2001-04-27 barberaA typo corrected
2001-04-27 barberaSome typos and misalignment of comments corrected
2001-04-26 nilsenAdded function DetToLocal and LocalToDet used to consis...
2001-04-26 nilsenBug fix.
2001-04-26 nilsenRemoved dependence on layer 5/6 in AliITS::HitsToDigits...
2001-04-26 barberaShell script to do TPC and ITS tracking V1 all at once
2001-04-26 barberaTest macro to read ITS tracks
2001-04-26 barberaTMatrix and TVector elimininated to speed up the code
2001-04-26 barberaRecpoint sigma values re-set to their original values
2001-04-26 vestboChanged number of timebins to 446
2001-04-26 vestboAdded some functions
2001-04-26 vestboAdded residual calc. and ntuppels
2001-04-26 kowal2Corrected bug in the inner containment vessel (cones)
2001-04-25 barberaUpdated version to be compatible with actual verion...
2001-04-25 gossetCorrections to violations of coding conventions
2001-04-25 allaCurent bur fixed
2001-04-25 schutzadded primaries to Print()
2001-04-25 schutzInterference with other detectors removed: read/fill...
2001-04-25 morschAliPMDv3 included in Makefile and LinkDef
2001-04-24 hristovNew TPC medium added (M.Kowalski)
2001-04-24 hristovScope resolution removed (Sun)
2001-04-24 hristovPointer set to zero in the constructor (Sun)
2001-04-24 morschOverlap with absorber corrected.
2001-04-24 schutzA new method GimeDigits added
2001-04-24 kowal2Protection against too small betagamma
2001-04-24 kowal2New TPC geometry.
2001-04-24 morschOverlap with absorber corrected.
2001-04-24 schutzRead not all TreeH, but only PHOS branch now -> faster...
2001-04-23 morschOverlap in closing cone corrected (thanks to Ivana...
2001-04-23 hristovvariable renamed to avoid name redefinition
2001-04-23 hristovsdtlib.h included to define exit() on HP and Sun
2001-04-23 hristovArrays with variable size created by new and deleted...
2001-04-23 hristovConstant casted to avoid ambiguity
2001-04-23 hristovsdtlib.h included to define abort on HP and Sun
2001-04-23 hristovArray with variable size declared using new and deleted...
2001-04-22 barberaNew values of media parameters and thickness of SPD...
2001-04-22 barberaUpdated version from Boris Batyunya
2001-04-22 barberaTest macros for SSD reconstruction
2001-04-21 barberaUnused variable _status_ in line 381 commented
2001-04-21 marianaBug fixing in the loop over hits
2001-04-21 barberaUpdated with the new SSD reconstruction code
2001-04-20 morschBeam pipe consistent with present ITS version as default.
2001-04-20 barberaUpdated version from P. Cerello
2001-04-20 coppedisPreliminary version of optics 6.2 - Insertion of TDI
2001-04-20 coppedisMinor changes
2001-04-20 coppedisPreliminary version of optics 6.2 - Insertion of TDI
2001-04-20 coppedisMinor changes
2001-04-20 kowal2Protection against too small betaGamma. Thanks to Ivana...
2001-04-18 barberaNew version of the macros from Boris Batyunya
2001-04-18 barberaNumber of modules in layer 5 and 6 re-set to 23 and 26
2001-04-17 hristovPossibility to define the magnetic field in the reconst...
2001-04-17 hristovTClonesArrays deleted correctly
2001-04-13 schutzGetPrimaries modified
2001-04-13 schutzGetSDigitsBranch method added
2001-04-13 schutzGetPrimaries Removed - get them from EmcRecPoint
2001-04-13 schutzfHeaderFileName set in ctr
2001-04-13 schutzpolishing
2001-04-13 schutzfunction Ls() added
2001-04-13 schutzDefining of the branch titles corrected
2001-04-12 schutzAn example of analyzing methods compaticle with several...
2001-04-12 morschObsolete macro removed.
2001-04-12 morschUse access methods for hit data.
2001-04-12 morschObsolete macr removed.
2001-04-12 morsch- some numerical problems caused by pad staggering...
2001-04-12 barberaNon existent iDet changed to 1 for SDD simulation
2001-04-12 cheynisRemoved empty Fileout
2001-04-12 barberaDelete gAlice commented to be consistent with the TPC
2001-04-12 morschReactivate forcing option for dimuon and dielectron...
2001-04-11 morschBug in GetPadC in case of staggered planes corrected...
2001-04-11 fcaCorrect GetPrimary when reading events
2001-04-11 schutztest to print out cvs tag in ctor
2001-04-11 allafIdSens1 after check
2001-04-10 cheynisThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2001-04-09 gossetInversion of covariance matrices with local copy of...
2001-04-09 morschNew set-up and comments for ITS. (R. Barbera)
2001-04-06 vestboUpdating before easter
2001-04-06 schutzRemoved default values in pure abstract class
2001-04-06 schutzcan now read from HPSS
2001-04-06 frankenSimplification for Fast Simulator
2001-04-06 morschVersion 3 of the PMD. (Tapan K. Nayak)
2001-04-06 morschAnti e-neutrino added to g3 particle list.
2001-04-06 schutzmodification of geometry
2001-04-06 schutzRemoved default values in pure abstract class
2001-04-06 frankencleanup
2001-04-06 frankenExampel to use AliL3Evaluate
2001-04-06 frankenadd mrproper and wipe
2001-04-06 frankenminor changes, bugfix for FastSim
2001-04-06 frankenChanged max_num_of_hits to 120000
2001-04-06 morschMUONv1 with default set-up
2001-04-06 morschpipe, abso and shil on again.
2001-04-06 fcaStopping GEANT for duplicated volumes
2001-04-06 morschDependency on implementations of AliSegmentation and...
2001-04-06 morschClear fParticles after each event. (Ivana Hrivnacova)
2001-04-05 schutznew methods added
2001-04-05 schutzfDigitizer set to 0 in ctr
2001-04-05 schutzMathod StartFrom changed
2001-04-05 schutzadded the ctor of AliDetector which was removed by...
2001-04-05 gossetCleaning: suppression of Cpoints and (R2points + CoG2)
2001-04-05 schutzcancel previous update
2001-04-05 schutzchanges in the geometry