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2003-06-10 morschPrint statement removed.
2003-06-10 morschDon't call stepping.
2003-06-10 morschIntroduce verbosity level.
2003-06-10 morschSome print statements commented.
2003-06-10 morschCorrect loop over secondaries.
2003-06-10 morschprint statement commented
2003-06-06 hristovUpdate of combined PID (T.Kuhr)
2003-06-06 hristovClusterization of raw data (T.Kuhr)
2003-06-05 morschMag. field activated.
2003-06-05 morschPrint statement removed.
2003-06-05 morschPass current track id to stack.
2003-06-05 morschParent id and current track id handling corrected.
2003-06-05 morschCurrent track number correctly stored in stack.
2003-06-05 morschAll printout under verbosity level control.
2003-06-04 hristovUpdated to correspond to Config.C (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-06-04 hristovCorrected deletion of gMC (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-06-04 skowronBug correction in ClassImp OnePair2D
2003-06-04 morschMissing b-bin added.
2003-06-04 morsch- Implementation of GetCurrentTrack
2003-06-03 morschGetRandom returning impact parameter bin and flag for...
2003-05-28 morschsRandom was not decalred.
2003-05-28 morschfluka related files in $FLUPRO directory.
2003-05-28 morschFirst commit.
2003-05-28 morschMoved to $(FLUPRO) directory.
2003-05-27 hristovTRD PID included in the ESD schema (T.Kuhr)
2003-05-26 hristovMinor change to compile on Sun
2003-05-26 hristovNo ios::binary on Alpha
2003-05-26 hristovIncluding stdlib.h (HP)
2003-05-26 hristovFirst version of combined PID (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-23 schutzNew class AliPHOSFastGlobalReconstruction is added
2003-05-23 hristovSetLabel replaced by SetNumber (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-23 morschCorrected sclaling factor to b=0, corrected pt range...
2003-05-22 hristovForward declarations of TTree and TBranch
2003-05-22 hristovFirst implementation of ESD classes (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-22 hristovFirst implementation of ESD classes (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-22 skowronSetting arbitrary Magnetic field while track reading
2003-05-22 hristovUpdated version of raw data code (D.Favretto)
2003-05-22 hristovFloat_t replaced by Double_t
2003-05-22 hristovUsing access methods instead of data members
2003-05-22 hristovFirst implementation of ESD classes (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-22 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-05-22 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-05-20 morschUpdated corrector field strength.
2003-05-20 skowronReverting to 1.10. Removing tracker - is not needed...
2003-05-19 morschBug in trigger eff. calculation corrected.
2003-05-19 morschAliFastGlauber added.
2003-05-19 maseraFix to track labels associated to SDD rec-points
2003-05-18 masera(Version number)++
2003-05-18 schutzCorrected missing function SetParameter*Boundary()
2003-05-16 schutzUpdated PID with photon/pi0 recognition by M2x at high-pt
2003-05-16 morschUnderscore removed from structure function name.
2003-05-16 maseraNew PID classes and macros for Dubna group - PID weight...
2003-05-16 hristovRemoving obsolete macros
2003-05-15 morschUpdate of input distributions.
2003-05-14 coppedisPrints commented
2003-05-13 martinezAdding new AddHit function
2003-05-13 martinezMerging AliMUONv3 in AliMUONv1
2003-05-13 martinezre-adding AliMUONDigitizerv1
2003-05-13 cblumeInclude the bug fixes by Oliver in the TR simulation
2003-05-13 morschMemory leak due to creation of AliGenPythiaEventHeader...
2003-05-12 morschb and c contribution scaled by 2.
2003-05-09 hristovG77 specific options
2003-05-09 hristovAdding TPHIC
2003-05-07 skowronQout for non-id particles
2003-05-06 skowronlacking declarations for 3d functions for Lednicky...
2003-05-05 schutzClass version changed for automatic schema evolution
2003-05-05 schutzVarious cluster moments are added
2003-05-04 morschNew modes only.
2003-05-04 morschOnly update decay table from file with new modes.
2003-05-02 hristovChanges to avoid warnings (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-05-02 hristovCode for MUON Station1 (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-05-01 hristovCorrected storage/retrieval of fRandom
2003-04-30 hristovUsing EINCLUDE instead of EXPORT to access HIJING/AliHi...
2003-04-30 hristovChanges related to the initialization of random numbers...
2003-04-30 maseraA bug concerning the calculation of the track length...
2003-04-29 hristovran declared external
2003-04-29 coppedisMacro to reconstruct (reco on a separated file)
2003-04-29 coppedisMacro to digitize (digits on a separated file)
2003-04-29 hristovCorrections in the destructors
2003-04-26 hristovIncluded primary vertex rec. with pixels or tracks...
2003-04-25 hristovRemoving non-supported platforms: VAX,CRAY,etc.
2003-04-25 morschPsi and Upsilon family generated.
2003-04-25 morschInitialize from decay table in constructor.
2003-04-25 morschpythia6 decay table including Y".
2003-04-24 maseraBug concerning the use of fLastEvent fixed
2003-04-24 schutzPossibility to draw only SDigits, Digits etc added
2003-04-24 schutzWromg direction of Z axis corrected
2003-04-24 schutzCoping primaries corrected
2003-04-24 schutzImpartOnEmc: negative phi now accepted
2003-04-23 cblumeFix bug in absorbtion length of photons
2003-04-23 hristovCorrect treatment of clusters with multiple labels...
2003-04-23 hristovUsing gRandom instead of pyr (Yu.Kharlov)
2003-04-23 hristovIncluding header files without dirs
2003-04-23 hristovUsing const char * instead of char * for the file names
2003-04-23 hristovSetting the branch address to permit correct reading
2003-04-22 nilsenFinished geometry objects defninistions, and fixed...
2003-04-22 hristovIncluding TH1F.h and TH2F.h
2003-04-21 morschProtection against division by 0 in Binaries().
2003-04-18 cussonnoremove obsolete macro
2003-04-18 maseraTypo corrected