2003-04-30 maseraA bug concerning the calculation of the track length...
2003-04-29 hristovran declared external
2003-04-29 coppedisMacro to reconstruct (reco on a separated file)
2003-04-29 coppedisMacro to digitize (digits on a separated file)
2003-04-29 hristovCorrections in the destructors
2003-04-26 hristovIncluded primary vertex rec. with pixels or tracks...
2003-04-25 hristovRemoving non-supported platforms: VAX,CRAY,etc.
2003-04-25 morschPsi and Upsilon family generated.
2003-04-25 morschInitialize from decay table in constructor.
2003-04-25 morschpythia6 decay table including Y".
2003-04-24 maseraBug concerning the use of fLastEvent fixed
2003-04-24 schutzPossibility to draw only SDigits, Digits etc added
2003-04-24 schutzWromg direction of Z axis corrected
2003-04-24 schutzCoping primaries corrected
2003-04-24 schutzImpartOnEmc: negative phi now accepted
2003-04-23 cblumeFix bug in absorbtion length of photons
2003-04-23 hristovCorrect treatment of clusters with multiple labels...
2003-04-23 hristovUsing gRandom instead of pyr (Yu.Kharlov)
2003-04-23 hristovIncluding header files without dirs
2003-04-23 hristovUsing const char * instead of char * for the file names
2003-04-23 hristovSetting the branch address to permit correct reading
2003-04-22 nilsenFinished geometry objects defninistions, and fixed...
2003-04-22 hristovIncluding TH1F.h and TH2F.h
2003-04-21 morschProtection against division by 0 in Binaries().
2003-04-18 cussonnoremove obsolete macro
2003-04-18 maseraTypo corrected
2003-04-18 maseraFixed a bug in AliITSVertex objects names assignement
2003-04-17 nilsenGeometry bug fixes and the like. Work still progressing.
2003-04-16 maseraNew macro for impact parameter determination in pp...
2003-04-16 hristovRemoving PYTHIA
2003-04-16 alibraryRemoving PYTHIA
2003-04-15 hristovCorrections needed when AliH2F was moved to CONTAINERS
2003-04-15 cblumeUpdate of FromTRphoton()
2003-04-14 morschCorrection in Binaries().
2003-04-14 hristovMoving AliH2F from TPC to CONTAINERS
2003-04-14 morschRear shield back to default value.
2003-04-14 hristovUpdating the last tagged version of AliRoot
2003-04-14 hristovClass version incremented
2003-04-14 hristovAdding some QCD diffractive states to the PDG list
2003-04-14 hristovThe native random generator of Pythia commented out
2003-04-13 nilsenFixed up the density of the SPD services, SDD, and...
2003-04-12 schutzCorrected signature of Isxxx methods
2003-04-11 schutzPurity in IsXXX(purity) is made case-insencitive
2003-04-10 hristovHeavy flavor generation with Pythia tuned to reproduce...
2003-04-10 morscheta-pt table for muons from pi/K decays in PbPb collisions.
2003-04-10 morschMoved to data/
2003-04-10 morschUse AliFastGlauber for collision geometry simualtion.
2003-04-10 hristovTrack references deleted in AliModule
2003-04-10 hristovCode for unified TPC/TRD tracking (S.Radomski)
2003-04-10 maseraPossibility to stop tracking at a given layer (default...
2003-04-10 morschFirst commit.
2003-04-10 morschOverlap function for PbPb stored in this file.
2003-04-08 hristovDeleting the list of histograms in the destructor
2003-04-08 hristovAdditional protection in the destructor
2003-04-08 morschCall AliGenMC::Init().
2003-04-08 hristovTypo in the comment corrected
2003-04-08 morsch- Rapidity shift calculated in AliGenMC::Init()
2003-04-08 hristovTypo corrected
2003-04-08 morschRapidity shift calculated in AliGenMC::Init()
2003-04-08 morschRapidity shift calculated in Init().
2003-04-08 morschfRefVolumeId for reference volume identification added.
2003-04-08 morschWrite track references for particle entering frame...
2003-04-08 morschAliTrackReference constructor without passing pointer...
2003-04-08 morschAddTrackReference moved to AliModule.
2003-04-08 morsch- AddTrackReference moved to AliModule
2003-04-08 morsch- TrackReference related methods and data members moved...
2003-04-07 hristovRemoving the module from the list of modules in the...
2003-04-07 hristovDeleting track references in the destructor
2003-04-07 hristovBug fix in MiniHeader (D.Favretto)
2003-04-04 coppedisUpdated to compile with new AliZDCv2.cxx
2003-04-04 coppedisBug in geometry corrected
2003-04-04 morschBoost() moved to AliGenMC
2003-04-04 morschBoost method added.
2003-04-04 morschBoost for assymmetric systems added.
2003-04-04 morschUser set central field value.
2003-04-02 morschOption for 0 solenoid field added.
2003-04-02 pcrochetformer trigger Look Up Table with calc. pt
2003-04-02 pcrochetnew trigger Look Up Table (B.Forestier)
2003-04-01 morschUpdates for LHC v6.4 and corrected compensator field...
2003-04-01 morschPycell configurable.
2003-04-01 hristovRemoving libbsd.a
2003-04-01 hristovPointer initialized
2003-03-31 morschUnhandled cases added.
2003-03-31 morschPPR simulation of uncorr. background.
2003-03-27 hristovIntroducing Mac OSX platform (Darwin)
2003-03-27 morschCharm production process configuration for pPb and...
2003-03-27 hristovInitialization of static data members in the implementa...
2003-03-27 nilsenRemoved the use of NAN. Problem with compatibility...
2003-03-26 morschSetTrackIsExiting, SetTrackIsEntering, SetTrackIsInside...
2003-03-25 nilsenITS new Geometry files. Not yet ready for uses, committ...
2003-03-25 coppedisChanges in ZDC geometry to avoid overlaps with other...
2003-03-25 cblumeUpdate of simple generator
2003-03-25 morschQuarkonia for pp @ 14 TeV added.
2003-03-25 morschSetDecayer method added.
2003-03-25 morschNumbers of slow nucleons either from model or user...
2003-03-25 schutzPurity check is corrected
2003-03-24 morschExample for pA and slow nucleon simulation.
2003-03-24 morschSlow nucleon generator and model.
2003-03-24 morschGrayParticle -> SlowNucleon
2003-03-24 morschBug corrected.