2013-11-11 fbockchanged addtask for PbPb
2013-11-11 dgangadhAdd monitor histograms
2013-11-11 rbailhacSmall update
2013-11-11 shahoianFix in the GetRefMultiplicity method: the id=0 in track...
2013-11-11 lmilanoFixed event selection bug for pPb
2013-11-11 miweberUpdate for systematic studies (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-11-11 hristovChange for Root6
2013-11-11 fnoferinreduce centrality bins in charged hadrons analysis
2013-11-11 ssakaiadded a histogram
2013-11-11 fprinoUpdates in the setting of the colliding system
2013-11-10 loizidesFrom Chiara
2013-11-09 mkrzewicreturn correct type
2013-11-08 raverbecfix bug in z-vertex cut
2013-11-08 mkretzfix libVc compilation
2013-11-08 jbook-fixes for MC pdgcodes used for cuts and plotting ...
2013-11-08 mkrzewicbug fix: use the NEW task
2013-11-07 slindal-Move cent, z axis into sparse
2013-11-07 mkrzewicsmall bugfix in case we run on a batch system
2013-11-07 akalweitAdding postprocessing macros.
2013-11-07 jbook-add pdg exclusion range for all open charm,beauty...
2013-11-07 rbertensfrom naghmeh: updates to higher orders pid flow addtask
2013-11-07 mkretzmerge from Vc: simplify avx_sorthelper compilation...
2013-11-07 mbrozAdding couple of QA histograms
2013-11-07 deliaMinor fix to QA task macro
2013-11-07 cholmAdded PWGLF/FORWARD library for investigating MC hit...
2013-11-07 cholmRefactoring for AliFMDEnergyFitter to allow sub-classing
2013-11-07 miweberadding functionality to merge balance functions from...
2013-11-07 jbook-add random variable
2013-11-07 cholmProtection against re-initialization of histograms...
2013-11-07 akalweitUpdates
2013-11-07 fprinoCoverity fixes
2013-11-07 gconesabfix compilation warning
2013-11-07 gconesabfix compilation warning
2013-11-06 miweberA number of minor improvements and bug fixes. Addition...
2013-11-06 zconesamissing initialization
2013-11-06 zconesaAdding helper functions to define 2012 pp data PS and...
2013-11-06 rbertensJetFlowTools update: unfolding can be called multiple...
2013-11-06 zconesafix on the terminate method, use pp histograms inside...
2013-11-06 mvlCoverity/compile warning (from Filip)
2013-11-06 loizidesUpdates from Chiara for flavor tagging on reco and...
2013-11-06 loizidesUpdates to include flavor tagging (Chiara)
2013-11-06 rbailhacHFE QA task
2013-11-06 mchojnacUpdate of analysis macro
2013-11-06 rbailhacCoverity + QA
2013-11-05 rbertensnew jet flow class to get jet v2 from unfolding as...
2013-11-05 miweberbugfix HBT cut value variation (MW)
2013-11-05 akalweitWarning fix.
2013-11-05 akalweitcoverity fix.
2013-11-05 fnoferinbug fix
2013-11-04 ddobrigkFine tuning of V0 QA task: histogram binning for better...
2013-11-04 mkrzewicguess the run number from the input file path
2013-11-04 mkrzewicadd a robust run number guessing scheme that works...
2013-11-04 zconesaUndo last non-voluntary commit, Comment the 'comments...
2013-11-04 zconesado not check filter bit on ESD analysis
2013-11-04 zconesaFix for ESD analysis
2013-11-04 zconesaFix for ESD analysis
2013-11-04 xsanchezadding correlation as function of the invariant mass...
2013-11-04 rbertenscleanup
2013-11-04 gconesabfix wrong variable name
2013-11-03 wiechulao updates for PbPb analysis of B->J/psi (Fiorella)
2013-11-02 dgangadhBugFix for Kt3bins=2 option
2013-11-02 hongyanadding Mahmut's task
2013-11-01 bdoeniguCommit for Simone
2013-11-01 mkrzewicadd task macro to go with the AliTaskConfigOCDB class
2013-11-01 miwebercorrect axis titles for AliTHn (MW)
2013-11-01 miweberchanges to fill multiplicity and centrality QA histogra...
2013-11-01 gconesabadd histo to check correlation between the opening...
2013-11-01 gconesabmacro for analysis QA with a few sits in the PartCorr...
2013-11-01 gconesabfix the mixed event bin setting
2013-11-01 rbertenstest commit
2013-11-01 gconesabremove old setting, remove old macros
2013-11-01 gconesabmove setting of geometry file from Reader to CaloUtils...
2013-11-01 loizidesimplement qc6
2013-11-01 miweberupdate V0-h correlations (Jayarathna, Sandun Y <sypahul...
2013-10-31 mvlRemove some of the bkg calc alterantives; add switch...
2013-10-31 gconesabfix filling of sub-cluster distribution histogram for...
2013-10-31 fbockmodified AddTask Dalitz
2013-10-31 fbockmodified PhotonQA task + AddTask PbPb
2013-10-31 miweberBug Fix in AliEbyEPidTaskFastGen (Deepika Rathee <deepi...
2013-10-31 jbook-reversed order of signals and pair types in HF
2013-10-31 fbockmodified AddTask2 for PbPb
2013-10-31 sgorbunogetter for number of ids added
2013-10-31 zconesaUpdate libraries to load + no longer needed to (re...
2013-10-31 jbook-modified qa task
2013-10-31 dgangadhK0s Analysis update (Matt Steinpries)
2013-10-31 dgangadhK0s Analysis update (Matt Steinpries)
2013-10-31 gconesabadd theta star plots, split sub-cluster dedicated plots
2013-10-30 hristovTMessage::SetLength() is private in Root 5.34/10
2013-10-30 zconesaSeveral updates: 1) it is no longer possible to run...
2013-10-30 zconesaNew analysis task version. Reorganization of methods...
2013-10-30 zconesacosmetics (A.De Caro)
2013-10-30 zconesado not reject negative label tracks (A. De Caro)
2013-10-30 hristovChanges for Root6: removing obsolete TH1 functions...
2013-10-30 rbailhacCoverity
2013-10-30 maszymanadded histogram for multiplicity
2013-10-30 gconesabcalculate angle of primary decay
2013-10-30 gconesabadd histograms related to opening angle of split clusters
2013-10-29 mkrzewicupdate the benchmarking scripts to the latest version
2013-10-29 rbailhacStupid mistake
2013-10-29 mbrozPsi2s in UPC task and library initial commit