2010-08-19 cblumeUpdate running year
2010-08-19 abercucimodified function CookdEdx according to
2010-08-19 daineseAdded check for a valid pointer to the primary vertex
2010-08-19 jjosefixed bugs with the rule checker.
2010-08-19 pulvirAdd-on by F. Blanco: code to manage leading particle...
2010-08-19 daineseAdd the name of the AOD set in the DataPattern
2010-08-19 pulvirAdded new possible values and removed non physical...
2010-08-19 slindaladded macro to draw calorimeter histograms
2010-08-19 slindalMerge branch 'devel'
2010-08-19 kleinbchanged phi calculation
2010-08-19 mflorisFixed a bug in DrawAllAndKaons: ITS/TPC ratios were...
2010-08-18 richtermminor update of comments, adding some TODO
2010-08-18 richtermMaking RootSchemaEvolutionComponent a CalibrationProcessor
2010-08-18 richtermcorrecting log level and BlockFilter arguments
2010-08-18 richtermadding new options '-prescalar' and '-skip-events'
2010-08-18 prinoFix for bug 71598 (Marco Van Leeuwen)
2010-08-18 richtermadding test macro for AliHLTRootSchemaEvolutionComponent
2010-08-18 richtermsuppressing warning for block type kAliHLTDataTypeRunTy...
2010-08-18 richtermPreparing the RootSchemaEvolutionComponent to run at...
2010-08-18 aszostakUpdating documentation
2010-08-18 aszostakSome improvements to handling of private data blocks...
2010-08-18 snellingbug fix array out of bound
2010-08-18 snellingfew more inlcudes
2010-08-18 snellingCalculating QCs at fixed M, rebinning at the and of...
2010-08-18 snellingprotection against missing files
2010-08-18 snellingfix include limits.h
2010-08-18 cblumeAdd validation function for pass0
2010-08-18 gconesabcorrect leak when creating the vertex array
2010-08-18 morsch- some additional information in HIJGLBR
2010-08-18 mfaselGet filter setting from configuration name and add...
2010-08-18 snellingfix cuts
2010-08-18 ivanaIn macros:
2010-08-18 gconesabRecover the Pi0 analysis own mixing to be done on deman...
2010-08-18 jjoseIncreased speed of reporting in continuous build script...
2010-08-18 slindalCreated more pads on QA plot
2010-08-18 snellingchanges to avoid compiler warning
2010-08-18 daineseBug fix (Chiara, Sergey)
2010-08-18 hdalsgaaScripts to make FMD analysis correction objects
2010-08-18 kaamodtAdded functionality for the alfa cut (Ana)
2010-08-18 snellingrewrite of cut classes
2010-08-18 gconesabFix mixing macro to run on grid, remove option mMix.
2010-08-18 hdalsgaaBug fix
2010-08-18 abercucibug fix: In the macro AddTRDinfoGen.C a whitespace was
2010-08-17 hristovAdding tests (Johny)
2010-08-17 gconesabQA: Do not access directly the CaloClusters from the...
2010-08-17 ivanaIn AliMUONTrackerDDLDecoder:
2010-08-17 cblumeTake changes in AliDCSSensor class into account (Ionut)
2010-08-17 jjoseadded gun, ppbench tests, and warnings and coding coven...
2010-08-17 gconesab1) Do not fill aod file if not requested
2010-08-17 mflorisChanged default weights and scaling between different...
2010-08-17 slindalUpdated ConfigGammaConversion.C to deal with GSI AOD...
2010-08-17 cblumeSmall update of clusterizer (Theo)
2010-08-17 pulvirRefined selection of true pairs in order to allow conta...
2010-08-17 jjoseAdding basic testing
2010-08-17 mflorisMerged modifications from Francesco Prino (corrections...
2010-08-16 hdalsgaaAdding NSD analysis as well as new features and removin...
2010-08-16 cblumeAdd virtual destructor
2010-08-16 cblumeAdd AliTRDrawStreamError to linkdef file
2010-08-16 cblumePatch to fix seg fault on HLT
2010-08-16 cblumedd option to disable error logging for HLT use
2010-08-16 aszostakAdding macro to dump global HLT output objects.
2010-08-16 prsnkoL1phase recalculated to PHOS units
2010-08-16 snellingfix memory leak
2010-08-16 aszostakInput data block type is now declared with origin ...
2010-08-16 aszostakBug fix in generated output data block types.
2010-08-16 gconesabRemove/comment out the code related to signal plus...
2010-08-16 pulvirFixed access to MC-only analysis
2010-08-16 hristovAdditional subdirectory
2010-08-16 hristovMissing include files (Johny)
2010-08-16 jjoseFixed errors in cmake build system
2010-08-16 alla less strong write condition
2010-08-16 abercucinew trigger class name added (Markus)
2010-08-16 mflorisChanged label in the fit results table
2010-08-16 abercuciFix bug in RefMaker. A memset of Int_ts was used for...
2010-08-15 daineseUpdate for D* task (Alessandro)
2010-08-15 daineseMacro to read the output of the task Significance ...
2010-08-15 daineseAdded IsSelectedPID (Francesco)
2010-08-15 snellingadjusted for renamed method SetCorrelatorInteger(1...
2010-08-15 maseraCooling pipes displaced in order to avoid overlaps...
2010-08-15 maseraprotection against the mixing of tracklet-->track refs...
2010-08-14 cvetanRevised protections (Raphael)
2010-08-14 pulvirExcluding a class from compilation (temporary)
2010-08-14 kleinbFixes for event selection
2010-08-14 kleinb fixes for default axis ranges (Magali)
2010-08-14 kleinbLimit printout
2010-08-14 richtermadding TPC dEdX component to ESD converter inputs
2010-08-14 richtermadding TPC dEdX component to the default configuration
2010-08-14 shahoianCorrected declaration of track references array sizes...
2010-08-13 martinezUse CORRFW instead of THnSparse (makes it easier to...
2010-08-13 martinezNew function to get the list of keyWords of a given...
2010-08-13 snellingrebinning added
2010-08-13 snellingadded rebinning
2010-08-13 kleinbAdding track selection without SPD requirement, use...
2010-08-13 jgrosseoupdating input file and macro for task to run in train
2010-08-13 gconesabFirst try to reduce the size of the QA wagon
2010-08-13 slindalRemoved streamerinfo initialization from od.C
2010-08-13 slindalUpdated the proxy handler to deal with updates on cluster
2010-08-13 mflorisAdding method to print latex table from file as ascii
2010-08-13 pulvirAdded task for efficiency computation, aligned with...
2010-08-13 kleinbRemoving the dependence on libESD (removed AliESDCaloCl...