2011-09-27 hristovPossibility to make PT sorting (Jochen)
2011-09-27 hristovImplementation of TRD trigger flags (Jochen)
2011-09-27 gconesabcorrect wrong default initialization of time recalibrat...
2011-09-27 gconesabFirst implementation of the time calibration for analys...
2011-09-27 anshul.goelFix for DA's
2011-09-27 gvolpeRadiator trasparency calculation updated
2011-09-27 hristovFixes for #87003: Drift velocity calibration + Bug...
2011-09-27 agheataFrom Levente: Require z vertex within ± 10 cm and requi...
2011-09-27 hristovFix for #85144: Memory leak in SPD DQM agent (Annalisa)
2011-09-27 loizidescorrected obvious typo. which value to chose between...
2011-09-27 loizidesset br names
2011-09-27 gconesabAdd dependency on EMCAL for TenderSupply par file creation
2011-09-27 dperrinoCorrecting the previous commit. AOD analysis added...
2011-09-27 dperrinoAOD analysis added. First step of the inclusion of...
2011-09-27 coppedisUpdating DA to store TDC offsets
2011-09-27 hristovSTEER/STEER depends on ANALYIS
2011-09-26 snellingsimplified
2011-09-26 richtermextending interface of AliHLTDataInflater by reading...
2011-09-26 gconesabdedx method is float but variable declared int, corrected
2011-09-26 gconesabReintroduction of AliAnaElectron for Shower Shape studies
2011-09-26 zampolliSetting new FXS for DQM.
2011-09-26 hristovlibSTEER depends on libANALYSIS
2011-09-26 hristovPossibility to run analysis train inside AliReconstruct...
2011-09-26 agheatadefault merging does local file copying first
2011-09-26 kharlovBug fixes. Trigger classes selection is added.
2011-09-26 cholmFix range and binning on histograms
2011-09-26 cvetanNew event header version.
2011-09-26 rvernetfix leading particle tag
2011-09-26 hristovCorrected initialization
2011-09-26 cholmDisable 'words' histogram as it causes problems in...
2011-09-26 agheataDo not recreate default containers if existing
2011-09-26 prsnkoCoverity fixes
2011-09-26 allacorrect calibration of short runs
2011-09-26 allacorrect calibration of short runs
2011-09-26 abercucifix coverity
2011-09-25 kleinbsmaller ghostarea for FastJet Clusters
2011-09-25 kleinbdo also keep jet direction for pTSub exactly 0
2011-09-25 kleinbFix: increase classdef
2011-09-25 gconesabchange default opening angle functions parameters,...
2011-09-25 hristovFixes for #87043: FMD crashes RAW OCDB simulation ...
2011-09-25 gconesabAliNeutralMesonSelection: Set default settings for...
2011-09-24 laphecetFixing a (small) memory leak
2011-09-24 shahoianAdded protection against rotation to alpha where the...
2011-09-24 kleinbadded subtracted p_T to the jet, to keep track of all...
2011-09-24 kleinbadded subtracted p_T to the jet, to keep track of all...
2011-09-24 gconesabQA class: Use matching criteria defined in AliCaloPID
2011-09-23 pchristCoverity fix + going back to filling the fPN instead...
2011-09-23 gconesabAdd invariant mass histograms to check from MC the...
2011-09-23 gconesabBase class: Some more bins and ranges added
2011-09-23 mploskonfix: missing break - from Rongrong
2011-09-23 marianUpdate because of the changes in the framework.
2011-09-23 marianUpdates necessary because of the changes i the framework
2011-09-23 cholmWork around when AliFMDCalibZeroSuppression contains
2011-09-23 maserafixes for SSD online QA problems (Panos)
2011-09-23 abercuciupdates in plotting (Ionut)
2011-09-23 abercuciModifications in plotting (Markus)
2011-09-22 ivanaFix bug in DQM: solve MTRQAshifter agent crashing at SOR
2011-09-22 gconesabmisplaced parenthesis inside if
2011-09-22 morschUpdate
2011-09-22 pchristModifications in the output of the BF task (merging...
2011-09-22 cblumeIntroduce a statistical threshold (Raphaelle)
2011-09-22 jthaeder- adding usage of HLT clusters instead of offline clusters
2011-09-22 marianFixed make fit string to define aliases
2011-09-22 fronchetcorrected loop on supermodules to 0->9 (was 0->8)
2011-09-22 richtermtypo corrected, leading to compile errors on some systems
2011-09-22 mploskonby Rongrong: continued extrapolation fine tunning
2011-09-22 mploskonby Rongrong: 1. Add an option to use loose track cuts...
2011-09-22 kharlovEvent embedding tasks for PHOS are added (D.Peressounko)
2011-09-22 fronchetcoverity
2011-09-22 loizideshandle emcal led events and flag or skip them according...
2011-09-22 loizidesCosmetic
2011-09-22 shahoianUnblocked using of TOF BC info in multi-vertexer
2011-09-21 morschinclude file added
2011-09-21 morschCorrection.
2011-09-21 cnattrasAdding more useful comments by Marcelo
2011-09-21 fronchetimplemented alternative (faster) track extrapolation...
2011-09-21 fronchetentry to select different track matching extrapolation...
2011-09-21 fcaFixing coverity (finally?)
2011-09-20 wiechulao fix access of null pointer
2011-09-20 cvetanAdding new event header version following the DAQ reque...
2011-09-20 amastrosselection on minimum number of N points added
2011-09-20 coppedisCorrecting Digits2Raw + prints commented
2011-09-20 hristovFix for #86922: Port TPC fix to the release
2011-09-20 richtermadding configurations for huffman training (TPC-compres...
2011-09-20 richtermminor change in function documentation
2011-09-20 richtermpointer protection added
2011-09-20 loizidesbug fix
2011-09-20 loizidesbranches
2011-09-19 snellingusing refmult
2011-09-19 gconesabRemove not needed protection in case of 0 tracks in...
2011-09-19 jgrosseotypo
2011-09-19 amastrosbug fix
2011-09-19 wiechulao fix
2011-09-19 loizidesGet momentum
2011-09-19 wiechulao updates in the TOF histograms (Pietro)
2011-09-19 daineseUpdate PID systematic error for pp 7 TeV D0 (Andrea)
2011-09-19 marianCoverity:
2011-09-19 marianCoverity (hopefully) fix
2011-09-19 morschPID updates for TRD
2011-09-19 morschInclude pythia libs