2011-02-24 loizidesAlso rename PYTHIA call
2011-02-24 loizidesFix but not important as function was not used
2011-02-24 daineseUse nTPCclsFordEdx instead of nTPCcls (Rossella)
2011-02-24 prinoNew plots for trending injector efficiencies (Melinda)
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 odjuvsla- fixing warnings/coverity
2011-02-24 hdalsgaaFixed a DA disabling bug
2011-02-24 richtermcleaning memory on error condition and loop break
2011-02-24 richtermadding pointer protection
2011-02-24 smaFix for defect found by Coverity (Matus)
2011-02-24 richtermadding Calo, PHOS and EMCAL libraries to the default...
2011-02-24 richtermbugfix: changing return type to avoid return of a volat...
2011-02-24 maseraCompilation warning
2011-02-24 maseraCode related to new SPDSSpareseDead object in the OCDB...
2011-02-24 abercuciFollow PB requested that, for the time being, TRD info...
2011-02-24 richtermremoving obsolete component from libAliHLTTrigger
2011-02-23 prinoAdd method to apply offline zero suppression to SDD...
2011-02-23 prinoNew class for ITS dE/dx samples
2011-02-23 richtermremoving the HLT autoconf build system, however keep...
2011-02-23 daineseNew task to improve tracking resolution to simulate...
2011-02-23 richtermmajor change in build system for HLT libraries: library...
2011-02-23 cvetanSet ownership of objects in the output list.
2011-02-23 wiechulaMC settings handled in Init for SetRemoveMeanT0 and...
2011-02-23 martinezCoverity and warning fixes (Ivana, Gines)
2011-02-23 aszostakAdding standalone HLT DIM server binary for publishing...
2011-02-23 hristovRequested CMake version >= 2.8.4
2011-02-23 loizidesAdditional renames
2011-02-23 martinezAdding class AliHistogramCollectionIterator (Laurent...
2011-02-23 morschProtections added.
2011-02-23 morschContainer made browsable
2011-02-23 cvetanFix for bug#78633
2011-02-23 loizidesforgotten change
2011-02-23 agheataadded error messages when task does not post data in...
2011-02-23 martinezFixing warnings (Gines)
2011-02-23 martinezNew class AliHistogramCollection (Laurent)
2011-02-23 kkanaki- added argument to specify # of events on which the...
2011-02-23 hdalsgaaAdding option not to use secondary map
2011-02-23 hdalsgaaA few fixes
2011-02-23 hristovChange to compile the detector algorithms
2011-02-23 loizidesinital commit to produce some test files for Ermes...
2011-02-23 daineseAdded analysis of fakes (Francesco)
2011-02-23 daineseBug fix
2011-02-23 richtermbugfix: correcting component id for AliRawReaderPublish...
2011-02-23 richtermusing safe string oparations, pointer checks
2011-02-23 richtermbugfix: correct NULL pointer protections, propagate...
2011-02-23 richtermremoving unused variable, correcting NULL pointer condition
2011-02-23 cholmModifications to Run.sh script
2011-02-23 agheatafInputHandler set also in CreateOutputObjects
2011-02-23 daineseCorrected typos in D* cuts (thanks Francesco)
2011-02-23 morschnew class AliOADBCentrality
2011-02-23 richtermremoving unnecessary type cast
2011-02-23 loizidesFix overlapping symbol names between geant3 and ampt
2011-02-23 belikovIncreasing the class version number.
2011-02-23 loizidesUse frag model
2011-02-23 daineseFix for setting of PID selection bits (thanks Francesco)
2011-02-22 daineseAdded Lc (Zaida, Rossella)
2011-02-22 loizidesRenamed overlapping symbols with pythia6
2011-02-22 loizidesCorrected accidental commit. This version can deal...
2011-02-22 loizidesRemoved on Marias request
2011-02-22 snellingimproved pid cuts + coverty stuff
2011-02-22 morschdouble for 4-momentum in Generate()
2011-02-22 morschdouble for 4-momentum vector in Generate()
2011-02-22 snellingcov
2011-02-22 pulvirpreliminary template for reference documentation
2011-02-22 morschInterface functions added.
2011-02-22 belikovCopying the inner track parameters (M. Krzewicki).
2011-02-22 morschUpdates.
2011-02-22 hristovFixed memory leak
2011-02-22 morschInitialisation of fractions corrected.
2011-02-22 gconesabemcal clusterizer: add track matching recalculation...
2011-02-22 hristovUpdated ctiteria, renamed files, modified printout...
2011-02-22 gconesabStore and recover the index of the matched track, possi...
2011-02-22 hristovPrintout commented out (Jacek)
2011-02-22 polichehCoverity fixes.
2011-02-22 aszostakChanges required to publish custom data structures...
2011-02-22 lbarnbyMinor changes to macro and script
2011-02-22 kowal2code defect corrected
2011-02-22 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-22 daineseRemoved 7 runs for LHC10h, to be rechecked after pass2
2011-02-22 kkanaki- modified configuration to match the changes in the...
2011-02-22 kkanaki- macro for creating OCDB configuration objects of...
2011-02-22 prinoFix for memory leak (Leonardo)
2011-02-22 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerGeometryBuilder:
2011-02-22 kkanaki- commented out the UPC and V0 branches
2011-02-22 hristovFix for bug #78564: Inconsistent class version of AliTO...
2011-02-22 hristovFix for bug #78521: Cmake - recompiling AliRoot when...
2011-02-22 kkanaki- fix compilation warnings
2011-02-22 pulvirRemoved all dynamic_cast calls to convert referenced...
2011-02-22 kowal2code defect - nonused pointer - corrected
2011-02-22 vulpescuFix coverity defects
2011-02-22 richtermadding pointer protection
2011-02-22 richtermsafe string operations for logging messages
2011-02-22 allafix after checking pass2 LHC10h
2011-02-22 richtermmake scan of dEdx blocks consistent, there is only...
2011-02-22 richtermchecking result of dynamic_cast for NULL pointer
2011-02-22 fcaAdding binreloc to compilation
2011-02-21 kleinbadd mc header and tclonesarray pointer to the task...
2011-02-21 kleinbOne more delete for AliESDpid