2011-04-12 rpreghenProcessOutput update: deal with both TFileMerged merged...
2011-04-12 cblumeBugfix for AMORE (Jochen)
2011-04-12 prinoUpdated parameterizations of peak positions (R. Russo...
2011-04-12 kkanaki- access the run number and respective date from the...
2011-04-12 hristovBit for the EMCAL trigger (Michele)
2011-04-12 mflorisOADB Classes for the physics selection and filling...
2011-04-12 mflorisRemoved
2011-04-12 mflorisMajor update of the physics selection and trigger analy...
2011-04-12 mflorisOADB classes and root files for the physics selection
2011-04-12 ivanaIn loadlibs.C:
2011-04-12 pulvirUtility for normalization
2011-04-12 ivana- Removing circular dependencies (the use of AliMUONCon...
2011-04-12 decaroImproved protection. Related savannah bug 80203 (F...
2011-04-12 loizidesnaming conventions
2011-04-11 loizidesupdate to reflect latest changes
2011-04-11 snellingadded new options and fixed binary eccentricity
2011-04-11 bhippolyPileUp tagging (M.Chojnacki)
2011-04-11 rpreghenfix in TOF calibration to deal with L0-L1 orbit-crossin...
2011-04-11 coppedisUPdate to digitize correctly with RELDIS
2011-04-11 daineseSet the TPC BB properly in case of MC
2011-04-11 daineseNew TPC BB for PbPb pass2 (Rossella)
2011-04-11 loizidesEnable fast and slow trackmatching, and use secondaries...
2011-04-11 dperrinoSetLabel added and Printf commented
2011-04-11 allaversion increased
2011-04-11 hristovFix for #80619: Missing protections in AliDCSValue...
2011-04-11 ivanaIn trigger classes:
2011-04-11 agheatareverted change 49142 (wrong header)
2011-04-11 agheataProtections added (F.Bellini)
2011-04-11 dsilvermaddressing remaining current rulechecker violations...
2011-04-11 allacoverity & pass2 preparation
2011-04-11 rvernetcoverity
2011-04-11 rvernetcoverity
2011-04-11 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-04-11 agheataChanges from Davide
2011-04-11 laphecetCoverity fix
2011-04-10 wiechulao Add pid response handler needed for managing the...
2011-04-10 dsilvermaddressing some minor rulechecker coding violations
2011-04-10 gconesabChange pt cut by E cut for clusters
2011-04-10 kkanaki- redefined the logic for setting the run number in...
2011-04-10 gconesabProvide access to event trigger name for AODs, add...
2011-04-10 kleinbReading jets from output AOD, even in case of input...
2011-04-10 kleinbfetch centrality also when reading from input AOD
2011-04-10 kleinbfixing mem leak in operator=
2011-04-10 kharlovArray of bad cells deleting is relocated to a proper...
2011-04-10 kharlov1) static variable were replaced by local variables...
2011-04-10 agheataFix for uploading packages in proof mode (D.Stocco)
2011-04-10 daineseChanges for PbPb (Zaida)
2011-04-10 daineseAdded centrality selection in standard cuts PbPb2010...
2011-04-10 daineseFix (Francesco)
2011-04-09 morschUpdate
2011-04-09 morschAdd initialisation from OADB
2011-04-09 morschCoding rule violations fixed.
2011-04-09 morschWith the availability of LHC10h pass2 + a bug found...
2011-04-09 bhippolyadding spd2 multiplicity estimator (M.Chojnacki)
2011-04-09 hristovUpdated centrality for pass2 (Alberica)
2011-04-09 loizidesCoverty fix
2011-04-09 dsilvermcoverity fix - checked fCentrality before usage
2011-04-08 allacoverity fixed
2011-04-08 loizidesAdd cell info, add trigger cluster info and histograms
2011-04-08 guernaneSTU raw data decoder updates to account for new STU...
2011-04-08 kkanaki- corrected the CDB manager initialization depending...
2011-04-08 dsilvermaddressing some minor coding violations, mostly comments
2011-04-08 kharlov1) Pileup suppression possibility is added;
2011-04-08 pulvirCoverity fix
2011-04-08 hristovNew classes for event plane calculation (Johanna)
2011-04-08 kkanaki- configure the GlobalHisto component from the OCDB...
2011-04-07 loizidescoverty fix
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- fixing warnings and compilation errors
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- detector passed as argument to config file
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding new histograms for MC/rec comparison
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding initialisation of detector variable - Adding...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding sparse histograms
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding initialisation of detector variable
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding sparse histograms to analysis
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding track distance cuts (x and z) with setters...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- removing print statement
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding centrality class variable to AliAnalysisEt...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- fixing warning
2011-04-07 hristovCoding conventions (Francesco)
2011-04-07 snellingsettable rang phi histogram + few other fixes
2011-04-07 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-04-07 jgrosseoadded histograms for number of points in SDD+SSD (ITS PID
2011-04-07 cholmVarious smaller Fixes
2011-04-07 cholmAdded task to do the analysis on track refs in the...
2011-04-07 daineseBug fix in vertex recalculation
2011-04-07 rpreghenonline T0-fill: use max bin value
2011-04-07 maseraUpdated condition to avoid double subtraction for SDD...
2011-04-07 agheataCorrecly adds prefix to AddRunNumber list of entries...
2011-04-07 pulvirCoverity fixes
2011-04-07 loizidesadd trigger clus
2011-04-07 loizidesfixes for alignment matrices
2011-04-07 loizidescheck if calo ped is zero
2011-04-06 loizidesapply pt cut before track matching
2011-04-06 loizidesRemoved dep on trunk
2011-04-06 loizidesstore sm number
2011-04-06 dainesePossibility to keep only D mesons that have a c or...
2011-04-06 daineseFix for centrality selection (Davide)
2011-04-06 loizideswork on ESD/AOD in the same way
2011-04-06 cholmMega commit.
2011-04-06 cholmSimplify