton for now.
2003-01-17 schutzcorrect in the StepManager the calculation of the tower id
2003-01-17 schutzadded a debug information
2003-01-17 vestboChanged definition of TOPDIR
2003-01-17 vestboSmall changes in order to make compiling easier for...
2003-01-17 morschFirst commit.
2003-01-16 alibraryDeclare const some methods
2003-01-16 vestboAdded function Deg2Raw
2003-01-16 vestboMinor bugfix
2003-01-16 hristovCorrecting usage of string arrays (valgrind)
2003-01-16 hristovCorrecting delete (valgrind)
2003-01-15 morschUpdated selection in ReadFromTracks()
2003-01-15 hristoviostream.h replaced by Riostream.h
2003-01-15 allafix warning
2003-01-15 alibraryReplacing Header with Id
2003-01-15 morsch- TPC eff. from AliEMCALFast
2003-01-14 alibraryAnnounce method added
2003-01-14 alibraryUpdading according to changes in STEER
2003-01-14 alibraryCleanup of STEER coding conventions