2014-03-27 mverweijfix typo
2014-03-27 rbailhacFix
2014-03-27 morschUpdate
2014-03-27 morschUpdates
2014-03-27 cnattrasfix crash on HIJING with added signals
2014-03-27 saiolafix energy cut in cell histograms
2014-03-27 mverweijchange order of bookkeeping events
2014-03-27 fprinoAsymmetric nSigma cuts for TOF
2014-03-27 sjena Update in LHC code
2014-03-27 belikovFlexible pt range for the efficiency histogramming
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate in kaon femto train
2014-03-27 mverweijfix typo
2014-03-27 xsanchezIncluding h-Xi correlations and Xi-h correlations in MC
2014-03-27 sjenaUpdates from Sandun
2014-03-27 mvlSwitch off HLT fastjet compilation (temporary fix)
2014-03-27 saiolaadd TPC-only track cuts support
2014-03-27 rbertens from naghmeh: disabling dedx cut on aod by setting...
2014-03-27 rbertens minor fix in error propagation
2014-03-27 dgangadhRevert back to previous Norm intervals
2014-03-27 cnattrasfix to be able to run on new productions
2014-03-27 zconesaReorder parameters
2014-03-27 zconesaAdd possibility of fine Ntracklets bin (bins of 1 unit...
2014-03-27 zconesaAdd possibility of fine Ntracklets bin (bins of 1 unit...
2014-03-27 ekryshenPID info added
2014-03-27 jgrosseominor fixes for nAODs
2014-03-27 lramonaSwapping charge of selected tracks
2014-03-27 ssakaiupdated
2014-03-27 fbelliniUpdate on cuts for L*, from Anders
2014-03-27 shahoianUpdated response from Yvonne
2014-03-27 pachmayprovide default centrality for references
2014-03-27 mverweijadd more data sets
2014-03-27 rbailhacupdate
2014-03-27 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-03-27 rbailhacCoverity and update
2014-03-27 mverweijadd Hijing productions to AOD config
2014-03-27 mverweijdisable calib for MC
2014-03-27 mverweijturn off energy and timing calibration for MC
2014-03-27 mverweijreduce arguments AddTaskPWG4HighPtTrackQA
2014-03-27 mvlUpdate to FindFASTJET.cmake; now accepts also for ...
2014-03-27 zconesaAdd possibility of fine Ntracklets bin (bins of 1 unit...
2014-03-27 zconesaAdd method to set the measured primary particle distrib...
2014-03-27 saiolaadd centrality differential histograms; cleanup unused...
2014-03-27 saiolaremove unused THnSparse; add jet leading particle pt...
2014-03-27 mcosentiredefining histo axis
2014-03-27 mcosentichanging hardcoded value for a parameter
2014-03-27 mcosentiincluding a redundant and plus strong cut in the emcal...
2014-03-27 mkrzewiconly include errors in the email
2014-03-27 aurasSupport and analysis code modified
2014-03-27 lramonaAdding Tasks to Read AOD for (3He,pi) analysis
2014-03-27 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic: the greek update, again.
2014-03-27 cnattrasupdating macros for running on compiled code
2014-03-27 mkrzewicfix the default cdb storage
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate in Kaon Femto train
2014-03-27 rbertens cosmetics
2014-03-27 rbertens temporarily remove tasks from build files
2014-03-27 rbertens temporary patch to catch undermined runnumbers
2014-03-27 cnattrasfixing compilation order for ET
2014-03-27 fbelliniModified Makefile for building resonance package par...
2014-03-27 cnattrasImplementing improved PHOS nonlinearity, changing geome...
2014-03-27 lramonaFixing Coverity Warnings
2014-03-27 lramonaAdding Tasks to create NuclexAOD from MC productions...
2014-03-27 belikovFixing the wrapper volumes
2014-03-27 mflorisTest task for Nano and standard AOD
2014-03-27 belikovUpdating the TDR7 layout
2014-03-27 mflorisAdded minor comment
2014-03-27 mflorisAdded ESE task which can run on Nano or Regular AODs
2014-03-27 ssakaiupdated for some checks
2014-03-27 mkrzewicmore comments
2014-03-27 mkrzewicadd timestamps to the log of runQA.sh
2014-03-27 mverweijadd 2012 data sets to config
2014-03-27 belikovA couple of legacy comparison macros adapted to the...
2014-03-27 mverweijuse pointers to original objects stored in AliEmcalParticle
2014-03-27 dgangadhChange Norm region, Add extra Mult histo, Add explicit...
2014-03-27 shahoianCleaned config for v1 test
2014-03-27 shahoianIn v1 geometry cluster should be attached to sensor...
2014-03-27 shahoianPrevious version of v1 geom from Mario was incorrectly...
2014-03-27 zconesaCorrect backward incompatible change (R.Romita)
2014-03-27 fprinoFix for coverity defects
2014-03-27 mverweijadd more data sets to config AOD
2014-03-27 mverweijfix bug
2014-03-27 miwebercoverity fix
2014-03-27 polichehReverted to Tag v5-05-64-AN.
2014-03-27 ekryshenAdded inheritance from TArrayF to store arbitrary numbe...
2014-03-27 ekryshenFix for coverity
2014-03-27 jgrosseocatch interpreter errors
2014-03-27 fbelliniUpdate from Chitrasen
2014-03-27 sgorbunobug fix in inverse alignment calculation
2014-03-27 fbelliniFix typo
2014-03-27 mflorisMinor fix to dynamic cast introduced in e4edd69
2014-03-27 fbelliniFix for compilation warning
2014-03-27 fbelliniFix for coverity
2014-03-27 fbelliniFix for coverity:
2014-03-27 mverweijadd getter for pt on emcal
2014-03-27 mverweijdisable exotic cell remove
2014-03-27 mverweijchange default max distance R to 0.1
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate in Kaon Femto train directory
2014-03-27 shahoianImplementation of v1 geometry, interface to reco
2014-03-27 mflorisIncreased size of NanoAOD header
2014-03-27 mflorisTemporary patch for Nano AOD tests in AliAODEvent
2014-03-27 mverweijupdates JetSample to check cluster-track matching