2014-11-06 mkrzewicnow it works. before - not so much.
2014-11-06 saiolaMake the EMCal trigger 1024 adc bug rejection optional...
2014-11-06 saiolaBug fix: jet eta axis was not filled
2014-11-06 shahoianoptimized mat.budget estimator macro
2014-11-06 fprinoUpdates in event mixing code for low-pt code
2014-11-06 hristovPlease do not remove using std::...
2014-11-06 hristovRemove custom streamer, it was not active in the old...
2014-11-06 dgangadhInclude intermediate radii for Rcoh, include all partia...
2014-11-06 dberzanoFixed grep syntax on OS X in the Analysis Plugin
2014-11-06 jniedzietemporary fix of broken compilation when DATE is insalled
2014-11-06 rbertens AliAnalysistaskPIDConfig task updates from naghmeh
2014-11-06 mbrozHistogram for C0TVX triggers
2014-11-06 mbrozFlag for non-existance of SPD vertex
2014-11-06 lramonaFix a typo
2014-11-06 lramonaAdding histos for NUA corrections
2014-11-06 jniedzieClient Thread of Storage Manager split into smaller...
2014-11-06 coppedis"Setting correct gains for Pb-p in simulation"
2014-11-06 maszymancorrection in V0 shared daughter cut
2014-11-06 mfaselAdd possibility to enable trigger patch QA in the jet...
2014-11-06 belikovCorrect treatment of tracks with pT<pTmin
2014-11-05 mkrzewicfix warnings (shadowed method)
2014-11-05 mkrzewicfix compilation
2014-11-05 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into mergi...
2014-11-05 mbrozPreprocessor for AD
2014-11-05 xsanchezadding histograms for track multiplicity and ctau distr...
2014-11-04 zconesadefault ctor implementation
2014-11-04 ssakaiupdated HFE EMC QA task
2014-11-04 rbertens prototype for weights
2014-11-04 zconesafix on cascades the bachelor is at the position 0 ...
2014-11-04 maszymanupdates for 3D analyis in PRF and macros for proton...
2014-11-04 rbertens updated pid config task from nagmeh
2014-11-04 sjenaAdding QA task for AMPT checks: sjena
2014-11-04 lramonaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-04 sjenaUpdate in pr task : drathee
2014-11-04 lramonaModified Multistrange QA tasks and macros (Domenico C.)
2014-11-04 maszymanimplementation of the shared daughter cut in AliFemto...
2014-11-04 belikovActivating binomial errors for the efficiencies
2014-11-04 miweberBugfix:
2014-11-04 miweberCoverity Fix:
2014-11-04 fkrizekCount additional triggers in dR<0.4
2014-11-04 miweberCoverity Fixes:
2014-11-03 mverweijupdates toy combined EMCal-DCal trigger
2014-11-03 zconesa Fix to evict getting particles with negatie label
2014-11-03 hristovAdd using std::...
2014-11-03 hristovTake the constant part out of the if statement
2014-11-03 miweberCoverity fix (p.pujahari@cern.ch):
2014-11-03 miweberCoverity Fix CID 22307:
2014-11-03 rgrossoFix bug in building local list of valid files.
2014-11-03 mfaselAdapt task to the usage of PicoTracks
2014-11-03 mverweijfix warning
2014-11-03 vkuceraSubtraction methods can save the results into data...
2014-11-03 vkuceraSet area energy.
2014-11-03 vkuceraCosmetics.
2014-11-03 vkuceraAdded fAreaE, AreaE, SetAreaE, SubtractRhoVect.
2014-11-03 vkuceraSome calculations simplified.
2014-11-03 vkuceraUnified indenting and spacing.
2014-11-03 vkuceraAdded PtSubVect. Renamed fPtVectSub -> fPtSubVect.
2014-11-03 vkuceraFixed calculation of phi.
2014-11-03 vkuceraCosmetics.
2014-11-03 allaonly event with 0TVX trigger on used in calibration
2014-11-03 zconesaVarious updates: (1) Possibility to use histogram as...
2014-11-03 zampolliAdding new TOF and T0 tasks to CPass1 (output in separa...
2014-11-03 zampolliAdding T0 task to CPass1 macros
2014-11-03 zampolliAdding T0 task to CPass1 macros
2014-11-03 mverweijsafety measures when no name for PartonInfo is given
2014-11-03 lcunqueiRandom generation seed
2014-11-03 rhaakeCharged jet(pPb): Add some centrality plots
2014-11-03 sgwebermerge
2014-11-03 sgweberbug fixes: problem with v0s, if trackID != number of...
2014-11-03 rbertens changed default value of addtask macro
2014-11-03 zampolliCoverity fixes for TOF new CPass1 calib task
2014-11-03 zampolliCoverity fixes
2014-11-03 zconesaAdapt macro for the TList (Alessandro, Zaida)
2014-11-03 maszymancoverity fix
2014-11-03 allaAnalysis of calibration data, to be add as addition...
2014-11-03 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-03 cholmDisable secondary corrrection by default, allow overrid...
2014-11-02 wiechulaATO-86 Fix false warning on missing HLT clusters
2014-11-02 cnattrasadding plot with simulated ET
2014-11-02 lietavaModifications for 100 classes implemented in STEER
2014-11-02 cnattrasadding cross check histograms
2014-11-02 cnattrasadding centrality dimension to cluster energy histo
2014-11-01 sjenaUpdate OnFly Pid Corr:debojit
2014-10-31 ekryshenBug in kTRD for LHC13g fixed. !T0Pileup requirement...
2014-10-31 zconesaFixing typo (A.Rossi)
2014-10-31 miweberRefined fitting function for range determination:
2014-10-31 pgonzaleNew cut and histograms for photon calculation efficiency
2014-10-31 lietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-31 lietavaFix in GetEvetnInfo
2014-10-31 sjenaUpdate in Two Particle Corr: debojit
2014-10-31 mverweijupdate toy emcal trigger
2014-10-31 cholmMerged changes from LXPLUS
2014-10-31 sgorbunoincrease of ClassDef index for ESDFriend and ESDFriendTrack
2014-10-31 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-10-31 cholmA set of minor updates and fixes
2014-10-31 cholmAllow up to 7 peaks to be fitted - needed by PbPb simul...
2014-10-31 cholmNew correction objects based on LHC14i2
2014-10-31 ekryshenMerge branch 'master' of https://ekryshen@git.cern...
2014-10-31 ekryshenRun-by-run QA plots added in PS QA framework
2014-10-31 mfaselAdd monitoring histogram for the fastor amps, add dimen...