2012-04-23 kleinbcoverity fix FORWARD NULL
2012-04-22 prinoFix
2012-04-22 shahoianPossibility to alias some params to others
2012-04-22 allafix warning
2012-04-22 allachoose start amplitude signal from given range
2012-04-21 prinoRemove old task for D0 efficiency
2012-04-21 cnattrasChanging default data set to PbPb
2012-04-21 cnattrasAdding centrality to EmEt code
2012-04-21 cnattrasadding switches to run compiled version
2012-04-21 kleinbfix compiler warnings and coverity
2012-04-21 cnattrasChanges in efficiency to use ITS standalone tracks...
2012-04-21 cnattrasChanges in efficiency to use ITS standalone tracks...
2012-04-21 cnattrasMacros from Marcelo for calculating EMCal corrections
2012-04-21 marianReducing systematic effect in the cluster position.
2012-04-21 marianAssign track label pi to the raw digits, to be consiten...
2012-04-21 marianUsing trigger selection as an optional argument for the
2012-04-20 coppedisIncreasing histo clu. lay.1 upper lim.
2012-04-20 coppedisAdding histos for the LEGO train
2012-04-20 akisielMinor fix
2012-04-20 hristov#93696: changes in AliPIDCombined - commit to trunk
2012-04-20 cnattrasThis should have been removed a long time ago
2012-04-20 hristovFixes for #93849: alieve_init.C crashes with Can't...
2012-04-20 pcrochetBug fixes - new aliroot structure and others (Cynthia)
2012-04-20 allaonly CFD time in range defined in RecoParam are used...
2012-04-19 kleinbadded protection
2012-04-19 morschUpdates from Leticia
2012-04-19 morschPossibility to set the first event.
2012-04-19 dainesePossibility to weight events according to z-vertex
2012-04-19 rgrossonew recipients for TPC and GRP shuttle messages, both...
2012-04-19 jgrosseoallowing separate study for eta sides
2012-04-19 morschError changed to info
2012-04-18 prinoPossibility to use weights on Z vertex and flat pt...
2012-04-18 cnattrasUpdating usage of tender supply
2012-04-18 cnattrasEliminating functions which are now performed by the...
2012-04-18 cnattrasAdding an extra post data to avoid an error message
2012-04-18 marianDefault OCDB path as an argument for the macro
2012-04-18 cnattraseliminating harmless error messages
2012-04-18 cnattraseliminating harmless error messages, eliminating stupid...
2012-04-18 cnattrasCorrecting use of ITS standalone tracks, eliminating...
2012-04-18 rbailhacWarning lego train
2012-04-18 slindalchanges from gsi. Using mult if no centrality. testfilt...
2012-04-18 slindalcosmetic changes
2012-04-18 slindaltesting commit
2012-04-18 slindalchanging order or z c bins
2012-04-18 marianFix neccessary for local merge
2012-04-18 rgrossopossibility to cache when getting by id
2012-04-18 rgrossoPrintf replacing AliInfo to solve savannah ticket ...
2012-04-18 fbelliniRemoved executable flag
2012-04-18 morschCoverity 19921, 19913, 19912
2012-04-18 fbelliniRemoved unused obsolete classes
2012-04-18 fbelliniFixed warnings and coverity + added option to control...
2012-04-18 mcosentiincluding files not added in the previous commit
2012-04-18 mcosentiincluding new Salvatore's patch
2012-04-18 hristovChanges for #93556: Trigger list in Pb-Pb 2011 simulation
2012-04-17 prinoUpdates for running on the train (Raoul)
2012-04-17 gconesabcorrect streaming problem for plugin
2012-04-17 hristovMaking the shell scripts executable
2012-04-17 hristovSimplifications
2012-04-17 hristovThe QAtrain.C needs ESD friends
2012-04-17 marianAdding protection.
2012-04-17 marianLogarithmic binning for TAxis
2012-04-17 prinoNew centrality histogram (Zaida)
2012-04-17 fbelliniFix momentum cut in TOF QA task
2012-04-17 hristovAdding geometry name as argument
2012-04-17 cblumeUpdate by Xianguo
2012-04-17 hristovFixed EINCLUDE
2012-04-17 lmilanoAxis and pr range fix
2012-04-17 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2012-04-17 kleinbNow also the QA task only considers charged primary...
2012-04-17 kleinbDousatsus jet analyis task, QA, new Usertasks directory
2012-04-17 maseraCoding conventions
2012-04-17 abercucimore stable version suggested by failure to merge as...
2012-04-17 abercucifix coverity
2012-04-17 polichehReplaced by the correct one (previous embedded AliPHOST...
2012-04-17 wiechulao fix for coverity bug 19907
2012-04-16 aurasAnalysis files updated
2012-04-16 zampolliFix for run number for QA train (Mikolaj).
2012-04-16 zampolliUpdate for TRD (Raphaelle).
2012-04-16 zampolliUpdate TRD settings (Raphaelle).
2012-04-16 gconesabnew reference after change in biases - Francesco
2012-04-16 morschPossibility to pass arguments to the AddTaskEventplane...
2012-04-16 morschNew bversion
2012-04-16 fbelliniAdded AliESDtrackCuts object to quality cuts
2012-04-16 zampolliRemoving useless (and harmless) lines for T0.
2012-04-16 kleinbfix covertiy
2012-04-16 polichehTrigger object updated.
2012-04-16 miweberretrieve Balance Function integrals in readBalance...
2012-04-16 hqvigstaAdded functionality in AliPHOSTRURawReader to test...
2012-04-16 hristovFixes for #93692: Physics selection does not work in...
2012-04-16 hqvigstaAdded functionality of storing named dat based AliPHOST...
2012-04-16 kleinbavoid doubled adding of histos for MC (O. Busch)
2012-04-16 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2012-04-16 coppedisUpdate to DQM histos
2012-04-16 coppedisAdding histos
2012-04-16 coppedisFix
2012-04-15 ssakainew config. for systematic study
2012-04-15 ssakainew task for systematic study
2012-04-15 zampolliUpdating rec + calib + merge + makeOCDB for CPass0...
2012-04-15 zampolliUpdating merge + makeOCDb for CPass1 according to tests...
2012-04-15 zampolliUpdating rec + calib + qa for CPass1 according to tests...