2011-11-17 jthaedernew object, no default
2011-11-17 laphecetCorrect some return values
2011-11-17 richtermimplementing cleanup functionality to use the same...
2011-11-17 laphecetRemove unused function
2011-11-17 laphecetRemove unused function
2011-11-17 jthaedernew centrality object
2011-11-17 cvetanRemoving the timing cut because of the direct-hits...
2011-11-17 cholmMajor overhaul of the QA code.
2011-11-17 cholmMinor things
2011-11-17 abercucifix coverity
2011-11-17 abercuciextention of resolution task for MC
2011-11-17 fnoferinprevious fix adjuested
2011-11-17 polichehFixed compilator warning: "conversion from string liter...
2011-11-17 abercucifix coverity
2011-11-17 cvetanUpdate of centrality code - write the histos only for...
2011-11-17 fnoferinwarning fix
2011-11-17 abercuciupdate to stay in sync with modifications by Ruben...
2011-11-17 abercucifix warnings
2011-11-17 abercucifix warnings
2011-11-17 abercucifix warnings
2011-11-17 zampolliUpdating macro to read QA output: saving canvases both...
2011-11-17 morschconst char* used for string litterals
2011-11-17 abercucifix warning
2011-11-17 smaFix compiling warnings
2011-11-17 rpreghenfixed warnings
2011-11-17 rpreghenupdates in TRD
2011-11-17 morschWarning corrected.
2011-11-17 slindalChanging form statements from LX to llu to prevent...
2011-11-17 morschTeaching the compiler C++
2011-11-17 kharlovDeclaration of unused functions MultVector and Distance...
2011-11-16 amastroscoverity fix
2011-11-16 cvetanCompiler warning fixed (thanks to Federico for spotting it)
2011-11-16 richtermcorrecting printf-like format length modifier
2011-11-16 richtermcorrecting type in forward declaration
2011-11-16 gvolpeWarning fixed + minor
2011-11-16 coppedisFixing warnings
2011-11-16 allawarning fixed
2011-11-16 allawarning fixed
2011-11-16 martinezTrending QA plots for Muon Tracking both for p-p and...
2011-11-16 jgrosseoAdding PWG4Base library
2011-11-16 kowal2Removed compiler warnings
2011-11-16 coppedisFixing warnings
2011-11-16 coppedisFixing warnings
2011-11-16 laphecetRemove unused functions
2011-11-16 laphecetUse the correct method to disable histogram title drawi...
2011-11-16 gconesabseveral fixes in settings
2011-11-16 fcaSeveral bugs
2011-11-16 gvolpeMemory leak fixed (L. Molnar)
2011-11-16 srosseggFix of warning sent by Federico (via email) ...
2011-11-16 cblumeFix compiler warning
2011-11-16 jgrosseoMoving some classes in more appropiate places
2011-11-16 mrodriguWarning fixed for AliACORDEAlign class
2011-11-16 laphecetNumber of readout errors was not properly histogrammed
2011-11-16 cvetanRemoving the slash (thanks to Matthias for spotting it)
2011-11-16 cvetanRemoving ClassImp (Axel)
2011-11-16 cvetanBug fix
2011-11-16 fcaFixing clang warnings
2011-11-16 jotwinowadded number of crossed rows (Markus Koehler)
2011-11-16 dsilvermnew LED reference file - from Francesco Blanco
2011-11-16 atoiaadapt the code to run on EventStat output
2011-11-16 atoiaadapt the code to run on EventStat output
2011-11-16 akisielnew Add task macro
2011-11-16 jotwinownew cut scenario
2011-11-16 martinezAdd fast merging option (Diego)
2011-11-16 morschCorrection for neg. z
2011-11-15 prinoPatch for 3 prong candidates in AOD073 and AOD080
2011-11-15 cnattrasAdding binning for singly and doubly diffractive and...
2011-11-15 cvetanMost recent pb-pb config for testing of the trigger...
2011-11-15 morschUpdate for LHC11h
2011-11-15 allasorry, fixed now
2011-11-15 alla compilation warning fixed AliT0Align.cxx
2011-11-15 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2011-11-15 richtermreading raw event size from RCU trailer; adding more...
2011-11-15 maseraFixed access to the input file
2011-11-15 richtermbugfix: correct calculation of RCU trailer pointer
2011-11-15 cblumeFollow beam type convention
2011-11-15 cholmFixes for coverity checks.
2011-11-15 mvalaFixed SETUP.C for EventMixing. Library is taken from...
2011-11-15 agheatare-added AliGlobalFBFqa+ in the linkdef. PLEASE DO...
2011-11-15 jgrosseoUpdating Pb-Pb triggers to include downscaled central...
2011-11-15 mvalaFixed problem of getting mixed event in proof mode...
2011-11-15 srosseggFix of coverity warning (sent by email, but not seen...
2011-11-15 cblumeAdd security check (Raphaelle)
2011-11-15 jotwinowbug fix double deletion
2011-11-14 gconesabcorrect axis titles
2011-11-14 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx - bug fix
2011-11-14 prinoFix
2011-11-14 coppedisChange in AliZDCDigitizer to work with cocktail generator
2011-11-14 akisielUpdate train macros
2011-11-14 cholmLet ROOT do the scaling of the monitor histograms....
2011-11-14 cholmUpdates to deal with an beam type of p-A.
2011-11-14 fcaCannot wait for the fix -- better do it myself
2011-11-14 cblumeNew version of fit of alternative ExB method (Theo)
2011-11-14 gconesabMove prints to debug, remove mapping corrections, modif...
2011-11-14 fcaRemoving non existent class
2011-11-14 fcaA better (?)
2011-11-14 jgrosseoChanging Pb-Pb to A-A in physics selection
2011-11-14 prinoFix for proper PID configuration for both sets of cuts
2011-11-14 laphecetcoverity fix
2011-11-14 shahoianSetting of beam info directly from GRP