2011-03-31 allacoverity fixed
2011-03-31 gconesabAllow track matching to be redone at analysis level
2011-03-31 jgrosseocoverity fixes (Chiara)
2011-03-31 hristovVerbose printout commented out
2011-03-31 snellingfix macros
2011-03-31 jgrosseoadded histogram of shared TPC clusters
2011-03-31 kaamodtCoding violations fixed
2011-03-31 agheatareflect pass1 and pass2 OADB changes
2011-03-31 agheataAdded pass1 and pass2 directories
2011-03-31 agheataAdded default pass=2 value to AddTaskCentrality.C....
2011-03-31 esickingCovarity fix
2011-03-31 laphecetAttempt to fix Coverity defect 14697
2011-03-31 laphecetAttempt to fix Coverity defect 14695
2011-03-31 jgrosseoremoving obsolete class
2011-03-31 agheataTechnical fix: AliFatal changed to AliError+return...
2011-03-31 philleRemoving obsolete class AliCaloRawAnalyzerLMS
2011-03-31 maseraBug fix (A. Mastroserio)
2011-03-31 philleRemoving obsolete classes AliCaloRawAnalyzerLMS and
2011-03-31 kleinbupdates for Reaction Plane and coverity fix
2011-03-31 prsnkoCoverity fix
2011-03-31 zampolliCoverity fix.
2011-03-31 prsnkoCoverity fix
2011-03-31 esickingFixes for coding violations
2011-03-31 philleCoding conventions
2011-03-31 hristovVerbose printout commented out
2011-03-31 richtermcorrecting function names and parameter const'ness...
2011-03-30 daineseFix
2011-03-30 daineseSpeed up and tighter PbPb cuts
2011-03-30 aszostakfixing keyword subsititution.
2011-03-30 aszostakGetting keyword substitution to work.
2011-03-30 aszostakAdding macro to patch GRP for runs taken with HLT in...
2011-03-30 daineseUpdates
2011-03-30 phillereverting coverity fix
2011-03-30 prsnkoAnti-coverity fix (bug resulting in no TS without CPV)
2011-03-30 cblume-Remove the use of additional memory by the buffer
2011-03-30 morschProvisions for pass2
2011-03-30 morschCentrality for pass2
2011-03-30 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-03-30 jgrosseoupdate to trigger correlation study
2011-03-30 hristovFixes after wrong commit in rev. 48776
2011-03-30 daineseAdded proton rejection (Andrea)
2011-03-30 daineseAdded proton rejection (Andrea)
2011-03-30 daineseAdded cut |zVtxMC|<fRDHFCuts->GetMaxVtxZ() (Chiara)
2011-03-30 hdalsgaaEmptying AOD hist as the first thing
2011-03-30 snellingadded pid example macros and QA task for the PMD
2011-03-30 allacoverity fixed
2011-03-30 kleinbFixes for centrality < 0, adding jet finder setting...
2011-03-30 kleinbsome debug information
2011-03-30 jgrosseosmall fix
2011-03-30 daineseAdded z vertex getter
2011-03-30 marianCoverity fixies
2011-03-30 belikovCoverity fix
2011-03-30 akisielFix coding rule violations
2011-03-30 akisielFix coding rule violations
2011-03-30 belikovCoverity fixes
2011-03-30 cholmChanged signature of store digits to correspond to...
2011-03-30 cholmChanged signature of store digits to correspond to...
2011-03-30 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 esickingChanges in DeltaPhi histrograms; usage of all possible...
2011-03-30 kkanaki- coverity fix 14179
2011-03-30 kkanaki- coverity fix 10062
2011-03-30 mflorisMinor fix for the previous commit
2011-03-30 richtermadding initialization of the member arrays of the altro...
2011-03-30 mflorisFixing check for empty intensity measurements.
2011-03-30 richtermcorrecting bounds check for array
2011-03-30 esickingCovarity fix
2011-03-30 allacoverity fixed
2011-03-30 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-03-30 kleinbupdates to FF task (Oliver) Minor bug fixes and reduced...
2011-03-30 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 richtermremoving unnecessary NULL pointer checks according...
2011-03-29 maseraCoding conventions (G. Bruno)
2011-03-29 marianmacro to make the basic calibration trend graphs
2011-03-29 marianAdding READMEs
2011-03-29 daineseUpdate (Fabio)
2011-03-29 daineseCoverity (Giacomo)
2011-03-29 marianObsolete macro removed
2011-03-29 marianRemoving obsolete scripts
2011-03-29 kleinbadd task macro for high p_T QA (Marta)
2011-03-29 marianUsing TH1 instead TH1F in the fast gaus fits
2011-03-29 mariancoding violations
2011-03-29 mariancoding violations
2011-03-29 philleWarnings
2011-03-29 jotwinowfix coding rule violations
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: removal of dead code, and some cosmetics
2011-03-29 philleCleanup: removal of dead code, and unecessary comments
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: Removal of dead code, making
2011-03-29 philleBug fix: The fitting algorithm variable was not initial...
2011-03-29 daineseBug fix in setting of MC vertex (cov matrix was not...
2011-03-29 philleCosmetics && removal of dead code
2011-03-29 philleCosmetics
2011-03-29 philleRefactoring: Code triplication various class memeber...
2011-03-29 philleAdded new class needed for refactoring of the
2011-03-29 philleAdded protection if the OCDB is allready initialized
2011-03-29 cholmNew NSD selection for MC, and some small fixes
2011-03-29 cterrevoCoverity fixes
2011-03-29 cholmAdded PbPb and some missing pp A,B,C,E triggers
2011-03-29 daineseCoverity
2011-03-29 hristovRemove code violations, improve average fit (Alberica)