2014-11-03 maszymancoverity fix
2014-11-03 allaAnalysis of calibration data, to be add as addition...
2014-11-03 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-03 cholmDisable secondary corrrection by default, allow overrid...
2014-11-02 wiechulaATO-86 Fix false warning on missing HLT clusters
2014-11-02 cnattrasadding plot with simulated ET
2014-11-02 lietavaModifications for 100 classes implemented in STEER
2014-11-02 cnattrasadding cross check histograms
2014-11-02 cnattrasadding centrality dimension to cluster energy histo
2014-11-01 sjenaUpdate OnFly Pid Corr:debojit
2014-10-31 ekryshenBug in kTRD for LHC13g fixed. !T0Pileup requirement...
2014-10-31 zconesaFixing typo (A.Rossi)
2014-10-31 miweberRefined fitting function for range determination:
2014-10-31 pgonzaleNew cut and histograms for photon calculation efficiency
2014-10-31 lietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-31 lietavaFix in GetEvetnInfo
2014-10-31 sjenaUpdate in Two Particle Corr: debojit
2014-10-31 mverweijupdate toy emcal trigger
2014-10-31 cholmMerged changes from LXPLUS
2014-10-31 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-31 cholmA set of minor updates and fixes
2014-10-31 cholmAllow up to 7 peaks to be fitted - needed by PbPb simul...
2014-10-31 cholmNew correction objects based on LHC14i2
2014-10-31 ekryshenMerge branch 'master' of https://ekryshen@git.cern...
2014-10-31 ekryshenRun-by-run QA plots added in PS QA framework
2014-10-31 mfaselAdd monitoring histogram for the fastor amps, add dimen...
2014-10-31 mfaselMask events with integrated fastor amps as multiples...
2014-10-31 sjenaAdding class for pr OnFly Task: sjena
2014-10-31 sjenaAdding class for pr OnFly Task: sjena
2014-10-31 mverweijupdates high mult trig
2014-10-31 jniedzieImproved quitting Event Display with close button.
2014-10-31 jniedzieFixed bug in AliEveEventManager causing frequent crashe...
2014-10-30 mverweijremove obsolete track prop producer (was not used)
2014-10-30 gconesabRevert "remove argument from method, pass the parameter...
2014-10-30 gconesabremove argument from method, pass the parameter via...
2014-10-30 zconesafix to evict getting the event header twice
2014-10-30 zconesaChange error message and bug fix in setting the accapta...
2014-10-30 zconesaAdd impact parameter histograms at filtering, and TH2...
2014-10-30 cnattrasadding histo with distribution of used clusters and...
2014-10-30 cnattrasadding dEdx qa histos
2014-10-30 cnattrasefficiency bug fix
2014-10-30 takobayaUpdates from Taiyo
2014-10-30 takobayaUpdates from Taiyo
2014-10-30 mfaselAdapt add macro and particle/cluster containers for...
2014-10-30 mfaselAdd a few jet cuts to the add macro
2014-10-30 mfaselChange name of the function setting the jet container...
2014-10-30 mfaselIterate only over accepted jets
2014-10-30 mfaselCorrelate tracks and clusters with reconstructed jets
2014-10-30 ekryshenOCDB path added as a parameter plus other fixes
2014-10-30 rbertens from nagmeh: addtask for pid config task and updates...
2014-10-30 fprinoProtection against missing timestamps
2014-10-30 dgangadhUpdate to femto ESE code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-10-30 ekryshencopy triggerInfo.C added
2014-10-30 ekryshenPhysics selection QA added in the QA framework
2014-10-30 lmilano2+1 update from Markus
2014-10-30 gconesabfix coverity #24646
2014-10-30 gconesabfix coverity 24652
2014-10-30 gconesabfix coverity #24651 #24652
2014-10-30 gconesabmove prints to AliDebug; fix coverity 24174
2014-10-30 miweberAdding pA as option for AMPT AddTask macro
2014-10-30 gconesabadd empty lines at end of file to avoid compilation...
2014-10-30 gconesabmove shower shape smearing from photon analysis to...
2014-10-30 maseraBug fix - Jira ticket ALIROOT-5665
2014-10-30 hristovAdd using srd::...
2014-10-30 hristovRoot6 uses c++ as compiler name
2014-10-30 mfaselMake getters which don't change the object state const
2014-10-30 mverweijadd comment regarding pass number
2014-10-30 rreedupdate add task
2014-10-30 rreedUpdate User Task
2014-10-29 rbailhacFix TPC cut
2014-10-29 zconesaEnlarge the fine pt bin setup range up to 40 GeV (was...
2014-10-29 mkrzewicadd a default runMap in parseConfig
2014-10-29 fbelliniAdded files for resonance model (Roberto P.)
2014-10-29 fbelliniTrending macros update: added match. eff. normalized...
2014-10-29 gconesaboption for mass hypothesis also on AODs
2014-10-29 mverweijsuppress event listings
2014-10-29 miweberUpdate drawing macro:
2014-10-29 gconesabfix wrong argument declaration
2014-10-29 gconesabadd possibility to smear the shower shape in simulation
2014-10-29 mfaselMore constant correctness
2014-10-29 maseranew QA macro for the upgraded ITS
2014-10-29 lcunqueiStudy of Near Side high pT Trigger
2014-10-29 morschwarnings corrected
2014-10-29 morschwarnings corrected
2014-10-29 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-29 fbock- added additional event selection for LHC11a EMCAL...
2014-10-29 sjenaUpdate in Trigger PID Corr: Debojit
2014-10-29 tbreitneDo not skip non-empty blocks in TPC CA Tracker
2014-10-29 mverweijlower cell energy
2014-10-29 jniedzieFix of AliEveConfigManager for compilation without...
2014-10-29 gconesabadd possibility to select the track mass hypothesis...
2014-10-29 gconesabsmall update in geo doc
2014-10-29 jniedzieMark all button added to admin panel.
2014-10-29 mverweijspd tracklets-vs-cluster cut in event selection; trunca...
2014-10-29 mverweijturn-on pileup rejection by default
2014-10-29 jniedzieLoop over marked events added to Event Display.
2014-10-29 jniedzieFixing bugs in Event Display
2014-10-29 dstoccoLHAPDF5.9.1 always requires -DCTEQ flag
2014-10-29 zampolliEnlarging window for DCS DPs retrieval for short runs...
2014-10-29 zampolliEnlarging window for DCS DPs retrieval for short runs...