2011-12-05 hristovChanges for #89427: Porting modification for material...
2011-12-05 gconesabUse matched track cluster rejection defined in AliCaloPID
2011-12-05 sgorbunocoverity fix
2011-12-04 allamonitoring histos for new trigger
2011-12-04 slindalUpdating conv correlation classes
2011-12-04 slindalfixing rule violations
2011-12-04 slindalFixing coding rule violations
2011-12-04 slindalRemoving files that had been added to soon. Non in...
2011-12-04 laphecetCoverity fixes
2011-12-04 laphecetSend to FXS before sending to Amore
2011-12-04 laphecetUpdate to allow check per chamber
2011-12-04 laphecetChanges to be in sync with what we have in the OCDB
2011-12-04 sgorbunobug fix for outer sectors, extra interface
2011-12-04 sgorbunomacro for cluster merger efficiency
2011-12-04 prino1. AliRDHFCutsLctopKpi:
2011-12-03 marianAdding macro to compare the tracks recunstructed with
2011-12-03 jgrosseoremoving event_stat.root as RegisteExtraFile, needs...
2011-12-03 shahoianUse cloning of AliESDtrack to ExternalTrackParam rather...
2011-12-03 morschPyquen large angle radiation
2011-12-03 ivana- Apply trigger algorithm to MC tracks when defining...
2011-12-02 martinezAdd new central and semicentral triggers (Cynthia)
2011-12-02 morschbug #89470: add entry to OADB: PIDdefaultPriors
2011-12-02 morschUpdated bad channel map.
2011-12-02 fbelliniFix to pointer name wrt previous commit
2011-12-02 fbelliniFix for coverity
2011-12-02 guernaneRe-enable trigger calculation removing STU OCDB access...
2011-12-02 sgorbunobugfix: output of one extra cluster when the last rawcl...
2011-12-02 dsilvermassignment operator update typo - fix from Jochen K...
2011-12-02 sgorbunotreatment of MC labels added
2011-12-02 smaUpdates for EMCal
2011-12-02 dsilvermattempt to address remaining coverity issues - all...
2011-12-02 cblumeCoverity
2011-12-02 mflorisUsing both central and semi-central classes for kCentra...
2011-12-02 kleinbNew task for analysis of jet core (L. Cunqueiro)
2011-12-01 wiechulao TPC tender updates:
2011-12-01 gconesabadd line at end of file to avoid compilation warning
2011-12-01 gconesabcoverity from Dmitri
2011-12-01 hristovChanges for #89357 commit in STEER and port to release...
2011-12-01 hristovFixes for #89368: QA final merging crashes REV-14 ...
2011-12-01 hristovChanges for #89334 AOD Calorimeters: store distance...
2011-12-01 cblumeAdd function suggested by Uwe
2011-12-01 agheataNew tags supported by AliAnalysisTaskCfg: \n #Module...
2011-12-01 gconesabnow mag field and geo manager configuration done in...
2011-12-01 gconesabReduce number of histograms in QA, added option to...
2011-12-01 cblumeCoverity
2011-12-01 gconesab1) Add initialization of magnetic field in case of...
2011-12-01 gconesabAdd positility to import geometry.root at Init
2011-12-01 gconesabAdd positility to import geometry.root at Init
2011-12-01 gconesabCaloUtils: Add include to TGeoMatrix
2011-12-01 fcaincluding <algorithm>
2011-12-01 hristovChanges for #89354 commit in STEER and port to Release...
2011-12-01 jgrosseoreturning the handler in its own type and not its baseclass
2011-12-01 dsilvermcoverity and RuleChecker viol fixes
2011-12-01 pchristUpdated macro (Micahael Weber)
2011-12-01 sgorbunocluster merging algorithm added
2011-12-01 mflorisChanging order of T0 selections (Alla)
2011-12-01 hristovAdditional fix for #88417: Request to commit/port fixes...
2011-12-01 smaCoverity
2011-12-01 hdalsgaaIntroducing a flag to use V0AND instead of NSD1 for...
2011-12-01 cvetanCoverity
2011-12-01 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-01 fcaCoverity
2011-12-01 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-01 fcaFixing copy ctor and ass operator
2011-12-01 prinoUpdates in graphics for MPV
2011-12-01 prinoFix
2011-12-01 rpreghenwarning + coverity fixes
2011-12-01 jgrosseosupporting multiple files in CopyLocalDataset
2011-12-01 gconesabcoverity
2011-12-01 prinoGetter for phys sel (Zaida)
2011-11-30 cvetanCoverity
2011-11-30 cvetanCoverity
2011-11-30 gconesabAliAnaPi0: By default, only invariant mass histograms...
2011-11-30 jgrosseoincreasing ClassDef
2011-11-30 hristovFix for #89265: VZERO equalization factor not transmitt...
2011-11-30 daineseAdded run list for LHC11h
2011-11-30 daineseUpdated PbPb systematic errors (close to final)
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 prinoFix
2011-11-30 prinoCoding conventions
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseUpdate
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 prinoCoding conventions
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 cvetanCorrection (Raphael)
2011-11-30 dainesecompilation warning
2011-11-30 gconesabcorrect compilation warning about extra ; in include...
2011-11-30 maseraCoding conventions
2011-11-30 maseraCoding conventions
2011-11-30 esicking(1) add option for LHC11a which allows to read only...
2011-11-30 gconesabcoding violations
2011-11-30 gconesabcoverity and coding violations