2008-10-26 hristovUse Find_program instead of Execute_process to detect...
2008-10-26 hristovCheck if readlink is available
2008-10-26 richtermadding transparent access to AliDAQ, adding special...
2008-10-25 marianStore the output in file - independent of PROOF
2008-10-25 marianAdding Goofie values to debug streams (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianAdding interface for getting value from Goofie (Marian)
2008-10-25 haavardFixed warning (shadowed local variable "source" )
2008-10-25 jthaederfixed doxygen warnings
2008-10-25 jthaederfixed warnings
2008-10-25 jthaederfixed compile warning
2008-10-25 jthaederfixed compile warnings
2008-10-25 marianUsing maxdz maxdphi cut in FindNearestMirror (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianRemoved strange warning
2008-10-25 marianEff C++ warning removal
2008-10-25 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianRemoved obsolete classes (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianWarnings removal (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianRemovinf warning - shadowed declaration (Marian)
2008-10-25 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2008-10-25 kleinbAdded protection, reset pointers to 0
2008-10-24 hristovUpdated list of classes
2008-10-24 hristovAdding JETAN to the list of include directories
2008-10-24 belikovFixing a compilation warning
2008-10-24 maseraCompilation warnings
2008-10-24 maseraUse of bad channels from OCDB enabled by default
2008-10-24 belikovRestoring the lost part of code (A. Dainese)
2008-10-24 philleeff C++
2008-10-24 marianEff C++ warning removal (Marian)
2008-10-24 gconesabcorrection of warning, link def forgot in previous...
2008-10-24 marianAdding cut on isolations
2008-10-24 gconesabanalysis classes moved to PWG4/PartCorr and PWG4/JetTasks
2008-10-24 belikovRemovingan obsolete function and fixing the compilation...
2008-10-24 gconesabanalysis moved to PWG4/PartCorr and PWG4/JetTasks
2008-10-24 hristovUpdated compilation options
2008-10-24 fcaUpdating for CMake
2008-10-24 hristovCompilation on solarisCC5
2008-10-24 hristovProvide return value (solarisCC5)
2008-10-24 hristovExplicit cast (solarisCC5)
2008-10-24 hristovExplicit cast (solarisCC5)
2008-10-24 pulvirwarning fixed
2008-10-24 hristovExplicit cast (solarisCC5)
2008-10-24 hristovCompilation on solarisCC5
2008-10-24 mtadelFrom Andrea - new macro for visualization of heavy...
2008-10-24 miskoUnused arguments p0 and p1 commented out.
2008-10-24 gconesabJet and Particle identification tasks moved to differen...
2008-10-24 jgrosseoremoving cause of warning
2008-10-24 fcaADding linkdef for fmd/analysis
2008-10-24 belikovAliVertexerTracks works now with the new AliVEvent...
2008-10-24 belikovIntroducing a new AliVTrack class which will keep the...
2008-10-24 hdalsgaaThe FMD analysis tasks. This is a first version and...
2008-10-24 cvetanCorrected hmpid clusters macro (Annalisa). Included...
2008-10-24 jthaederfixed warnings in TPC code
2008-10-24 amastrosupdates (Y. Schutz)
2008-10-24 amastrosupdates (Y. Schutz)
2008-10-24 hristovLoading the OCDB parameters needed to create the TPC...
2008-10-24 allaadded
2008-10-24 richtermmoving functionality into a separate base class for...
2008-10-24 agheataNew plugin supporting GRID mode for the analysis framew...
2008-10-24 hristovZDC information from A-side (Chiara)
2008-10-23 cheynisWarning fixed
2008-10-23 cheynisWarning fixed
2008-10-23 cheynisMinor changes
2008-10-23 cheynisMIP conversion implemented (moved from class AliVZERORe...
2008-10-23 cheynisMIP conversion moved to class AliVZEROCalibData
2008-10-23 cheynisESD and RAW QA revisited for DQM
2008-10-23 kleinbFix in operator= (M. Richter)
2008-10-23 morschWrong error condition in CalcSingleHard corrected....
2008-10-23 morschWarning fixed.
2008-10-23 zampolliWarnings fixed.
2008-10-23 marianShadowed variable (Marian)
2008-10-23 marianEff C++ - shadowed varibles (Marian)
2008-10-23 morsch(Smbat Grigoryan)
2008-10-23 morsch1) PtCharmFiMjSkPP, YCharmFiMjSkPP, PtBeautyFiMjSkPP...
2008-10-23 fcaFixing warnings
2008-10-23 abercucifix compiler warning
2008-10-23 hristovHLT has the possibility to add non-standard content...
2008-10-23 dibariWarning corrections (from FC)
2008-10-23 pchristCut on the process id and on the mother particle put...
2008-10-23 richtermworkaround for rootcint inconsistency
2008-10-23 coppedisWarnings fixed
2008-10-23 richtermcorrecting compilation warning and making change of...
2008-10-23 coppedisWarnings fixed
2008-10-22 abercucienlarge debug stream data (Markus)
2008-10-22 hdalsgaaThis version of the FMD util lib contains the dependenc...
2008-10-22 hdalsgaaThe class AliFMDAnaParameters works similarly to the...
2008-10-22 hdalsgaaThe new FMD analysis library which will contain classes...
2008-10-22 allaremoved some warnings
2008-10-22 allaremoved some warnings
2008-10-22 kleinbFixed compiler warning
2008-10-22 cvetanCompilation warning fixed
2008-10-22 pulvirFixed last warnings
2008-10-22 pchristi)Modifications in the visualization macro. ii)Checking...
2008-10-22 amastrosstatic TH initialized in InitDatabase.
2008-10-22 marianClean the isolated digits (Marian)
2008-10-22 akisielCommiting files mistakenly omitted
2008-10-22 richtermpostponing creation of branches after generation of...
2008-10-22 richtermhandling of non-std ESD content
2008-10-22 rvernetCorrected streaming problem.
2008-10-22 kleinbAdding AODMCHeader, new class and in the Filter and...