2014-09-04 mverweijAdd copy track task
2014-09-04 mcosentichanging the iso track removal default to OFF
2014-09-04 hristovPWGPP-75 ALIROOT-5610 Protection to avoid FPE if the...
2014-09-04 mfaselReject clusters that are matched to more than one track
2014-09-04 mfasel- Swap sign of the eta in case of LHC13f - Add histogra...
2014-09-04 dberzanoRelVal: copyFileToLocal() retries on failure
2014-09-04 dberzanoRelVal: input list files converted to root:// URLs
2014-09-04 dberzanoRelVal: cleanup of paranoid copy code
2014-09-04 dberzanoRelVal: produce JSON summary handy for webapps
2014-09-04 lmilanotrack cuts updated
2014-09-04 dberzanoRelVal: access files via root:// URL at CERN
2014-09-04 mfaselAllow swapping the sign of eta in case of asymmetric...
2014-09-04 fbockadded functionality to run with calo-calo and conv...
2014-09-03 mverweijsmall fix
2014-09-03 lramonaModified tasks to run also on p-Pb data (D.Colella)
2014-09-03 zconesatrial to improve the calculation time
2014-09-03 mcosentifixing vector declaration
2014-09-03 dberzanoRelVal: porting mergeMakeOCDB changes to CPass1
2014-09-03 dberzanoRelVal: opt parsing fix and syntax update
2014-09-03 fkrizekMomentum smearing added
2014-09-03 saiolaFix binning of pt res axis
2014-09-03 saiolaFix typo
2014-09-03 kleinbFixing compiler warnings for unused variables
2014-09-03 dberzanoRelVal: robust copy for reference files
2014-09-03 saiolaRebin pt res plot
2014-09-03 mverweijsetter to assume pion mass for clusters
2014-09-03 fbelliniAdded FMD script for QA trending (V. Zaccolo)
2014-09-03 polichehMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-09-03 polichehCoverity fix.
2014-09-03 dberzanoRelVal: do not if inputList exists if it is an URL
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd ESE AddTask macro
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd Event-Shape-Engineering code for Femtoscopy
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd Event-Shape-Engineering code for Femtoscopy
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd Event-Shape-Engineering code for Femtoscopy
2014-09-03 dberzanoRelVal: opt. copy (no link) input data locally
2014-09-02 mverweijinclude neutral constituents in rho_m calculation
2014-09-02 mcosentichanges from Alexis Mas
2014-09-02 mcosentifixing the cluster position to be relative to pv instea...
2014-09-02 dgangadhUpdates to allow pp and pPb analysis
2014-09-02 mverweijAdd task to calculate rho_m scale factor. Based on...
2014-09-02 mverweijallow defining a fraction of particles as neutral
2014-09-02 mverweijsetter to force fIsMCPart (useful when generating toy...
2014-09-02 mverweijuse containers for counting tracks and clusters (only...
2014-09-02 mverweijadd possibily to select particles based on charge ...
2014-09-02 mverweijuse containers for loops and counting
2014-09-02 mverweijGet number of particles and clusters from containers
2014-09-02 mverweijadd GetNAcceptedClusters() function
2014-09-02 mverweijchange histo filling fhnMassResponse
2014-09-02 mverweijupdates jet mass detector response
2014-09-02 mverweijcheck number of constituents
2014-09-02 saiolaIncrease pt hard bin entry counter
2014-09-02 jbookprotection for weighted profile 3D
2014-09-02 saiolaBug fix
2014-09-02 saiolaMore performance improvements
2014-09-02 bhess- Added VZERO multiplicity estimator for pp with dedica...
2014-09-02 bhess- Forward z vertex cut to analysis utils class
2014-09-02 bhess- List variable not available for lego train. Passing...
2014-09-02 mcoloccifix abs
2014-09-02 maserafix for a small overlap
2014-09-02 lmilanoupdate from Marco
2014-09-02 saiolaStability and performance improvements
2014-09-01 maseraCooling pipe radii changed. For IB the change affects...
2014-09-01 morschdecrease vacuum density for FLUKA
2014-09-01 fbock- changes for pPb setup in AliConvCalo- task
2014-09-01 cblumeMove the two other macros as well
2014-09-01 mverweijalso fix emcal acceptance for 2012&2013 in ExecOnce()
2014-09-01 zampolliFix on vertex uncertainties evaluation in case SPD...
2014-09-01 zampolliFix on vertex uncertainties evaluation in case SPD...
2014-09-01 mverweijdon't use masked small SM for 2012 and 2013 data
2014-09-01 cblumeRemove files in wrong directory
2014-09-01 cblumeUpdates by Ionut
2014-09-01 sjenaCoverity fix 8443 : sjena
2014-09-01 gconesabuniformize name of newer histograms added for primary...
2014-09-01 mverweijchange default acceptance option
2014-09-01 mvlFrom Adrian: Add helper functions to calculate z and xi
2014-09-01 bogdanCorrect compilation warnings in AliMUONTriggerGUI.
2014-09-01 sjenaCoverity fix:8443
2014-09-01 gconesabadd check on overlap of pi0 decays for pi0 primaries...
2014-09-01 gconesabadd protection in case selected daughter index does...
2014-09-01 lmilanomult seelction in pp according to AnalysisUtils
2014-08-31 mvlAdd stack->Reset()
2014-08-30 ddobrigkAdded AliPPVsMultUtils to AliAnalysisUtils
2014-08-30 ddobrigkAliPPVsMultUtils: Change to AliVEvent
2014-08-30 prsnkoAnother non-linearity parameterization added
2014-08-29 xsanchezweighting correlations depending on centrality, adding...
2014-08-29 gconesabadd possibility to reject primary particles in isolatio...
2014-08-29 gconesabfix wrong initialization of int with a float
2014-08-29 gconesabreject also primary particles if they fall into a decla...
2014-08-29 sjenaAdding QA to NetParticle: sjena
2014-08-29 mcoloccifix coverity and rebinning
2014-08-29 mcosentiincluding an extra pt cut on top of the hybrid selection
2014-08-29 azimmermmoved some TLists to members of class
2014-08-29 sjenaupdate in hm addtask: satya
2014-08-29 anoliveiEtaPhi correction after Jet BackSub
2014-08-29 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-29 aurasNew methods in AliMFTAnalysisTools
2014-08-29 zampolliAllow use of AliTOFcalib::TuneForMC() when old ESD...
2014-08-28 pcrochetMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-28 gconesabAdd histogram with shower shape for particles tagged...
2014-08-28 pcrochetAdd protections for runs with no muon output (Diego)