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2002-07-02 loizidesMinor changes to make it work with new Top Makefile...
2002-07-02 loizidesMinor changes at new Top Makefile.
2002-07-02 vestboNew topdir makefile
2002-07-02 vestboNew topdir Makefile
2002-07-02 vestboNew topdir Makefile for compiling all libraries in...
2002-07-01 hristovCASTOR deleted
2002-07-01 hristovExtra Control-Ms removed
2002-07-01 hristovNames for headers from the implementation files
2002-07-01 hristovOptimization allowed (it still causes problems with...
2002-07-01 hristovCASTOR replaced by CRT
2002-07-01 hristoviostream.h included for gcc 3.1
2002-07-01 hristovChange needed by Root v3-03-06
2002-07-01 hristovCASTOR removed
2002-07-01 hristovOld style C-include files needed on Alpha
2002-06-28 hristovCorrect dependence for the CINT dictionaries
2002-06-28 alibraryCXXVERBOSE also for FORTRAN compilation
2002-06-27 skowronUnnecessary output removed
2002-06-27 schutzCorrected the folder names to allow merging with AliRun...
2002-06-27 schutzAdjusted the namimg of folders to make digitization...
2002-06-27 morschUncomment the TH1::AddDirectory statement.
2002-06-27 jchudobaEnable creation of fast rec points for ITS, when input...
2002-06-26 vicinanzAliTOFProb and AliTOFtestProb.C added
2002-06-26 morschUpdate effic and stepla even when refraction indices...
2002-06-26 schutzPrevents to post clusterizer in case no data in TreeR
2002-06-26 skowronLednicy's weights. Initial revision
2002-06-26 schutzAdded a protection needed in the case the getter is...
2002-06-25 skowronLednicky's algorithm added to the package
2002-06-25 skowronC++ interface to Lednicky's algorithm. Initial revision
2002-06-25 skowronLednicy's weights. Initial revision
2002-06-25 skowronfNBinsToScale initialized properly in TwoPairFctn1D
2002-06-25 schutzTo remove a warning from compiler (file not terminated...
2002-06-25 schutzVerify that fFile exist before cd (the file does not...
2002-06-25 schutzThe weird problem that destroys gAlice when trying...
2002-06-25 nick25-apr-2002 NvE Projectile and target specifications...
2002-06-25 hristovAdditional protection
2002-06-24 vicinanzreview on materials and
2002-06-22 hristovBetter protection
2002-06-21 morschGetters added.
2002-06-21 morschUseful Getters added.
2002-06-21 hristovConverted from Mac file to UNIX
2002-06-20 hristovProtection in case of invalid ACOS argument. The reason...
2002-06-20 morschLarger BOX in case CRT is present.
2002-06-20 skowronScale method added to Two Pair 1D Function
2002-06-20 hristovData member ft0 initialized
2002-06-19 nilsenFixed bug with non-zero-ed new data members in construc...
2002-06-19 hristovDivision by zero corrected
2002-06-19 morschGas pressure peak in TDI removed.
2002-06-19 hristovVZERO added
2002-06-19 jchudobaInitialize int and float data members separately to...
2002-06-19 jchudobaInitialize all persistent data members.
2002-06-19 hristovMemory leak corrected
2002-06-17 nilsenFigures for ITS vPPRasymm documentation.
2002-06-17 schutzNew utility class that watches the memory usage .....
2002-06-16 hristovFirst version of AliGeant3
2002-06-16 hristovFirst version of CRT
2002-06-14 loizidesSolved bug to not merge clusters on the same pad.
2002-06-14 loizidesSmall changes to run on single patches.
2002-06-14 loizidesSample program to run VHDL cluster finder.
2002-06-14 loizidesChanges to read also Altro like data.
2002-06-14 loizidesCreated cluster finder class that simulates the VHDL...
2002-06-14 loizidesAdded read support for Altro like data.
2002-06-14 cblumeUpdate of the test suite
2002-06-13 schutzAdded CloseFile that deletes gAlice which in turn close...
2002-06-13 schutzAdded the option to write objects into separate files...
2002-06-13 schutzAdded the option to write objects into separate files...
2002-06-13 schutzRemove deletion of fTreeQA
2002-06-13 hristovMinor corrections (Sun)
2002-06-13 nilsenFixed dummy function for Sun system.
2002-06-13 vicinanzAliTOFDigitizer modified
2002-06-13 hristovMinor corrections
2002-06-13 morschSome additional outer cross-bars removed.
2002-06-13 vicinanzMerging added and test macro
2002-06-13 cblumeAdd the track references
2002-06-13 barberaMacro to display hits/digits/recpoints modified to...
2002-06-13 barberaMacro for occupancy calculations modified to take into...
2002-06-12 nilsenAdded Starting track location to hit class and related...
2002-06-12 nilsenAdded TrackReference hits for ITS Mother volume at...
2002-06-12 schutzcorrect a typo SetTraskSegment to SetTrackSegment
2002-06-12 hristovUpdated display.C. Possibility to select tracks. (M...
2002-06-12 hristovComment changed
2002-06-12 hristovThe track length added to the reference hit
2002-06-12 kowal2Added track length to the reference hits
2002-06-12 schutznew methods to perform the PCA depending on the momentu...
2002-06-12 schutzupdate the parameters for the PCA
2002-06-12 cblumeUpdate of tracking code provided by Sergei
2002-06-12 cblumeUpdate of tracking code provided by Sergei
2002-06-12 hristovfAlarms is not deleted by AliPHOSQAVirtualChekable
2002-06-12 morschHBMT positioning commented out.
2002-06-11 barberanew macros compliant with multiple events/files for...
2002-06-11 loizidesMakePileup moved from misc directoy to program directory.
2002-06-11 loizidesMakePileup moved to programs directory
2002-06-10 loizidesMake singlepatch work with new AliL3Transform.
2002-06-10 loizidesSolved bug forgetting to use AliL3MemHandler->Init...
2002-06-10 nilsenNew Fastpoint merger added.
2002-06-10 nilsenReplaced TArrayI expansion with Root version.
2002-06-10 nilsenA new CreateFastRecPoints has been made and the old...
2002-06-10 nilsenAdded new FillModules routine and cleaned up the old...
2002-06-10 cblumeAdd new tracking macros
2002-06-10 cblumeRemove obsolete macros
2002-06-10 cblumeRemove simple.C