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2011-05-11 cholmMior fixes
2011-05-11 cholmMior fixes
2011-05-11 cholmDoc updates
2011-05-11 smaOne unused variable
2011-05-11 gconesabinitialize any of the non linearity corrections with...
2011-05-11 zampolliUpdating LHC data file test files: replacing LHC_Active...
2011-05-11 jotwinowmodification added
2011-05-11 hristovCoverity
2011-05-11 cholmMinor fixes
2011-05-11 mflorisBug fix (event stat merging)
2011-05-11 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-05-11 pchristFirst version of the mean opt fluctuations code (Stefan...
2011-05-10 daineseUpdate for Ds
2011-05-10 daineseUpdated D0 and D+ syst errors for PbPb
2011-05-10 loizidesfirst useful version linking clusters to mc info
2011-05-10 loizidesFirst MC version
2011-05-10 jotwinowupdates in dNdPt analysis classes
2011-05-10 prinoAdd the cluster map info in pid container class
2011-05-10 prinoAdd possibilty to selct reco pass (Elena Botta)
2011-05-10 kleinbchanged plotting style
2011-05-10 lietavaGetter for BCmask added (Plamen)
2011-05-10 cblumeRemove obsolete class
2011-05-10 hristovRemove extra hash mark
2011-05-10 cholmBug fix
2011-05-10 marianOpen/Close the file only in case the file is changed
2011-05-10 marianDQM fix (Peter Christiansen)
2011-05-09 jotwinowadd new histogram
2011-05-09 cblumeClean up make files (Jochen)
2011-05-09 jgrosseoupdating used relatetovertex function
2011-05-09 cblume- fix angle used for tilt correction
2011-05-09 cholmMinor things for ELoss
2011-05-09 cholmDo a SetOwner on output lists
2011-05-09 cholmAdded CINT1-X-NOPF-FASTNOTRD to triggers
2011-05-09 andronicFixes for coverity defects (Jens, Ionut).
2011-05-09 loizidesMore mc
2011-05-09 daineseUpdated D0 systematic errors for PbPb 40-80
2011-05-09 daineseTPC BB param for LHC11a MCs (Francesco)
2011-05-09 martinezFixing coverity defects
2011-05-09 slindaladding pioinjet class
2011-05-09 slindalConvGamma preburner update
2011-05-09 slindalUpdating conv correlation software
2011-05-09 kleinbputting alice logo on the plots
2011-05-09 hristovChanges for #81817: Fixes relatedto the trigger bits...
2011-05-09 marianAliTPCCalibPulser.cxx.diff check if channel has data
2011-05-09 marianCoverity fix
2011-05-09 hdalsgaacoverity fixes
2011-05-09 hdalsgaacoverity fixes
2011-05-09 jgrosseomem leak fix
2011-05-09 zampolliTypo fixed.
2011-05-09 sgorbunoemulation of the hardware clusterfinder added
2011-05-09 richtermusing safe string operations
2011-05-09 richtermadded pointer protection
2011-05-08 gvolpeCoverity defects (16716,16712) fixed
2011-05-08 kleinbupdate plotting macro for QM, time stamp alice logo
2011-05-08 loizidesCoverty fixes (M.Nicassio)
2011-05-07 smaCoverity (Markus)
2011-05-07 jotwinowmodification be Michael Knichel
2011-05-07 maseraFix for a coverity warning
2011-05-07 morschInclude new sets of pt & y distributions for:
2011-05-07 rpreghencoverity fix
2011-05-07 rpreghencoverity fix
2011-05-06 dsilverminit in ctor - avoiding compilation warning
2011-05-06 jgrosseochanging low pt cut
2011-05-06 martinezNew histograms to study the correlated loss of efficien...
2011-05-06 martinezFixing warnings (Sang-Un)
2011-05-06 andronicmajor dielectron update (included also the data and...
2011-05-06 zampolliIncluding new DPs for local simulation, and Shuttle...
2011-05-06 ivanaIn AliMUONTracker:
2011-05-06 hristovFix from rev. 40001, avoids partons boosted by PYROBO...
2011-05-06 jotwinow- new clesses added
2011-05-06 aagocsFirst Physics Group analysis class.
2011-05-06 fcaNew version of rulechecker
2011-05-06 loizidesimproved handling of aods, added beginning of mc info
2011-05-06 gconesabadd protection in reader against missing output event...
2011-05-06 gconesabadd protection in reader against missing output event...
2011-05-06 cnattrasTurning off MC histograms for pure data
2011-05-06 cnattrasadding some functions
2011-05-06 cnattrasChanging range of PbPb histograms and fixing minor...
2011-05-05 cnattrasChanging PYTHIA scales to Perugia-0
2011-05-05 mflorisMacro for combined spectra (Marek)
2011-05-05 jgrosseofix for run 146857 (LHC11a) where an -ALL trigger was...
2011-05-05 kkanaki- fix the the V0 centrality plot for Pb+Pb runs
2011-05-05 kkanaki- included the vertex z coordinate in the list of cuts...
2011-05-05 kkanaki- introduction of array of data structures for holding...
2011-05-05 cholmAdded template script to draw final pp dN/deta
2011-05-05 loizidesForgotten debug statement
2011-05-05 loizidesIndicate whether pool is full the first time. Only...
2011-05-05 jgrosseoadding centr comparison study
2011-05-05 kleinbadded switch for event slection in cluster task, update...
2011-05-05 kleinbFixes to track selection for embedding in cluster task...
2011-05-05 cblume- bugfix for drift length: m instead of cm (Benjamin)
2011-05-05 cblume- add support for SM header version 0xc
2011-05-05 alla Axis names added
2011-05-05 alla better rusults with beam with high background
2011-05-05 allafix for Savannah bug #81846
2011-05-04 jgrosseooptimizations after profiling
2011-05-04 gconesabadd new time cut, time histograms
2011-05-04 daineseRejection of centrality outliers in AOD049 (Giacomo)
2011-05-04 gvolpeTracking procedure updated, it is based now on AliTrack...
2011-05-04 jotwinowprotection against wrong esd track labels