2009-09-29 gvolpeRealistic misalignment introduced avoiding geometrical...
2009-09-29 richtermadding a member for the active CTP trigger mask to...
2009-09-29 richtermcorrecting const'ness of methods
2009-09-29 zampolliUpdating LDAP configuration files for both the test...
2009-09-29 coppedis ClassDef updated
2009-09-29 coppedisUpdated DA
2009-09-29 cblumeRename function name
2009-09-29 prinoLoad alignment objects in the macro for SPD vertex...
2009-09-29 cblumeReposition updated macro by Thomas
2009-09-29 cblumeReposition updated macro by Thomas
2009-09-29 gconesabcorrected mapping after changes in mapping data files
2009-09-29 morschCorrection for vertex replication.
2009-09-29 philleBug fix: segfault in event disply due to incorrect
2009-09-29 philleOnline display: The raw data display now works again
2009-09-29 philleAdded new files to build system
2009-09-29 philleHelper class for refactoring of the PHOS/EMCAL code
2009-09-29 philleContainer class for the Online display
2009-09-28 kharlovInfinite loop is fixed
2009-09-28 cblumeBug fix in array size
2009-09-28 kreadprotect against invoking MC Handler for AOD
2009-09-28 abercuciadd class AliTRDpidRefMakerNN to the dictionary
2009-09-28 kreadJet electron macros adjustable via environment variables
2009-09-28 polichehFit options simplified to avoid fpe; treatment of param...
2009-09-28 cvetanFix from Roberto: when changing monitoring policy one...
2009-09-28 morschPrintout only for debug flag set (Ken Read)
2009-09-28 schutzupdate to adapt to QA framework modifications
2009-09-28 abercucireorganization of TRD PID reference maker classes....
2009-09-28 richtermadding configuration objects for TRDTrackerV1Component...
2009-09-28 cblumeDon't delete the digitsmanager after each SM
2009-09-28 kreadautomatic histogram scaling for AODs now available
2009-09-28 schutzreplace qa by AliQAv1::Instance
2009-09-27 maseraCorrect treatment of event species. Savannah bug 56071...
2009-09-27 schutzficing the CORR part
2009-09-27 schutzpassing recoparam
2009-09-27 schutzpassing recoparam to run
2009-09-27 schutzbug fix in the index calculation of eventspecie
2009-09-27 schutzbug fix suggested by TPC
2009-09-27 schutzbug fix suggested by TPC
2009-09-27 schutzpassing recoParam to Check; bug fix suggested by TPC
2009-09-27 schutzpassing recoParam to Check; bug fix suggested by TPC
2009-09-27 philleModified the online display to work
2009-09-27 polichehMapping corrected (low gain was erroneously treated...
2009-09-27 polichehMacto to write mapping to the OCDB.
2009-09-27 kreadrevised histogram scaling factor
2009-09-27 kreadSmaller xml file for jet electron example
2009-09-27 kreadAdditional files needed for PWG4 jet-electron analysis
2009-09-26 dsilvermFILE_ID change for EMCAL DAs (to agree with Preprocesso...
2009-09-26 gconesabChange fabs with TMath::Abs
2009-09-26 coppedisUpdated preprocessor in order not to process HV DCS...
2009-09-26 maseraExplicit protection on max. anode and timewise coordina...
2009-09-25 coppedisError in DARC data reading corrected + message bit...
2009-09-25 cheynisNew V0A survey data
2009-09-25 cheynisNew V0A position in simulation
2009-09-25 jklaylatest updates to AliAnaElectron for b-jet tagging...
2009-09-25 kreadNew PWG4 electron-jet analysis macros and goodies
2009-09-25 rvernetworkaround for bug https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index...
2009-09-25 kreadUpdated instructions for new electron macros.
2009-09-25 kkanaki- adopt to offline changes in the recoParam (Theodor)
2009-09-25 rvernetAliCFEffGrid : corrected bin limits in constructor
2009-09-25 cblumeReuse the digitsmanager-arrays for all chambers of...
2009-09-25 cheynisProtection added in filling DigitTree
2009-09-25 cblumeReplace deprecated methods
2009-09-25 cblume1. bug fix on decoding/setting pritriger phase in the...
2009-09-25 richtermbugfix: add missing event count increment
2009-09-25 richtermadjusting default HLT global trigger configuration
2009-09-25 cblumespeed up events which are almost empty
2009-09-25 hristovCopy/paste error + aligned source
2009-09-25 cvetanBug #55488: Better messsaging in the online reco GUI...
2009-09-25 gconesabchange default thresholds for PID weights
2009-09-25 zampolliIncreasing number of expected fields in logbook_shuttle...
2009-09-25 polichehRemoved because the reconstruction of data simulated...
2009-09-25 morschUse standard cuts.
2009-09-25 morschMethod name corrected.
2009-09-25 coppedisAlghorithm to calculate intercalib. coeff. implemented
2009-09-25 prsnkoCan not store result of track matching here, Moved...
2009-09-25 prsnkoTrack propagation to PHOS corrected and BxByBz added
2009-09-25 cblumeFaster version of baseline correction by Theodor with...
2009-09-25 cheynisTime data monitoring (Raphael)
2009-09-25 cheynisNew class added
2009-09-25 cheynisTime data monitoring (Raphael)
2009-09-25 kleinbFix backaward compatibiltiy for TRD info in AliESDtrack
2009-09-25 prinomodifications for online SPD monitoring (Annalisa)
2009-09-24 cvetanNew EMCAL cosmic trigger as defined by Federico A.
2009-09-24 kaamodtBugfix: true gamma conversions done properly
2009-09-24 hristovRestore the number of events (20)
2009-09-24 hristovAdditional protection
2009-09-24 allaQA Checker checks only calibration events
2009-09-24 mtadelModularize split-view (3d, r-phi, rho-z) setup from...
2009-09-24 kaamodtChanged the naming of some histograms and corrected...
2009-09-24 hristovChanges corresponding to rev. 34668
2009-09-24 dperrinoNames of deprecated functions modified
2009-09-24 hristovIncluding TEnv.h to declare gEnv
2009-09-24 morschUpdated Config for FLUKA
2009-09-24 mtadelRemove default OCDB location and exit with fatal error...
2009-09-24 gconesabChange return by continue in CTS filtering, do not...
2009-09-24 cvetanCleaning up the EMCAL digits macro and adding it to...
2009-09-24 jgrosseoupdating primary particle selection for high multiplict...
2009-09-24 morschPossibility to have fixed number of pile-up events...
2009-09-24 kaamodtBugfix: variable was not reset correctly
2009-09-24 richtermcorrecting cmake setup for libAliHLTTPC