2007-05-09 panosCommenting out the fEvent = new AliESD(*aReader.fEvent...
2007-05-09 belikovAdding a setter for the probabiliy densities (A.Mastros...
2007-05-09 arcelliFix a bug in getting the pad volume path (in case of...
2007-05-09 maseraDetector name removed from constructor
2007-05-09 philleAdded new files
2007-05-09 philleNew online anysis classes
2007-05-09 philleCoding conventions + reorganization of code due to new
2007-05-09 philleData Quality Monitoring (DQM) at the HLT
2007-05-09 philleCoding conventions + reorganization of code due to...
2007-05-09 philleNew datatypes
2007-05-09 philleNew base class for all PHOS HLT processing component.
2007-05-09 philleAdded new classes
2007-05-09 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-09 philleCoding conventions + new class structure of PHOS components
2007-05-09 philleData quality monitoring component
2007-05-09 philleClass to make corrupted data from good data, neccessary...
2007-05-09 philleMinor changes
2007-05-09 philleNew classes for online analyis
2007-05-09 philleNew classes for online analysis
2007-05-09 philleNew structer for online analysis
2007-05-09 philleNew class structure
2007-05-09 dibariminors
2007-05-09 dibariImprovement in HTA
2007-05-08 mploskonSome fixes of the coding conventions.
2007-05-08 richtermTPC calibration components added
2007-05-08 kirbug in Preprocessor fixed: PadPcX->PadChX
2007-05-08 maseraUpdates concerning the geometry: versioning system...
2007-05-08 dibariMinors
2007-05-08 dibariHTA (Hidden track algorithm) improved+minors
2007-05-08 kirpreprocessor: pedestal files treatment
2007-05-08 kirupgraded calibration
2007-05-08 dibariJust improvement of display.
2007-05-08 cblumeImplementation of local reconstruction
2007-05-08 kirassert also in raw->digit
2007-05-08 dibariUtility macro to fill ESD from kinematics.
2007-05-08 hristovUsing TMath::Abs instead of fabs
2007-05-08 rsilvaClasses to import survey data added.
2007-05-08 cblumeNew 2-dim PID methods by Alexandru
2007-05-08 richtermnew interface library added to be independent of AliRoo...
2007-05-08 richtermversion number corrected
2007-05-08 richtermbugfix in high level interface: GetFirst/NextObject...
2007-05-08 richtermDigitReaderPacket revived: uses AliRawReader and Stream...
2007-05-08 jgrosseoAdding labels to the SPD tracklets
2007-05-08 maseraTrack labels added to tracklets (J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus)
2007-05-08 dibariSorry Peter...a compatibility with old version left...
2007-05-08 cblumeAdd check for AliRun object
2007-05-08 arcelliimproved verbosity in verbose mode (R.Preghenella)
2007-05-08 arcellicode rearrangement (R.Preghenella)
2007-05-08 arcellireplaced a printf statement with AliError (R.Preghenella)
2007-05-08 arcellicode rearrangement and increased default buffer size...
2007-05-08 arcelliImproved class flexibility for further use (R.Preghenella)
2007-05-08 hristovMoving AliDSCValue, AliDCSSensor And AliDCSSensorArray...
2007-05-07 maseraUsing full matrices for the transformation between...
2007-05-07 hristovDo not link libRAliEn.so, it will be loaded on demand
2007-05-07 belikovErrors of the track parameters should not be used when...
2007-05-07 schutzAdded protection and 2 levels for problems
2007-05-07 hristovModified message (Yves)
2007-05-07 richtermCoding conventions
2007-05-07 richtermCoding violations corrected (I.Kisel)
2007-05-06 dibariAlgorithm to reconstruct rings without tracking infos...
2007-05-06 cblumeGo back to previous version of simulation
2007-05-06 gustavo(Alberto) Updated track matching algorithm
2007-05-06 cblumeAccidentally wrong time0
2007-05-06 cblumeOld ReadGeoMatrices
2007-05-06 schutzmacro to perform the QA process
2007-05-06 kiroption to put flat ref idx
2007-05-06 schutzAdded log outputs
2007-05-05 dibariPedestals in OCDB + minors
2007-05-05 cblumeCorrect the comments
2007-05-05 philleAdded new files
2007-05-04 philleCoding conventions & doccumentation
2007-05-04 dibariminors
2007-05-04 hristovTMCParticle6 becomes TMCParticle in Root v5-15-06
2007-05-04 hristovPossibility to compile with AliAnalysisGoodies (Yves)
2007-05-04 schutzMake coherent ouput
2007-05-04 schutzReintroduces AliAnalysisGoodies in par file
2007-05-04 schutzCorrection to match with the new AliTagAnalysis
2007-05-04 agheata- Fix for a recently introduced bug
2007-05-04 arcelliAdd auxiliary info for tof calibration to the ESD track...
2007-05-04 polichehAliPHOSRecPoint inheritance from AliCluster
2007-05-04 ivanaUpdated denames of station 1 for the quadrants as they...
2007-05-04 ivanaNew README file for fast simulation
2007-05-04 ivanaAdding comment with author
2007-05-04 ivanaAdding class description
2007-05-04 decaroIneffective comment cleanup
2007-05-04 decaroAliTOFDataDCS::Draw(Option_t *) method declared const...
2007-05-04 hristovUpdated list of MUON libraries
2007-05-04 arcelliChanges due to new definition of the TOF SM alignable...
2007-05-04 arcelliChange the TOF SM paths for misalignment (one layer up)
2007-05-04 morschIncreased mother volumes needed for TOF (S. Arcelli)
2007-05-04 hristovAccept missing detecors in the trigger (Jan Fiete)
2007-05-04 agheata- Fixed path for AliAnalysisSelector.cxx in the local...
2007-05-04 ivanaIn SetNofManusPerModule(): return false if no action
2007-05-04 ivanaAdding classes AliMpTriggerCrate, AliMpLocalBoard
2007-05-04 ivanaCoding conventions
2007-05-04 ivanaAdding fastMUONSim.C, fastMUONGen.C
2007-05-04 ivanaExtended include path to cover all directories needed...
2007-05-04 ivanaNew test script for fast simulation
2007-05-04 ivanaNew macros to run fast simulation
2007-05-04 ivanaAdd the det.element id for each local board