2002-01-18 morschAliEMCALHadronicCorrection added
2002-01-18 morschAliEMCALHadronicCorrection added.
2002-01-18 schutzCorrected for Bugs in the calculation of ID numbers
2002-01-18 schutzCorrected for Bugs and added getter methods
2002-01-18 schutzChanged the addition operator to better overlow of...
2002-01-18 schutzcorrected bug in geometry (Bjorn)
2002-01-17 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-17 morschAnalyse track information.
2002-01-17 hristovExtra backspaces removed
2002-01-17 schutzCleaned CreateGeometry
2002-01-17 schutzAdded new data members to remove magic numbers
2002-01-17 schutzundo precedent change
2002-01-17 schutzpedestal is subtracted not added
2002-01-17 schutzchanged the ADC gain; added methods to retrieve ADC...
2002-01-17 morschSetTrackList and TrackList implementation.
2002-01-16 schutzTower = Layer3...25 + fLayerRatio*(Layer1..2)
2002-01-16 schutzadded IsInPreShower method
2002-01-16 schutz1. fPrimary and fParent are created by ctor
2002-01-16 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-16 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-16 morschBuild list of tracks associated to jet.
2002-01-16 morschList of tracks added.
2002-01-16 schutzRemoved files which were committed by mistake
2002-01-16 schutzremove blanks before slash??????
2002-01-16 morschAdd sortzv needed by EMCAL.
2002-01-16 schutzremoved GetDigitsBranch
2002-01-16 morschAdd jet finder classes
2002-01-16 morschFirst commit
2002-01-16 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-16 morschFirst commit
2002-01-16 schutzadded new classes
2002-01-16 schutzcommented out classes that are not yet available
2002-01-16 vestboNew library paths
2002-01-16 schutzNew classes added
2002-01-16 schutzNew class to calculate the time
2002-01-16 schutzAdded methods to retrieve various parameters
2002-01-16 schutzAdded time and correction for entering particle
2002-01-16 schutzAdapted to PHOS classes using the Getter
2002-01-16 schutzAdapted to PHOSGetter
2002-01-16 schutz1. Added time
2002-01-15 morschInitialize API
2002-01-15 morschSwitch off any optimisation to avoid problems on some...
2002-01-12 schutzSpelling
2002-01-12 schutzAll Methods of type void * xxxRef replaced by TObject...
2002-01-11 vestboLatest changes
2002-01-10 skowronBack to previus version
2002-01-10 skowronBug correction: files closed to early
2002-01-10 ivanaadded G3TOG4, corrected G3G4_NO_REFLECTION setting
2002-01-10 schutzChanged the test on GetTile in Init
2002-01-10 ivanaadded G3G4_NOREFLECTION
2002-01-10 hristovNew fIshunt=2 option that allows to associate to a...
2002-01-10 ivanaremoved call to private G4EnergyLossTables::GetTables()
2002-01-09 morschIncrease memory allocated for ZEBRA.
2002-01-09 skowron3D Q cuts added
2002-01-09 schutzreplaced MANY by ONLY
2002-01-09 schutzHits are associated with entering particles which paren...
2002-01-09 schutzReduced the number of daughter volumes (Sahal)
2002-01-09 barberaInline declaration eliminiated to avoid problems with...
2002-01-09 skowronClassImp's for 3D Q cuts added
2002-01-09 vestboAdded maikes classes
2002-01-09 skowronlibHBTAnalysis renamed to libHBTAN
2002-01-09 skowronTwoPart Fctn -> OnePair; FourPart -> TwoPair
2002-01-09 morschPythia 6.204 fortran code.
2002-01-09 schutzIn Init() check first if title is set before giving...
2002-01-09 schutzModified the way the shift in the primaries list is...
2002-01-08 schutzadded an initialisation to 0
2002-01-08 schutzremoved a statement out of a loop
2002-01-08 morschUpdate for EMCAL readers and AliGenHIJINGparaBa
2002-01-08 morschReaders for EMCAL primary particle input.
2002-01-08 schutzCorrected for a bug in StepManager: wrong labelling...
2002-01-08 barberaPart of new PID code from Boris Batyunya
2002-01-08 morschHIJING parameterisation including baryons, first commit.
2002-01-08 barberaPart of new PID code from Boris Batyunya
2002-01-08 morschlibEMCAL added.
2002-01-08 schutzBug corrected in the implementation of the operator ==
2002-01-07 vestboChanged to normal bfield
2002-01-07 vestboAdded debugs
2002-01-07 vestboUpdate
2002-01-07 vestboFunctions to make pileup events.
2002-01-07 schutzAdded const where compiler told me to
2002-01-07 schutzAdded const where compiler told me to
2002-01-07 schutzAdded const where it made sense
2002-01-07 skowronTwo Particle Function -> One Pair; FourPart -> TwoPair
2002-01-07 schutzAdded const when compiler asked me to
2002-01-07 schutzAdded fShiftOffset for the table of primaries in case...
2002-01-07 schutzAdded AddHitLists in ctor
2001-12-20 morschAdd kinematic bias for direct gamma production.
2001-12-20 morsch- Add omega forced decay.
2001-12-20 morschIncrease version number.
2001-12-19 morschSome bugs corrected and skip method added. (Rachid...
2001-12-19 ivana tags T/AliGeant4-4-01__ar-v3-06-Rev-02__g4-3-2-ref07...
2001-12-19 ivanaupdated to new verbose (/aliVerbose) commands
2001-12-19 morschFor kPyJets enforce simple jet topology, i.e no initial...
2001-12-19 morschAdd possibility to disable StepManager() for each modul...
2001-12-19 morschStore number of trials in header.
2001-12-19 morschNumber of trials for bookkeeping added.
2001-12-19 ivanaupdated TGeant4, AliGeant4 categories
2001-12-19 ivanaupgrade: added panels for viewing users limits (cuts...