2011-03-24 cnattrasAdding setting for background and efficiency error...
2011-03-23 agheataFixed fRunChanged after last commit (Marco, Marek)
2011-03-23 amastrosBug fix in the track phi assignment.
2011-03-23 cnattrasMore fixes for running on the grid
2011-03-23 bhippolySUMMARY by A.Maire:
2011-03-23 snellingmemory management
2011-03-23 kkanaki- increase the number of files that can be chained...
2011-03-23 hdalsgaaMC Primaries should be recorded before trigger selection
2011-03-23 hristovmods in AliReconstruction and AliReconstructor for...
2011-03-23 loizidesa) Implemented energy threshold on cells to be assigned...
2011-03-23 daineseCoding rules (Fabio)
2011-03-23 kkanaki- removed ITS options
2011-03-23 cholmMinor things
2011-03-23 cholmFixed problem
2011-03-23 cholmFixed problem
2011-03-23 cholmSome adds and removes
2011-03-23 cholmMostly documentation changes.
2011-03-23 dainesePossiblity to use MC primary vertex in IsSelected
2011-03-23 dainesePossiblity to use MC primary vertex in IsSelected
2011-03-23 loizidesbug fix
2011-03-23 akisielFixing Coding violations
2011-03-23 wiechulao add parameter for MC
2011-03-23 loizidesAdd some more cuts
2011-03-23 loizidesonly access ocdb if really requested
2011-03-23 kharlovAnalysis classes to measure inclusive pi0 spectrum...
2011-03-23 loizidesfwd declaration
2011-03-23 abercucifix coverity
2011-03-23 agheatafix from multi input event handler (Alberto $ Martin)
2011-03-23 abercucifix coverity for PWG1/TRD
2011-03-23 cholmRemoved obsolete scripts
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-23 hristovNew data member (Renaud)
2011-03-23 cholmNew static member function to define a trigger histogram.
2011-03-23 cholmDeclare needed branches
2011-03-23 cholmDeclare needed branches
2011-03-23 cholmCoding conventions
2011-03-23 cnattrasMinor tweaks to get calo jobs running on the grid
2011-03-22 daineseFix (Francesco, Gian Michele)
2011-03-22 wiechulao Add task for setting up the pid object in a analysis...
2011-03-22 daineseFix (Renu)
2011-03-22 loizidesrandomize reaction plane
2011-03-22 snellingchange memory management
2011-03-22 marianForgotten commit - removing obsolete class
2011-03-22 marianCoverity fixies
2011-03-22 marianCoverity fix.
2011-03-22 morschUpdates.
2011-03-22 morschAliPIDResponse related
2011-03-22 morschInherits from AliPIDResponse
2011-03-22 snellingadded some example cases
2011-03-22 marianTPCbaseLinkDef.h - removing obolete clases +...
2011-03-22 loizidesfix
2011-03-22 marianCoverity fixies
2011-03-22 belikovPrinting the warning about the "ESD mass" just once.
2011-03-22 hdalsgaaWe must have pileup vertices here
2011-03-22 loizidesabs id
2011-03-22 rvernetchanged a few histos, removed TH3
2011-03-22 cvetanCoverity fix.
2011-03-22 cvetanImplementation of the new ZDC timing cut, which now...
2011-03-22 loizidesremove sub function
2011-03-22 agheatanew T0 QA from Alla
2011-03-22 pulvirFix coding conventions
2011-03-22 freidtfixed error in adding PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtadded PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtfixing Coverity defects 16118 and 15959
2011-03-22 morschfix for the problem with the last run
2011-03-22 morschcentrality file for OADB
2011-03-22 richtermcorrecting small memory leak, removing unnecessary...
2011-03-22 richtermpublishing V0 data block also if there are no candidate...
2011-03-22 cholmMinor fix
2011-03-22 cholmFixed a few coding problems
2011-03-22 cvetanRC and DQM wants to have t0 A vs C in the DQM shifter...
2011-03-22 cvetanRemoval of some obsolete code, all this is now done...
2011-03-22 akisielFix Coverity issues
2011-03-22 mflorisChanged list of sources to be loaded
2011-03-22 akisielFix delete
2011-03-22 akisielFix Coverity
2011-03-22 gconesabset the request to not do tracking in clusterizer
2011-03-22 gconesabmove setting of geometry matrices before the filling...
2011-03-22 gconesabcoverity fix for TFF geometry method
2011-03-22 loizidesmake some methods virtual
2011-03-22 loizidesmake members protected
2011-03-22 daineseList of good runs in a separate macro
2011-03-22 daineseDefault z vertex cut at 10 cm in analysis, not in candi...
2011-03-22 daineseAnalysis code for D0->4prong (Fabio)
2011-03-22 daineseSpeed up (Francesco)
2011-03-22 daineseUpdates for proper treatment of fQuality flag in centra...
2011-03-22 daineseImplemented possibility to compute efficiencies for...
2011-03-21 maseraCoding conventions (O. Borysov)
2011-03-21 morschPID information via InputHandlers and base class AliPID...
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafix to the proper NSD
2011-03-21 morschNew base class AliPIDResponse
2011-03-21 akisielFix Coverity leaks
2011-03-21 marian1. Coding violatation partial fixies
2011-03-21 morschTPC PID response function.
2011-03-21 marianremoving obsolete function DumpMaterialBudget
2011-03-21 marianCode checker fixies
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity issues