2013-04-09 hqvigstaAdded Pi0FlowMC
2013-04-09 hqvigstaadded FillHistogram for 3d Hists with weight
2013-04-09 hqvigstaPi0Flow now sets cluster pointer in CaloPhoton.
2013-04-09 hqvigstaAdded to PHOS AliCaloPhoton.h, functionality for having...
2013-04-09 hqvigstaAdded support for MC extension of Pi0Flow Task.
2013-04-09 ssakaifix for the centrality estimator
2013-04-09 jgrosseousing correct eta axis for efficiency
2013-04-09 prsnkoCoverity fixes
2013-04-09 janielskNewest version of analysis code from GSI.
2013-04-09 gconesabadd eta vs phi plots for different NLM
2013-04-09 gconesabrecalibration factors for LHC12-13 periods
2013-04-09 gconesabremove subperiods for runs in LHC12-13, add a single...
2013-04-09 shahoianTracking conditions may introduce limits on seed splitt...
2013-04-08 shahoiantemplate for performance study task
2013-04-08 tkolleggFix for savannah #101121: non initialzed pointers after...
2013-04-08 kleinbupdated FF to paper status (O. Busch)
2013-04-08 kleinbadded jet proton correlation (J. Klein)
2013-04-08 loizides from salvatore
2013-04-08 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-04-08 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-04-08 loizidesupdate from tim
2013-04-08 arossiupdate of DxHFE analysis (Hege, Per-Ivar)
2013-04-08 gconesabmacro used to update OADB file for energy recalibration...
2013-04-08 gconesabfix compilation warning
2013-04-08 jgrosseooutput folder configurable
2013-04-08 gconesabcorrect cell methods, add UE out of cone correction
2013-04-08 dgangadhChange name of 1 parameter
2013-04-08 dgangadhInclude EW kappas, switch to GRS for Momentum resolutio...
2013-04-08 fbockadded new addtask + major modifications for pPb
2013-04-08 jbook-correct path to config (markus)
2013-04-08 miweberDiHadronPID task update (Misha.Veldhoen@cern.ch)
2013-04-08 miweberModifications for proper scaling to bin width, Event...
2013-04-08 prsnkoExtended pt range; corrected pi0/gamma weights
2013-04-08 ssakaiupdated photonic electron codes
2013-04-08 kleinbupdates to the core task (Filip)
2013-04-08 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-04-07 fprinoOption to use Bayesian PID added for D0 (Jeremy)
2013-04-06 shahoianFix for the bug coming from currend SPD simulation...
2013-04-06 shahoianReadout cycle span is set to +-126
2013-04-06 shahoianAccount for Readout Cycles in the RemoveDeadPixels...
2013-04-06 shahoianFixes, changes in debug info logging
2013-04-05 fprinoUpdates in Lc->V0bachelor analysis (Annalisa)
2013-04-05 fprinoFix for ITS nsigma (Annalisa)
2013-04-05 loizidesupdate from Redmer
2013-04-05 morschSetter for calling Generate n-times
2013-04-05 fnoferinupdate in the macro for integrated v2 (fix)
2013-04-05 eserradifixes for PWG-LF train: disable custom streaming and...
2013-04-05 fnoferinupdate in the macro for integrated v2 (fix)
2013-04-05 fnoferinupdate in the macro for integrated v2
2013-04-05 antoniolexample added to set MCTune detector mask
2013-04-05 antoniolinterface to MCTune detector mask
2013-04-05 antoniolinterface to MCTune detector mask
2013-04-05 laphecetBug fix : the merging was a nop
2013-04-05 coppedisFix for coverity
2013-04-04 mkrzewicfrom You Zhou:
2013-04-04 morschProtection added
2013-04-04 morschProtection added
2013-04-04 shahoianFix in adding hypothesis with missing cluster
2013-04-04 akalweitPutting back BadChunkFilter to compiled code. After...
2013-04-04 akalweitRemoving unnecessary dependencies and adding AddTaskMacro.
2013-04-04 eserradifix for PWG-LF train
2013-04-04 dgangadhUse quadlinear interpolation for r3
2013-04-04 jbook-default TRD PIDs
2013-04-04 loizidesrho for sparse systems from megan
2013-04-04 jbook-add nsigma electron PID corrections
2013-04-04 morschImplementation of track length in AOD
2013-04-04 morscho Initialise run number with -1 instead of 0 to allow...
2013-04-04 wiechulao set initial run number to -1 to allow for run initial...
2013-04-04 cblumeRemove the OCDB call for run(0) in case of missing...
2013-04-04 morschUpdate of status code
2013-04-04 arossiAdding getters (Sandro)
2013-04-04 fnoferincomputation of syst errors for integrated v2: added
2013-04-04 fprinoProtection against division by 0 (Ruben)
2013-04-04 fbelliniUpdated macro for Sigma* analysis: modified DCA and...
2013-04-04 loizidesreduce mem consumption
2013-04-04 hqvigstaAdded "test" mode instructions to README since they...
2013-04-04 hqvigstaChanges/Additions to Pi0Flow in relation to 2013 data.
2013-04-04 fbockadded modfied linkers
2013-04-04 fbockremoved old software from directory, fixed Addtask...
2013-04-03 shahoianFix in filling the hit-map of ESDtrack
2013-04-03 loizidespreparing for new aod
2013-04-03 pluettigmodified AddTask_dNdPtPbPb2011.C
2013-04-03 loizidesfrom hanseul
2013-04-03 loizidesfrom salvatore
2013-04-03 loizidescoverty
2013-04-03 loizidesuse new GetTPCncls call on AOD
2013-04-03 fnoferinAdded a macro to perform blastwave fit and to extract...
2013-04-03 jbook-config update markus
2013-04-03 shahoianAliITSUSeed::GetClusterIndex will return cl. index...
2013-04-03 shahoianConverted printfs to debug messages in the tracker...
2013-04-03 mkrzewicadd an object with preliminary 1/pt correction.
2013-04-03 fnoferinAdd pkg and link def to create library for blastwave fit
2013-04-03 fnoferinfix to the classes to prevent compilation error/warning...
2013-04-03 kleinbupdated to jet core in pp
2013-04-03 fnoferinAdd new classes to perform blastwave fit
2013-04-03 fnoferinadd new dir
2013-04-03 loizidesmake thresholds settable (Mauro)
2013-04-02 mcosentidisabling redo V0 vertexer in PbPb and warning fix
2013-04-02 snellinggeneratio of various plaes in on the fly
2013-04-02 dgangadhLower MCarray size limit