2011-04-25 cnattrasUpdating the functionality of AliAnalysisHadEtCorrectio...
2011-04-25 morschAnother fix avoiding fpe
2011-04-25 snellingTeaney correlator versus multiplicity
2011-04-25 morschChanges needed to avoid fpe.
2011-04-25 dsilvermafter successful nightly shuttle test : turn of debug...
2011-04-25 allacoverity warnings
2011-04-24 hristovRemoving include from EINCLUDE, it affects the dependencies
2011-04-24 snellingupdated two particle correlators
2011-04-24 snellingfixed recentering
2011-04-24 dsilvermchanging return type from Bool_t to expected UInt_t
2011-04-23 gconesabin case of multi cuts analysis: select filling histogra...
2011-04-23 snellingfacilitates analysis of kine trees without esd
2011-04-23 zampolliUpdating GRP test file with new time period.
2011-04-23 daineseAdded histogram with ITS cluster map (Francesco)
2011-04-23 daineseBug fix in setting of TPC BB parameters (Giacomo)
2011-04-23 morschPythia 6.4.25
2011-04-22 morschSerious bug corrected.
2011-04-22 cblumeFix coverity defect (Jochen)
2011-04-22 dsilvermone more coverity sprintf vs snprintf + tmp enable...
2011-04-22 snellingadded histogram which calculates q^2 versus M
2011-04-22 gconesabcompilation warning
2011-04-22 gconesabfix filling MC phi histogram
2011-04-22 gconesabfixes in MC histograms filling for efficiency studies
2011-04-22 laphecetOnly call raw QA for events where we are readout
2011-04-22 pchristCoverity fixes
2011-04-22 ivanaIn loadlibs.C
2011-04-22 ivanaIn Trigger QA:
2011-04-22 gconesabcoverity
2011-04-22 gconesabremove unsused class, correct coverity, compilation...
2011-04-22 mflorisFixed warnings
2011-04-22 mflorisCoverity fixes 16578 16568 566 565
2011-04-22 mflorisFixed warning
2011-04-22 snellingQA updates and mods for pass2
2011-04-22 mflorisCoverify fix 16588
2011-04-22 gconesabcorrect compilation warning 2
2011-04-22 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-04-22 kleinbfixing one more compilation warning
2011-04-21 shahoianAdded version tailored for pp (AliTrackletTaskMultipp...
2011-04-21 kharlovAvoid alien plugin limitations:
2011-04-21 kleinbfix compiler warning
2011-04-21 snellingadded Teaney correlator
2011-04-21 mflorisUpdated trigger study class for normalization studies...
2011-04-21 pulvirSome bug fixes, removal of some duplicates and clarifie...
2011-04-21 pulvirNew values and cuts
2011-04-21 mflorisTPC Laser cut enabled by default.
2011-04-21 kleinbprint out size of histograms in the list for optimizing...
2011-04-21 morsch The AliESDpid::kBest_T0 was replaced by (AliESDpid...
2011-04-21 maseraFix for Savannah bug 81219 (Melinda)
2011-04-21 cvetanTuning of the data/mc scale in the correlation between...
2011-04-21 mflorisAdded support for the kCINT5 and kMUS5 classes
2011-04-21 cvetanIntroduction of CINT5 and CMUS5 triggers (Michele)
2011-04-21 smaRemove unnecessary classes
2011-04-21 jotwinow- new class for TPC laser warmupt tracks rejection
2011-04-21 agheataCheck if a session is already active in proof mode...
2011-04-21 marian- drift velocity and gain validation ranges setters...
2011-04-21 cvetanEnable the outlier identification in ZDC vs V0 space...
2011-04-21 loizidesset dummy branches. Eventually one should do this corre...
2011-04-21 gconesabset properly the analysis order
2011-04-21 loizidesallow to specify only one EMCAL or PHOS to be QA'ed.
2011-04-21 mflorisUpdates to the analysis code (Peter K)
2011-04-21 agheataFixed loading order for OADB, including in par mode...
2011-04-21 loizideskeep overlap and fixes to isolation
2011-04-21 alla printout removed
2011-04-20 gconesabPi0: Fix some AOD MC analysis cuts
2011-04-20 gconesabAdd copy of header and vertices and calocells in case...
2011-04-20 daineseUpdate (AndreaR)
2011-04-20 morschI have remade the outliers parameterization (very simil...
2011-04-20 maseraTrackleter parameters updated for pp (Ruben)
2011-04-20 rvernetdestructor for proof mode
2011-04-20 mflorisupdated physics selection: the ZDC cut time windows...
2011-04-20 mflorisAdded new class to store ZDC timing cut window and...
2011-04-20 gconesabinit recalibration looping on 10 and not 12 SM
2011-04-20 jgrosseoUpdate to laser warm-up events cut (Jacek O)
2011-04-20 shahoianAdapted the code to run with pp data w/o bg. generation
2011-04-20 prinoMacro for trend of SDD calibration updated to skip...
2011-04-20 cblume- fix for track writing (before accumulated over events)
2011-04-20 loizidesstore a bit more information on cells/clusters
2011-04-20 morschUpdates for embedding on AOD level
2011-04-20 mflorisSimple class to export/import data in the HEP data...
2011-04-20 coppedisChanges to comply with RELDIS + minor
2011-04-20 kleinbadding some speed improvements (Marco v.L.)
2011-04-20 kleinbadding more flexible hanlding of different JFs
2011-04-20 kleinbchanged some histo ranges to save memory
2011-04-20 dsilvermneed to explicitly allocate space for AliEMCALTriggerDC...
2011-04-19 daineseupdate
2011-04-19 daineseUpdate run list for LHC10h (RCT \!bad && \!vdM)
2011-04-19 loizidesv2 clusterizer
2011-04-19 loizidesv2 clusterizer: basically v1 however starts from energy...
2011-04-19 dsilvermadding some checks and (tmp) AliInfo lines to help...
2011-04-19 morschTPC only cuts created only once
2011-04-19 hristovChanges for #81171 Port request- AliReconstruction...
2011-04-19 daineseIn QA task, take TPC BB param from AliAODPidHF
2011-04-19 gconesabrevert unwanted change from previous commit, add some...
2011-04-19 gconesabadd protection against truncated events + coverity...
2011-04-19 hristovFix for the include path
2011-04-19 cvetanThe corrected ZDC timing cuts as members of the class.
2011-04-19 morschUnintentional delete corrected.
2011-04-19 andronicUpdates + addition of EMCal
2011-04-19 andronicUpdates, adding EMCal (committing on behalf of Silvia)
2011-04-19 morschAOD based merging updates.