2007-04-24 hristovPossibility to run the monitoring
2007-04-24 hristovMonaLisa monitoring in BITS
2007-04-24 richtermbackward compatibility: using default parameter of...
2007-04-24 richtermmemory leak corrected
2007-04-24 hristovAdditional protection: do not search for alignable...
2007-04-24 richtermbugfix: crashes after changes according to coding conve...
2007-04-24 marianBug fix in global fit (Marian, L.Bozyk)
2007-04-24 morschExamples script to run jet finder under proof.
2007-04-24 morschSome additional updates for running under proof.
2007-04-24 schutzadded VZERO
2007-04-24 schutzAdded VZERO
2007-04-24 hristovDefault parameter for backward compatibility (Matthias)
2007-04-24 morschProtection against id = 308, 211 removed.
2007-04-24 dibariMinors
2007-04-24 hristovRemoved overlaps. Geometry as installed, i.e. the drift...
2007-04-24 panosTypo in flow - libPWG0flow to libPWG2flow
2007-04-24 kharlovVertex extraction from GenHeader
2007-04-24 kharlovz-sign bugs fixed
2007-04-24 polichehFirst working version (histograms with energy depositio...
2007-04-24 polichehAdaptation to DA framework
2007-04-23 decaroPrintout correction
2007-04-23 kharlovMemory leak fixed (Gustavo)
2007-04-23 mvlMoved all TRU mapping to AliEMCALGeometry and removed...
2007-04-23 ivanaAdded paths, uncommented MUONStatusMap.C (now compiles)
2007-04-23 ivanaCorrected compiling
2007-04-23 decaroDigits-to-raw_data conversion: correction for a more...
2007-04-23 maseraUse of global coordinates of the clusters (L. Gaudichet)
2007-04-23 kirGeom test facility in v2
2007-04-23 kirv2 is included in compilation
2007-04-23 kirHgeom.C goes as v2 (to be renamed v1 later on)
2007-04-23 kirHMPID v2 instead of TIC option
2007-04-23 arcellifor non-miscalibrated digits, set an ad-hoc conversion...
2007-04-23 dibariRule checker in private Hmake
2007-04-23 dibariCoding convention
2007-04-23 ivanaUPdated comments only
2007-04-23 ivanaAdded paragraph on GMS
2007-04-23 ivanaAdding paragraph on MUONmassPlot_ESD.C
2007-04-23 ivanaIncluding MUONplotefficiency.C in compilation
2007-04-23 ivanaAdding includes to make macro compilable
2007-04-22 mploskonMagnetic field settings fix for AliTracker::SetField
2007-04-22 mploskoninitial HLT-TRD commit
2007-04-22 mploskoninitial HLT-TRD commit
2007-04-20 arcelliNew input spectra (same as specrum.root but ToT spectru...
2007-04-20 arcelliNew Macro for Miscalibrated digits (ToT spectrum is...
2007-04-20 marianMake tree with combined information form several cal...
2007-04-20 marianAdd global fit of values (Marian, S.Gaertner, L.Bozyk)
2007-04-20 cvetanCorrection to take in account that the last layer is...
2007-04-20 cvetanCorrect counting of space-points belonging to the volum...
2007-04-20 hristovMin. bias with the default Pythia settings
2007-04-20 pcrochetAdd description about MUONTriggerEfficiency.C (Philippe C.)
2007-04-20 arcellimake protections agains failed retrieval of the CDB...
2007-04-20 arcelliadd some printout
2007-04-20 arcellichanges for proper protection against failed retrieval...
2007-04-20 marianAdd algebraic functions (Marian, Jens)
2007-04-20 arcellijust some code cleanup in DecalibrateTOFSignal
2007-04-20 dibariCoding violations
2007-04-20 marianAdd TPC preprocessor (Haavard, Marian)
2007-04-20 richtermbugfix: define order
2007-04-20 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-04-20 mtadelMap SetRnrSelf and SetRnrChildren to node visibility...
2007-04-20 richtermadded migrated TPC hough tracking code to compilation...
2007-04-20 richtermCoding conventions
2007-04-20 morschGetter for dipole position needed by MUON. (G. Martinez)
2007-04-20 ivanaA new macro for loading and compiling the macros in...
2007-04-20 ivanaCorrected compilation warning
2007-04-20 hristovAdditional protection
2007-04-20 daineseadded D0toKpi and BtoJPSItoEle
2007-04-20 ivanaAdded includes to make macro compilable and fixed a...
2007-04-20 mtadelNew macro, import ITS hits by layer.
2007-04-20 richtermadded support for symbol lookup in dynamically loaded...
2007-04-20 richtermdocumentation; deprecated defines deleted
2007-04-20 hristovNew class (Andrea)
2007-04-20 hristovD0 analysis moved to PWG3 (Andrea)
2007-04-20 hristovGetESD.sh becomes runtest.sh
2007-04-20 hristovAdding reconstruction of raw data
2007-04-20 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2007-04-20 richtermfix added to cope with distributed source code
2007-04-20 richtermCoding conventions, effC++, hough tracker creator added...
2007-04-20 dainesefirst version of B->J/psi->ee analysis (Giuseppe)
2007-04-20 dainesemove D0toKpi to PWG3 (Andrea)
2007-04-20 pcrochetAdd description about MUONTrigger.C and MUONTriggerEffi...
2007-04-20 pcrochetCorrect compiler errors (Philippe C.)
2007-04-20 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2007-04-20 hristovTHydjet (Rafael)
2007-04-19 arcelliFix a bug (add some debug printout
2007-04-19 arcelliFix a bug (had to temporarily go back to ns units in...
2007-04-19 ivanaUpdate serial number files for chamber 6R
2007-04-19 ivanaRun with compiled macros
2007-04-19 ivanaAdded includes to make macro compilable and corrected...
2007-04-19 kharlovAdd a class AliPHOSSurvey
2007-04-19 kharlovFirst upload of strip unit survey data from the measure...
2007-04-19 kharlovAdd misalignment of strip units with AliPHOSSurvey...
2007-04-19 kharlovModify strip unit geometry according to the final drawi...
2007-04-19 marianPath to default data changed (Haavard)
2007-04-19 morschIron replaced by stainless steel.
2007-04-19 kharlovMemory leak fixed (Gustavo)
2007-04-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-04-19 mtadelAdd common holder for all modules.
2007-04-19 mtadelDo not transpose rotation part of super-module matrix.
2007-04-19 mtadelTranspose rotation part when copying data to TBuffer3D...